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List of Equipment Needed to Start a Laundry Business

Do you want to start and run a laundry business but you are yet to buy equipment? If YES, here are 10 factors to consider before buying your laundry equipment.

Starting a laundry business requires that you purchase or lease equipment that are needed to run the business. Beyond the skill set you will be bringing to the table, tools are also instrumental to the starting and running of the business. So, part of what you need to know before starting your laundry business is to know the required tools that are used in a standard laundry shop.

That is why it is important to conduct thorough market survey and feasibility studies before starting a new business. This helps you to get a good idea of the total cost of starting the business and most importantly the equipment that you will need, the cost price of the equipment and how to identify the equipment that will help you maximize profits in your new business.

If you conduct market survey before buying your laundry tools, you will be in a better position to know the options you have as regards the laundry equipment needed for your business and how to leverage on your options. Beyond buying the required laundry equipment, you would still need to learn how to operate or use the equipment.

Although, some laundry tools are easy to use, but for some reading the users manual is not enough to be able to know how to use the equipment, you would need an expert to teach / coach you on how to use the equipment or else you will struggle or even damage the equipment in the course of making trails and errors.

List of Laundry Equipment

1. Industrial Washing Machine

The washing machine can be a smaller one designed for private use or a large industrial washing machine that are basically used in standard laundry shops. Washing machines are used in washing dirty clothes.

2. Industrial Blower / Dryer

Some small scale laundry shop would prefer to make use of the sun to dry their clothes after washing, but this process can slow your business especially if you have limited space for spreading clothes or if the sun refused to shine. Industrial blower / dryers are used for drying clothes after washing; it makes it faster when you make use of industrial blower / dryer.

3. Hand Dryer

Hand dryer are used to dry clothes after washing them. Basically, people make use of hand dryer when they are dry – cleaning jackets / suits et al. It is easier and convenient to use.

4. Industrial Pressing Iron

There are different capacities of industrial pressing iron. The truth is that when industrial pressing iron is used to iron clothes, you will appreciate it because it will definitely come out very neat and presentable.

5. Pressing Table

Aside from the fact that pressing tables are used for ironing clothes, you would also need them when folding and packaging clothes. There are various sizes of pressing table your choice should be determined by the space you have available in your laundry facility.

6. Cloth Rack and Hangers

Cloth rack and hangers are used to keep clothes that are washed and ironed. It makes it easier for you to sort clothes especially if you are operating a very large laundry shop. Cloth racks and hangers come in different shapes and different materials. Some are made with wood, some with plastic and others with steel or other metals.

7. Laundry Sterilizing Machine

If you handle laundry jobs for hospitals, hotels or similar industry, you would need a laundry sterilizing machine in your laundry shop. Laundry sterilizing machines are used for sterilizing clothes. This machine is used when clothes ( i.e bed sheet, pillow case, overall or uniform are shared amongst strangers). It helps to destroy bacterial or any disease causing germs

8. Water Heater

Water heaters are used to heat water used in soaking and washing some clothes that are to be washed with warm or hot water et al.

9. Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets are used to collect and keep dirty clothes. In order to guide against misplacing peoples clothes, it is important to tag / label each laundry basket that contains your client’s clothes.

10. Large Containers

These containers are used for soaking clothes, mixing chemicals and also for applying starch to clothes. You can also use them for any another similar purpose.

If you run a laundry business these are some equipment that must not be missing in your laundry shop no matter how expensive they are. The success of your laundry business is to a larger extent dependent on the equipment in your shop and the cost of purchasing and maintaining of the equipment.

Important Checklists When Buying Laundry Equipment

a. Why Do You Need the Equipment?

One of the key questions you should ask yourself before buying any commercial laundry equipment is to clearly state the reason why you would need the equipment.

For example; there are various sizes and capacities of industrial washing machines and dryers it will not be wise to buy the biggest capacity when you know that you are just starting out and you have not being able to attract enough clients that can facilitate the use of such heavy duty laundry equipment.

You can start with smaller capacity equipment and when your business grows you can then buy equipment with larger capacity.

b. What is the Cost of the Equipment?

Another factor that you should consider before buying commercial laundry tools is to know the cost of the equipment. If you know the cost of the equipment, it makes it easier for you to draw up a budget and raise the capital required to purchase the equipment.

c. What are the Alternative Products in the Market (Available Options)?

Before purchasing any commercial laundry equipment it is advisable to know if you can make use of alternative products. The truth is that there will always be options for you to choose from.

If you are not satisfied with a brand you can go for another brand of equipment that will perform same functions et al. So, ensure that you list the available options you have before making your decisions on the equipment that best suit your budget and the purpose you want to use it for.

d. Durability of the Brand You Intend Buying

The durability of the brand of equipment you intend buying is another key factor that you should consider when buying commercial laundry equipment.

What is the use of spending huge amount of money to buy commercial laundry apparatus that won’t serve you for a longer period of time? Please ensure that you make enquires on the durability of the equipment before making a purchase.

e. Cost of Maintaining the Equipment and Availability of Spare Parts

Another important factor that you should also consider when buying commercial laundry equipment is the cost of maintaining the equipment and also the availability of spare parts for the equipment. The truth is that machines are subject to wear and tear and there will be need to replace worn out parts.

f. The Size of the Equipment

Another factor that you also need to consider when buying commercial laundry tools is the size of the equipment. It is very important to consider the space you have in your laundry facility before purchasing any laundry equipment.

What is the use of buying a very big blower / dryer or washing machine when you know that you don’t have enough space to install it? Therefore, ensure that you consider the space in your facility before purchasing any commercial laundry equipment.

g. Payment Plans if Any

It is also important to consider if there is any payment plan in place before buying commercial laundry equipment. The truth is that most of these commercial laundry equipment can be very expensive but if you have a means to spread the payment, then it will make it easier for you to acquire as much laundry equipment that you would need with less financial burden.

h. Is the Equipment Users Friendly

Another factor that you must consider when buying commercial laundry equipment is to know if the equipment you intend buying is users friendly. There is no point buying any equipment that will be difficult and complicated to operate if you have options.

i. Is There Warranty for the Tools

It is also important to consider if there is warranty for the commercial laundry equipment that you intend buying. It pays to buy tools that come with good warranty it gives the assurance that the product is durable and of high quality. The truth is that no manufacturer would want to give a warranty for a product that they are not sure of.

j. Does the Equipment Have Second Hand Value?

Lastly, another factor that you should consider when buying commercial laundry equipments is to know if the equipment has second hand value; if you can still resell the equipment in good shape when you are done using it. The truth is that as your business grows, there will be need to off load some of your equipment and replace them with new ones that is why it is important to buy equipment with good second hand value.

So if you intend buying commercial laundry equipment, then you should consider these 10 factors before purchasing them; Below are 10 equipment you would need to be able to start a laundry business and what the equipment are used for;

The truth is that the report you get from your feasibility studies and market survey will help you make informed business decisions. In some cases you might have to go for second hand equipment or you might have to lease the equipments for the start. The bottom line is that whatever decision you take should be to your best interest and should help you save cost.