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10 Best Motorcycle Insurance Forums in 2023

In most states in the United States, it is a must to have motorcycle insurance, and not having it means that you are on the wrong side of the law. 

With a whole lot of insurance schemes available, it can be very difficult to note the appropriate ones to obtain, or even where should you begin looking. Owing to that, a good number of people prefer to leverage the information capacity of Forums.

These platforms are places where like-minded people discuss which motorcycle insurance offers the best benefits. A forum is more or less a website where you can get good information and answers to questions on a particular topic.

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Motorcycle owners or riders are always advised to check out forums for topics such as motorcycle insurance since you will most definitely find suggestions, reviews, and feedback from people who might have tried this service before.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Forums

  1. The Sportbike Network

This is without doubt one of the best forums to consider especially if you own a sports bike. Although there is really no reported data containing the number of participants in this forum, however, note that in the ‘General Sportsbikes’ discussion there are more than one million posts. This is a top option to consider especially since there are more than just general discussions going on within this forum.

  1. Total Motorcycle

Renowned as one of the most advanced forums for motorcycle owners, Total Motorcycle, also referred to as TMW, utilizes the slogan ’20 Years and Counting. It is also referred to as the friendliest motorcycle community on the internet.

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This friendly forum is accessible to all bikers who would want to discuss or get clarifications about anything, making friends all over the world, all with the same genuine interest, a love for bikes.

  1. The Rev Counter

Reports have it that this forum has around 11,000 members, 103,034 threads, and 2,694,111 posts, coupled with more than 100 blogs. Managed and operated by Dragon Tree and its representatives, you will find a lot of information especially those that have to do with the safety of your bike as well as the appropriate insurance you need.

Keep in mind that sub-headings on the index page tend to be quite different on The Rev Counter especially when compared to other Forums. They most often bear ‘General’, ‘In Depth’, ‘Out & About’, ‘Racing’, and ‘Off Topic & Miscellaneous’.

  1. Adventure Bike Rider

This forum has proven to be a reliable source or platform for ABR magazine readers who are looking to discuss the latest issues and state their thoughts and opinions, coupled with suggestions on how the content could be improved. You will also find information regarding insurance and the best places to source them. Consider this forum if you are looking for comprehensive details regarding your motorcycle and your safety.

  1. The Motorcycle Forum

Just as the name implies, this is a comprehensive forum that will furnish you with everything you need especially in terms of topics and discussions, with 270,931 posts on the ‘General Motorcycle Discussion’ alone. This forum is renowned for its massive audience with many riders located in the US.

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You can do more than just read on Motorcycle Forum, with the ‘VIDEO VAULT’, where bikers post their favorite videos. Owing to that, rather than going on YouTube and seeing the automated video suggestions, you can leverage the suggestions from like-minded bikers and discuss them.

  1. Bike Chat Forums

You will most definitely love the varieties this forum offers. If you click on ‘View all topics’, you will see there are more than 7000 pages of topics and new topics being added in huge numbers each day.

You will find a wide range of topics, with riders seeking advice on winter tires, specific bike models, insurance, starting biking, and even where members have been that day. Even though the name may say otherwise, not all topics are motorcycle-related, with some bikers willing to discuss the latest news and world affairs.

  1. The Motorbike Forum

With at least 3,000 guests a day on the site, this is one of the best Forums to consider. Have it in mind that the index page features sub-headings of ‘Welcome’, ‘Motorbike Related’, ‘Non-Motorbike Related’, ‘Exchange’, ‘Events and Rideouts’ and ‘Shop’, all of which encompass everything from a ‘Newbies’ section to a ‘Scotland Rideouts and Meets’ section.

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Aside from that, it is possible to filter topics by ‘Active’, ‘Unanswered’, ‘Unread’, ‘New’, and ‘Your posts’, and this means it is easy to track replies and help ensure everyone’s topics get a reply.

  1. Biker Match

While this can sound like a dating website for riders, this forum has proven to be a comprehensive platform that features a whole lot of information for riders who are seeking directives or just want to talk all things bike.

With more than 8,000 topics, this forum is really gaining traction and surpassing thresholds with each passing year and is the perfect place to socialize with riders around the country, while also getting all the information you need. It also offers a viable platform to report any problems you are having, discuss the latest biker trends, and meet motorcyclists near you.

  1. Brit Bike Forum

Renowned as the online social hub for classic bikers, this forum has been in existence since 1996. Although it is a UK-based forum, it boasts of around 10,000 members, 700,000 posts, and 69,000 topics. One good thing about this forum is the ‘Calendar’, which displays every member’s birthday.

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You will also gain very good knowledge from the discussions and topics available in the forum, and you can also find everything you need to enjoy your motorcycle without stress.