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How Long Does It Takes to Dry a Load of Clothes at Laundromats?

Normally it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to dry a load of laundry. However, it tends to depend on the items that you are drying. Heavy comforters, for instance, will take longer to dry than a t – shirt.

That is why it always advisable to pay adequate attention to the fabric type so that you are better able to estimate your wait time and use the most efficient machines possible to reduce your laundering time. Note that a “Load of Clothes” will depend on the capacity of your washing machine.

Many smaller washers in apartment buildings are low capacity and only take 6 pounds of clothing to be full. A medium – capacity washer can handle 7 – 8 pounds. High – capacity top loading washers can fit 12 – 15 pounds. Finally, front – loading machines can hold as much as 18 pounds of clothing.

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The types of items in the load and their fabrics will also heavily influence how long they take to dry. If all of the items in the load are thin and their fabrics don’t hold a lot of moisture, it won’t take the dryer much time to thoroughly dry them.

Note that a full load of bath towels may need about 60 minutes of drying on high heat, while a load of underwear and socks may only take 30 minutes on a low setting.

However, to optimally dry your clothes, it is advisable you wash similar items together. For instance, if you mix towels and underwear in a load, you will over dry the underwear if you run the load until the towels are dry. Instead, dry your towels and underwear separately.

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Howbeit, if you are looking to shorten the drying time, you could simply wash multiple loads at once in larger dryers. Also try to choose a Laundromat with modern, efficient dryers and be sure the dryer’s lint filter is clean before you run the load.

Do not forget that it is not the end of the process if a few items are not fully dry when you take them home. Just hang them up when you get home, allowing them to air dry.

Indeed, there are many factors involved when it comes to drying clothes: the size of the load, the items, the fabric types, the ambient humidity, the dryer efficiency, the dryer setting, the style and length of the vent pipe, etc. But if you are not so sure how long it will take to run the dryer at your Laundromat, you could ask the Laundromat employee for help.

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You can also make a guess and aim on the low side. But if the items aren’t dry afterward, add more time (keeping track of your progress). At the end, you will know how long it took your load to dry. And then the next time you are drying a similar load, you will know how long to run the dryer.

8 Important Tips to Remember When Drying a Load of Clothes at the Laundromat

Note that leveraging the Laundromat rather than your home washer and dryer is a wonderful way to save time and energy. But when it is your intention to get in and out of the Laundromat in as little time as possible, having extra time – saving tips will definitely go a long way to help your cause.

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Note that one of the verifiable ways to save time is by analysing and planning how to use the dryer. Indeed drying times can be long compared to wash times, but luckily there are ways to speed up the process.

1. Always go to a Quality Laundromat

Always remember that the washers and dryers at all Laundromats can never be the same. Have it in mind that some Laundromats have outdated models or don’t have high – powered options that you are looking for. That is why it is pertinent you always choose a quality Laundromat that has been updated somewhat recently to make sure you have access to the most advanced dryers possible.

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2. Do not Over – dry

Indeed it is quite easy to waste time and money over drying your clothes when you really don’t have to. A lot of people believe that because they’re using a high – capacity dryer at their Laundromat, that the dry time will necessarily be longer.

This is not true at all. Instead of setting the timer for the maximum dry time, try a shorter dry time and then add money if necessary. This way, you won’t waste money or be at the Laundromat for longer than you’d prefer.

3. Always Shake Out Your Washed Items

According to experts, this is a great time – saving tip. Note that before you even put each item of washed clothing in the dryer, it is advisable you shake it out so it is flat.

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If your clothes are bunched up, it will be harder for the dryer air to reach all of their surfaces, which will definitely extend your drying time. Note that by flattening your clothes, you will also help them emerge from the dryer with fewer wrinkles.

4. Remove Dry Items

Note that some clothes will dry faster than others. Howbeit, it is a good idea to open the dryer door to stop it and take these items out.

Immediately you have removed them, close the door and allow the other clothes to dry. Have it in mind that this will not only help the additional clothes dry faster, but it will help your fast – drying items last longer because they will not be over dried.

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5. Clean the Lint Screen

Remember that a dirty lint screen is one of the top reasons why clothes fail to dry quickly. A full lint screen makes dryers less efficient, so cleaning it out will make sure the dryer is operating at full efficiency.

6. Use a Hot Dryer

Even though we often grab the first dryer we see, using a dryer that someone else has just emptied is a smart idea that can save you several minutes of drying time. Note that using a dryer that is still hot will prevent the dryer from having to warm up, which will make drying faster.

7. Sort Your Clothes by Weight

When using multiple dryers at once, the ideal thing is to decide which items should go in which dryer, and you can sort them by weight. Note that lighter clothes will definitely dry faster, but you can begin folding these clothes while you are waiting for the heavy items to dry.

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Mixing light and heavy items slows dry times overall because heavy items stay wet for longer and make light clothes dry at a slower rate.

8. Always Read the Care Labels

Always remember to carefully read the care labels on the clothing to understand the level of heat the fabric can handle. Most tags indicate if a low setting is necessary or if the article can be tumbled dry on high. If the label has faded or there are no directions, it is always a safe bet to dry the clothes using low or no heat, or, if you are concerned about a delicate fabric, just hang sensitive items up to dry.

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Most people understand the basics of washing their clothes, but when it comes to using the dryer, a misunderstanding of proper practices can result in damaged or shrunken clothes.

Drying your clothes in a dryer is much more efficient than drying them on a line, but it is not nearly as simple and can end up costing more money if you are not careful. Save money and time on your next trip to the Laundromat with these tips outlined above.