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11 Best Dump Trailer Business ideas You Can Start Today

Dump Trailer Business

A dump trailer business is a service-oriented business that aims at moving and delivering larger quantities of materials and goods.

A dump trailer business can be versatile or selective depending on the type of trailer you use. The job of a dump trailer owner-operator usually revolves around driving a truck with a dump trailer. Note that in this role, you will most times focus on construction, paving, mining, or excavation projects. In any job, you are expected to follow all safety regulations and procedures.

In the United States, the qualifications you need to become a dump trailer owner-operator include a valid license, a truck with a dump trailer, and the ability to work independently as a contractor. Dump trailer drivers are also expected to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Companies that work with dump trailer drivers tend to prefer drivers that have previous experience, and you can gain this experience by working as a fleet driver or team driver after getting your CDL. Also, employers expect drivers to have a current DOT Physical, which is an exam that analyzes a driver’s numerous medical conditions.

It’s also pertinent to have excellent communication skills, physical dexterity, and attention to detail. As of Nov 7, 2021, the average hourly pay for a Dump Trailer Owner Operator in the United States is $53.74 an hour. Note that some owner-operators can earn hourly wages as high as $133.41, while some can earn as low as $11.78.

Although the average pay range for a Dump Trailer Owner Operator varies massively (by as much as $53.85), it indicates that there are opportunities for growth and increased pay owing to skill level, location, and years of experience.

Best Dump Trailer Business ideas

There are numerous ways your dump trailer can generate a substantial amount of money for you, without breaking your back through 14-hour shifts. Business ideas to consider include;

1. Moving Services

Indeed, people are always moving. With your dump trailer, you can offer moving services and also make good money doing it. Note that a good number of people don’t like the idea of moving things on their own owing to the stress and hassle, therefore making your dump trailer available for moving their items remains one of the best ways to make money.

You can decide to assist in loading the items onto the dump trailer or just park your trailer and then return when it is fully loaded and ready for transport. In this line of business, you can undercut bigger moving companies by making your prices very affordable.

  1. Dump Trailer Rental Services

Another way to make money with your dump trailer is by offering dump trailer rentals. If you own a dump trailer, you can choose to rent it to individuals or businesses for various purposes. Note that this kind of rental service can be started locally with minimal investment.

One of the advantages of this endeavor is that it benefits greatly from high demand in seasonal-based businesses such as construction, roofing, and landscaping. Have it in mind that you can make about $50 to $200 per hour depending on the location.

  1. Snow Removal Service

For people who live in places that get cold in the winter, one of the best dump trailer business ideas to consider is a snow removal service. By offering your dump trailer for snow removal services, you can help many people or businesses who need snow to be removed from their area.

Have it in mind that your biggest customers in this business will be cities and neighborhood associations, individuals might also pay you to get heaps of snow out of their driveways after they’re done shoveling. But irrespective of the target audience you choose, things can get as busy as you like for you and your dump trailer whenever winter hits.

  1. Junk Removal Service

Truth be told, there are junks and hoarders everywhere. Note that people want to clear the junk out of their homes, but they do not have the means to do so. With your dump trailer, you can offer these services to people and businesses in your community.

Also, note that you can offer a service where you help homeowners load junk from their garages or backyards onto your dump trailer. Or, you can just park your dump trailer at a home and wait for the owner to give you a notice that it’s full and ready for disposal.

  1. Landscaping Supply Transportation

Landscapers are experts at moving dirt, sod, and rocks in well-arranged formations, but most landscaping companies may not have the means to move all of their materials to or from the job site. Dump trailers are ideal for use in transporting this equipment, and as one of your first acts as a dump trailer owner, it is recommended that you call around to several landscaping companies in your area.

Also, note that it might be better to personally go to each landscaping supply store and get to know the owners. By getting to know the owners of these stores personally, note that you can establish a good relationship and increase your chances of getting more work in the future.

  1. Offer Delivery and Haulage Services

Note that you can make good money by offering delivery services with a dump trailer in your local area. Some companies will hire out drivers on an hourly or daily basis with a dump trailer for deliveries.

Just take your time to research your local area and find these types of companies. Note that you could end up delivering just about anything; packages, produce, building supplies, laundry, even food from fast-food joints. In this line of business, the array of goods you can deliver are endless.

  1. Job Site Hauling

If you’re eager for steady work that won’t peak and fall as the seasons change, then you can easily reach out to some of the local building companies in your area and offer your services to them. Construction companies are always in need of dump trailer operators and researching to know the big names in your town or county is the best way to insulate your dump trailer business for the future.

Even after construction, these kinds of jobs are known to leave behind a substantial amount of chaos, and if you want even more work to come out of your relationship with a building company, you can offer to dispose of the trash.

  1. Register With Websites That Provide Dump Trailer Jobs

With your dump trailer, you can also register with several websites that deal with dump trailers, get jobs, and also make good money. Have it in mind that these websites are a great place to start since they offer a lot of the details you need to know.

Once you get a job, endeavor to plan your schedule ahead of time. If you get paid daily, then consider booking 2 jobs in a week to get good pay. Here are some of the top dump trailer websites or companies to work with;

  • Goshare
  • Haul It Away
  • U-Haul
  • Carvertise
  • Burro
  1. Dump Trailer Mechanic

As a dump trailer mechanic, your job will include diagnosing and repairing mechanical and electrical issues in dump trailers or other related vehicles and attachments. Have it in mind that your job duties are to locate issues, replace parts, and handle repairs to electrical systems, hydraulics, and brake systems.

You can start this business on your own or work for a company that lets you report to a manager who ensures that repairs are completed to company standards. Another aspect of the job is answering client inquiries, so people skills are necessary.

10. Sale of Dump Trailers

For those who have the necessary capital needed to stock dump trailers and other accessories, you can make good money selling or leasing this equipment to operators. Other things you can stock include waste bags, protective equipment, facial masks, incinerators, shredders, separators, reel cutters, etc. Also in this business category will include the sale of fumigation equipment and chemical.

11. Tree Farms or Nurseries

Note that with the right dump trailer, you can offer to deliver trees and nursery goods from local nurseries. However, to do this successfully, it is imperative to contact nurseries in your local area as well as big chain stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot that offer nursery goods.

Note that any store manager presented with a better delivery option will either be investing in the equipment themselves or hiring it, and this can prove a lucrative route for you and your dump trailer.

If you own a dump trailer and are eager to make more money using it, then it is necessary to research your local area, consider the options above and decide the one that is best suited to you. Note that the money that you can potentially make using your dump trailer cannot be underestimated, and offering your dump trailer up for regular services can indeed bring in a very good income that is steady and reliable.