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How to Start a Custard Powder Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you want to start a custard powder company from scratch? Or you need a sample custard production business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. Custard is a type of food that is consumed as a dessert all around the globe and it is easy to produce and prepare. The main ingredient for producing custard is corn; hence it is highly rich in carbohydrate.

The fact that corn is consumed all over the world makes it easier for people to consume custard. Research has shown that custard production is one of the best forms of businesses to do that could stand the test of time under the food industry.

In the hierarchy of human needs, food has always been the number one need. Humans would first seek to solve the problem of hunger before they think of solving other needs. Custard is a stable food that you are likely going to find in the kitchen of an average family in your neighborhood. It is affordable and it is consumed by both the rich and the poor. So therefore the market for custard is not limited to a section of the community.

If you want to venture into the production of stable food, that would cost you less to establish, then starting with Custard powder might just be your best bet. The fact that you can readily get the required raw materials and ingredients (Corn, flavors, preservatives, milk, eggs et al) needed to produce custard powder, makes is easier for young entrepreneurs to venture into it.

The good thing about starting a custard powder production company is that you can start it from the comfort of your home with minimum startup capital if you intend to start on a small scale. Here are tips to get you started in the custard production line.

Starting a Custard Powder Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Register Your Business and Name Your Brand

If you intend starting any food processing and Production Company, you might be required to register the company and obtain the required license before you can be permitted to operate. This is so because most countries ensure that they regulate the food industry so as to avoid the production of substandard goods / foods that might be harmful for consumption.

So starting your own custard powder production company requires that you register your company and enquire from the body regulating foods and drugs in your state or country to get the required license. Make sure you give your company a name that is generic with the food industry.

2. Get a Neat Facility or Space

Inspection of your facility is part of the screening process you would undergo before you can be granted a license to operate. So, if you intend operating on a large scale and not from your home, you would be required to get a facility that is neat and one that meets the health and safety standard of a food processing and production company.

3. Learn the Process

The truth is that, you may start out on your own from your home and later employ people to work for you if you are operating with a lean budget. All you need to do is to learn the process of mixing the raw material and how to package and seal it properly.

The good thing about the process is that it is easy to learn, and you could actually learn it by just watching the “How to Videos” or you read it up in a book. But if you have the time, you may learn it from an existing custard powder production company at a fee or as an intern.

4. Get The Required Equipment and Supply

All you would need to get started is to buy the following equipments; Powder Mixing Machine, Packaging and Sealing Machine, Weighing Machine, Drying Machine and Metal Table and Stool. You will also need the supply of corn flower, preservatives, concentrated vitamins, eggs, milk supply et al.

5. Choose Your Unique Flavors

Your selling point would be the uniqueness of your product. No doubt, if you have done a proper research before launching out, you would realize that there are various flavors of Custard powder available in the market. So what you need to do is to ensure that you produce custard with different flavors so as to provide varieties for your potential customers.

Some of the common flavors of custard you can find in the market are vanilla flavor, banana flavor, milk flavor et al. But the truth is that, you can experiment and come out with your own unique flavor that can stand you out in the market place.

6. Choose Your Packaging

In other to attract customers, you must come out with a unique and appealing packaging for your custard powder. When designing the package for you custard, ensure that you design for different sizes that would appeal to different people with different budget. You can choose to use both plastic containers and nylon or any of both. The bottom line is that once your custard powder is uniquely packaged, it will be easier for shoppers to spot and pick it from the stores.

7. Advertise and Market Your Products

You just have to come out with unique and aggressive marketing strategies if you truly want to stay afloat in this line of business. The fact that anybody can possibly produce custard powder makes it highly competitive to sell. So you are expected to study your market and then adopt the marketing style that can help you penetrate your market.

For the start, you can make do with door to door selling and road shows to sell your custard powder. Since you are new to the market, you are required to do a lot of promos and awareness to gain market acceptance.

The steps discussed above are would help you start your own custard powder production company from the scratch. In addition to these tips, note that with hard work; you can build your brand to be widely accepted and make good returns on your investment. Therefore, act on the above guide and you could break even really soon.