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10 Equipment You Need to Start a Custard Powder Production Business

One of the important things to note is that numerous steps come with transforming raw ingredients into finished custard powder that customers can easily consume.

Note that this production process tends to necessitate a wide range of equipment that works to guarantee efficiency, quality, and safety.

If you are looking to delve into this business, below are vital list of equipment you will need to start and run your custard powder production business.

Equipment Needed for Custard Powder Production

  1. Mixing Machine

When it comes to custard production, this is renowned as one of the most important equipment especially when it comes to blending the assorted ingredients necessary to attain a consistent and homogeneous mixture.


  • Works to guarantee extensive mixing of ingredients such as cornflour, milk powder, sugar, and flavorings.
  • Avoid clumping as well as ensure uniform distribution of particles.
  • Known to boost the incorporation of air for a lighter texture in the final product.
  • Can deal with massive volumes efficiently, limiting production time.
  1. Grinding Machine

Grinding machines or pulverizers are very essential when it comes to converting raw ingredients into fine powders, as well as guaranteeing a smooth texture within the final custard powder.


  • Crushed ingredients such as sugar, flavoring agents, and other additives into the intended particle size.
  • Guarantee ideal dissolution and uniform distribution of flavors all through the custard powder.
  • Boost the general mouthfeel and consistency of the product.
  • Bolster the efficiency of subsequent mixing processes.
  1. Sieving Machine

You cannot underestimate the role they play in custard powder production, particularly in terms of removing lumps and guaranteeing uniform particle size, known to be overly important for product quality.


  • Does away with any clumps or impurities within the mixed powder.
  • Works to ensure a consistent texture and appearance in the final product.
  • Boost the flow properties of the custard powder, as well as make it easier to dissolve.
  • Enhances the product aesthetics and consumer perception.
  1. Drying Equipment

This equipment is very important when it comes to limiting the moisture content in custard powder, elongating its shelf life, as well as sustaining its free-flowing properties.


  • Eradicate moisture from the powder, limiting clumping and microbial growth.
  • Sustains the quality, flavor, and nutritional value of the ingredients.
  • Guarantee a stable and free-flowing product ideal for packaging and storage.
  • Works to boost product stability all through transportation and handling.
  1. Packaging Machine

Packaging machines are also another very important equipment especially when it comes to efficiently filling and sealing custard powder into containers, pouches, or sachets, guaranteeing product safety and integrity.


  • Known to quickly fill containers with the right quantity of custard powder, limiting wastage.
  • Covers packages airtight, limiting moisture ingress and contamination.
  • Works with numerous packaging formats to align with varying consumer preferences and market demands.
  • Boost production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  1. Weighing and Filling Machine

Weighing and filling machines are known to make the process of measuring and dispensing custard powder into packaging more precise and accurate, further guaranteeing consistency and adherence to regulatory requirements.


  • Measures each package to guarantee it contains the necessary amount of custard powder.
  • Limits differences in product weight, ensuring consistency across batches.
  • Ensure you align with regulatory standards and labeling requirements for precise product information.
  • Enhances production efficiency and limits any form of human error in filling operations.
  1. Labeling Machine

Labeling machines append labels on custard powder packaging, making available the right product information, branding, and regulatory compliance.


  • Attaches labels with precise product details, such as ingredients, nutritional facts, and expiration dates.
  • Boost brand visibility and consumer trust via professional packaging.
  • Enhances full conformance with labeling regulations and standards for food products.
  • Gives room for customization, especially for varying packaging sizes and designs.
  1. Metal Detector

They have proven to be very important for guaranteeing the safety and quality of custard powder by noting and doing away with any metal contaminants that might be present.


  • Notes metal contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel particles.
  • Promptly ejects contaminated products, ensuring they don’t get to consumers.
  • Protects consumer health and avoids potential hazards all through consumption.
  • Boost product quality control and aligns with food safety standards.
  1. Quality Control Laboratory Equipment

The essence of this equipment is to thoroughly evaluate custard powder for numerous vital parameters, making sure it aligns with safety, quality, and regulatory standards.


  • Tests moisture content to guarantee product stability and shelf life.
  • Carry out microbiological testing to ascertain product safety and hygiene.
  • Evaluate nutritional content and quality parameters for label accuracy.
  • Guarantees quality assurance processes as well as steady improvement in production.
  1. Conveyor System

The primary duty of this equipment is to automate the movement of materials and finished products between various production stages, enhancing efficiency and limiting certain forms of manual handling.


  • Moves raw materials to mixing, grinding, and drying equipment quickly.
  • Also, hauls finished custard powder to packaging and labeling stations for additional processing.
  • Limits the expenses that come with labor and manual handling risks in production operations.
  • Guarantee efficient workflow and faster turnaround times in the production line.