Agreeably, Laundromat owners have varying options these days when it comes to payment systems (such as card-automated machines), but we can’t deny the benefits of the classic coin-operated washers and dryers. These machines are easy to understand, and they also eliminate the need for a billing counter, while also allowing you to manage your store with fewer staff members.

When it’s time to choose the best coin-operated washer and dryer for your Laundromat business, there is a wide range of options that can make your decision very challenging. With small top-loaders to large capacity, high-spin models, and everything in between available, it can be daunting to pick the right mix of equipment for your Laundromat business.

Important Facts You Must Know About Commercial Washing Machines

However, also note that when it comes to choosing Laundromat equipment for your store, there will be some technical language to contend with, but when assessing potential washers, everything can be simplified. The main costs associated with coin-operated washing machines are the cost to acquire them, utility bills — energy, water, and sewer — and upkeep costs — repairs, parts, and eventual replacement.

One issue owners fall into is the false economy of purchasing lesser quality equipment that won’t even meet customers’ needs and will lead to large, profit-eating running costs. Do not forget that energy has always been a significant running cost for Laundromats, and in recent years, water and sewer rates have risen significantly, making the water efficiency of coin-operated washers one of the most crucial tools to help store owners increase profits.

It is always advisable you go for coin-operated washers and dryers that have some of the lowest running costs in the industry. Combine this with rugged dependability, and you’ll understand why so many Laundromat owners take considerable time before making this particular decision.

Do not forget that your aim as a Laundromat owner is to provide the most convenient laundry service to customers while keeping costs to a minimum. By equipping your store with high-capacity models, you give customers the option of getting their family’s weekly laundry done in one wash.

10 Factors to Consider When Picking a Coin Operated Washing Machine

Whether you are looking to start a commercial Laundromat or purchasing it for in-house purposes, here are some important factors to consider.

a. Affordability

Note that the first and most important factor to consider is your budget. Initially, it is advisable to make your budget and list specific requirements, if any. This is very important because investing in a coin-operated washer and dryer is expensive when compared to other products. Nonetheless, also make inward comparisons between different machines as per your budget.

b. Capacity

You should also consider the capacity if you want them for commercial purposes. It is preferred you go with ones with large capacities. And if you come across a washer and dryer with extra room, appreciate its features and don’t miss out on such a deal if you are satisfied with other features.

It will also help to retain customers who come occasionally with items difficult to fit in other machines. A large capacity loader can easily accommodate dog beds, sleeping bags, and other large items.

c. Operational system

The operating system simply refers to coin operation or card operation. There is a good advantage to buying machines with card operating capacity. Your customers do not have to carry a large load of coins with them as they can easily do all of this with the help of cards.

d. Top load or Front load

According to reliable reports, front loaders are more efficient than top loaders in terms of ease of use for short-height persons. Note that you will also find them a bit more expensive than top loaders. On the other hand, top-loaders are not totally out of the competition. These machines sometimes come with a very fast spinning system that even front loaders can’t resist. Howbeit, make a choice more on features rather than loading.

e. Temperature Settings and Water levels

Also, remember that it is good if your machine has temperature settings such as adjusting the hot or cold water supply. It will adjust the settings as water enters the machine. In addition, some washers come with customized settings. One of the popular custom settings is adding to the favorites.

Just in case you don’t want to deal with menu settings each time, set them to favorite. Automatic water levels help you save much on the water bills. The sensors will tell you about the machine’s water-holding so that you can adjust it accordingly.

f. Overall Performance

Coupled with the fancy features, the overall performance includes wear and tear costs. Ensure to make it as minimum as possible. Also, note that they help to decrease excess energy and waste usage that can prevent damage to machines.

Remember that to keep them in good condition, you will have to take proper care and maintain them adequately. If you are unaware of the technical part, do not force yourself to open the machinery as it may further ruin the situation. Do not forget to seek help from expert technicians to protect your investment.

g. Energy Efficiency

A good washer is expected to be energy efficient, whether in terms of water or power. Note that this feature will buttress the trustworthiness and general build quality of the machine. So, you will be accorded a machine that also saves on energy despite using it. The energy-efficient washer also gives you an advantage of long-term use as it increases life and durability.

h. Ease of controls

Ease of control is another very crucial factor to consider, especially in washers and dryers. A machine is expected to indicate clear specifications as per the timer, different wash programs, etc. In addition, the timer is pertinent as it helps to save lots of time and has better management. Have it in mind that your potential customers will come back if they find your machines are very easy to use.

i. Type

Also, consider the variety you want to buy. Be it gas, stackable, side by side or electric. Nonetheless, have it in mind that you will not find any stackable washer and dryer in coin-operated machines. But, as per space and power availability, you can choose between gas and electric ones. These units tend to be smaller but what you purchase depends upon what your store supports.

j. Size

This particular factor matters a lot. Note that if you end up buying a large-sized machine that will not fit your requirements, it will be a wrong decision and put you in trouble with the return process.

Coupled with the size, it is crucial you check out their door opening measurements. It will provide you with an idea of the different items you can wash with the machine. And also if you want to save more space, you can go for a stackable coin-operated washer and dryer.

Top 10 Coin Operated Washers and Dryers to Pick From

1. Speed Queen Coin-Slide Top Load Washer SWNSX2SP115TW02

Speed Queen offers a top load coin-operated washer and dryer with an energy conservation feature. This coin slide washing machine also offers the benefits of equipment breakdowns. You can get back your money if the unit doesn’t work which is an important feature to have. Its washtub is made of stainless steel for durable existence.

Furthermore, it has mechanical knob control and uses a speed of 710 RPM to dry out the clothes. There is an automatic balance suspension that provides the best balance handling and complete wash cycles without any disturbance. The weight of the machine is almost 207 lbs.

2. Wascomat W – Series 100G Coin/Card Washers W – Series Models – W620cc

Note that this Wascomat’s coin and card-operated washer comes with a 100G washing force. It comes with customizable wash programs to meet consumer demands and lower extra maintenance costs. In addition, you can see the wash program in two languages simultaneously.

For easy loading of laundry, there is a four-compartment supply dispenser. This washer has amazing coin vault security. It has a soft-grip handle for easy handling and an inverter for smooth operation. You can also set different prices and opt for an optional X – 10 promotion pricing system.

3. Encore Crossover Front Load Washer 3.5 Cubic Feet

According to reports, this coin-operated washer and dryer manufactured by Encore have a load capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. This machine can easily operate 15,000+ cycles with 4 professional wash programs. This coin-operated machine is very efficient and comes with all the necessary features for quick commercial laundries.

The coin box is also included in the package. As per the description, it dries 15 minutes faster and uses 60% less water as compared to other machines.

4. Speed Queen Coin-Slide Gas Dryer

This good and high-quality Speed Queen sliding gas dryer comes with fewer moving parts for reduced maintenance costs. Even though it comes with fewer features, this dryer is very easy to use. The item weight is 150 pounds which is a bit heavy. All parts feel superior and tough with good construction material. Along with the gas dryer, you will also get a coin slider attached at the top of the machine.

5. Whirlpool Coin Operated White Front Load Dryer CGM2743BQ

This is a Whirlpool coin-operated gas dryer with 7.4 cubic feet loading capacity. It comes with three temperature settings within one machine and dry cycles counted as three. You can control it with the help of the provided knob system.

This large-capacity gas dryer also offers you rustproof stainless steel screws for security and efficiency purposes. The door has a 180° wide opening with a single operating thermostat. Overall, the design is simple with easy-to-use control systems. The coin vault provided is also large.


Finding the right coin-operated washing machine can be tricky based on your budget and what features are important. Many focus on the material of the drum/tub, wash settings for user flexibility, and higher spin cycle rpm for drying the heavier items as well as the delicates.

Nonetheless, there are some major differences between the units mentioned above, but you cannot say that one is better than the other. Everything depends on your plans and preferences. So consider your requirement first before you decide on which machine to buy for your laundry.