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10 Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California

There are numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers in California. Note that drug and rehab centers in California are renowned for offering some of the nation’s best drug and alcohol detox services in the country.

Regardless of who wants to leverage the services these establishments offer, note that you will find qualified, compassionate, and accredited rehab centers and programs that will get you on the right path to recovery. Rehab is indeed a very vital phase when it comes to attaining long-term recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehabs are known to offer a platform that makes it possible to stay away from substances. They also make it possible for individuals to be removed from triggers and focus on a viable recovery process. Therapy and medication are normally provided at drug and alcohol abuse rehabs to help clients learn new coping mechanisms and avoid relapses.

In and within the Golden State, some of the most popular locations for rehab centers are Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and the Bay Area.

Aside from the top-class facilities around major cities, keep in mind that you will also find treatment in virtually every part of the state, from the Central Valley to the Inland Empire, or even in remote places in Northern California. Nevertheless, if you are searching for the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Golden State, below are the top options to consider.

Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in California

  1. Mend of California

Mend of California remains one of the most notable drug and alcohol rehab centers in California. One thing people love about this center is the ability to work closely with a team of treatment experts and clinicians to put up a well-detailed plan that aligns with the needs of clients and their loved ones.

Some of the services they offer include clinical groups, individual therapy, relapse prevention techniques, the development of life skills, 12-step meetings, breathwork meditation, music therapy, recreational activities, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  1. Laguna Treatment Hospital

Laguna Treatment Hospital is another top-class center to consider. They are renowned for offering the perfect blend of exceptionally safe medical detox and the highest-quality inpatient treatment. Within this facility, clients benefit from a fully equipped gym, private rooms (at no extra cost), a game room, and a swimming pool.

  1. Resurgence California

If you are seeking a drug and alcohol rehab facility that provides its clients with a comprehensive continuum of care, then this is the place. The center is pet friendly and residents are allowed to bring their pets with them while they stay in this facility.

This center offers services that include CBT, individual therapy, group therapy, biofeedback, art therapy, and alumni support. They are also renowned for granting access to virtual therapies, SMART Recovery, 12-step programs, and rational emotive behavioral therapy.

  1. Zinnia Healing Newport Beach

One of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in Orange County, have it in mind that they provide clients with a multidisciplinary treatment team of addiction specialists, medical professionals, and therapists, that will all collaborate to put up a rehab treatment program that seeks to remedy all of their specific needs.

Clients are furnished with semi-private living spaces and a healing, home-like environment where they can relax and entirely focus on the healing process.

  1. Muse Treatment

This treatment center has grown more popular due to the proven approach and foundation they leverage which is based on a perfect blend of different behavioral therapies, neural recovery, and 12-step philosophies. They also offer a wide range of program options that clients can pick from.

The two main components of residential treatment at Muse are; Therapy and Discovery, and Relapse Prevention and Education. This center makes it possible to focus on the recovery journey and overall wellness in a safe environment surrounded by medical professionals.

  1. Sheer Recovery

One thing you will enjoy about this center is the multidisciplinary treatment team they provide that features Master’s level clinicians, licensed professionals, and experienced addiction specialists who are well experienced with working with men and women who are dealing with various forms of addiction.

They are known to furnish clients with a full continuum of care and are able to tailor specific services to ensure they align with the individual needs of the client.

To be able to afford the best medical stabilization during inpatient treatment, Sheer Recovery leverages pharmacogenomics testing to guarantee the medications being used during detox are the most effective for your genetic makeup.

  1. The Ranch Recovery Centers

This is an evidence-based facility that carefully guides its clients through the detoxification process even before signing them in for an individualized residential program.

The detox program this facility offers tends to last approximately 3-7 days, and within these periods, clients are supervised by their treatment team and take part in services like medication assistance, 12-step orientation, group therapy, and individual therapy.

The residential program may encompass things such as psychotherapy, anger management classes, relapse prevention training, trauma therapy, peer-led support groups, addiction education, and recreational activities.

  1. California Prime Recovery

This is another very well-known center in California especially if you are seeking physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of recovery. The services they offer are categorized into three steps: Transition and Integration, Consistency, and Maintenance and Aftercare.

Aside from those, clients can also take part in services such as individual counseling, 12-step programs, group therapies, CBT, DBT, family therapy, psychoeducation, yoga, mindfulness, and EMDR. They are also known to offer other experiential activities like hiking, water sports, and rock climbing.

  1. Diamond House Detox

You will want to consider this facility if you are looking for a healing environment that makes it easy to align with the treatment team to take care of a wide range of topics, such as the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery. Since they tend to only work with 6 individuals at a time, they provide a more peculiar and private setting for addiction treatment.

The primary feature of the treatment they offer perfectly blends group and individual therapy, trauma therapy, pain management, and medication-assisted treatment. Other available therapies offered include EMDR, CBT, and art therapies.

Within this facility, you get 24/7 care to make the detox and withdrawal process easier, and you or your loved one will also be provided with a full recovery team.

  1. Ocean Recovery

This center is situated right on the beach and offers a relaxing facility where clients avoid everyday stressors and focus on the recovery process fully. This center has a space that can accommodate 14 women and 16 men in gender-separate areas.

Residents will also relish the availability of apartment-style living spaces. Their program is made up of evidence-based therapies such as CBT, experiential activities, somatic experiencing, EMDR, and brain spotting. They also offer a wide range of holistic activities that guarantee a well-rounded approach to total wellness.