What are the best tourism business ideas to start? Are you interested in doing business in the tourism and hospitality industry? Then you are advised to read as we profile the best business opportunities in the tourism industry.

The tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is continuously growing each year accounting for bulk of most countries GDP. If you want to enter the tourism industry, now may probably be the best time to do so as the industry is booming by the day.

Now who should venture into the tourism industry and why should you start a business in the tourism and hospitality industry? Well, below are some excellent reasons why you are advised to venture into the tourism industry.

Top 10+ Best Tourism and Hospitality Business Ideas + Opportunities

1.  Airport Baby Space

Recognizing the fact that traveling with infant can sometimes become burdensome, many airports are now setting up areas where parents can attend to their babies. If you research and notice that a particular airport is lacking such services, you can setup your own private baby space in the airport and charge parents a nominal fee to use your facility.

2.  Airport Cab Sharing services

Clearly, services offered in the airport is definitely one of the most effective in the top 10 tourism business ideas. Facilitating cab sharing between travelers in the airport is a great idea to help travelers who arrive at the same time and are heading towards a common destination be able to share cabs and lower their costs.

3.  Sightseeing on the Go

Organizing fun runs for tourists can be a great attraction. Make sure that you organize such activity in areas where sightseeing is also possible like historical places and other areas with landmarks worth taking note of.

4.  Luggage Delivery

Another great idea is to offer door to door luggage delivery for travelers and tourists. This helps tourists with bulk luggage to directly go to their accommodation without going through the hassle of waiting for their luggage. You can offer this service to tourists and deliver their luggage straight to their hotel room.

5.  Innovative Hotel Services

If you have the means to establish an innovative hotel, then go for it and start your own hotel business because it is very lucrative. Most travelers nowadays are looking for a different experience with their hotel. The ambience as well as the services offered matters greatly. Just make sure that the concept of your hotel is unique.

6.  Business Networking

This is business opportunity is specifically helpful for business people. You can setup a service system online where business people can enter their flight details as well as the purpose of their travel on the management tool used and your company will help contact and make connections to the people with businesses in that area the business traveler would like to meet up with.

7.  Parents Travel Light

As mentioned above, it can be burdensome when traveling with your baby. The idea behind this business is allowing parents to leave behind all baby necessities in your care; then you can just order them online and deliver the items to your client’s holiday destination, thus making traveling lighter and easier.

8.  Toddler Interns

This is a great attraction for tourists using elementary school kids have a taste of working in the real worlds as young as they are. This attracts tourist to visit such establishments and see how kids are doing working.

9.  Motorcycle Taxis

Sometimes you just never know rainstorms will occur. This is a great attraction for stranded travelers to help them get to their destination. Also, in areas with high traffic congestion problems, a motorcycle taxi or rental services would come in handy.

10.  Allergy Cards

People who travel want to get a taste of the local cuisine. But allergies can be a hindrance to experiencing great local dishes. This card enumerates all foods that you may be allergic to so you can present it to local restaurants and save yourself from having allergies. You can setup a business that produces such cards in the native language of various countries and sell such cards to travelers and tourists.

In conclusion, these are just some of the most unique and innovative business ideas that will surely attract tourists from all over the world. If you want to enter the tourism industry, choosing among the top 10 tourism business ideas can offer a great opportunity for you.

Ajaero Tony Martins