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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Alaska, USA

Do you reside in Alaska and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Alaska, USA. Starting a business most often requires that you take on your feasibility studies so as to know the kind of businesses that thrives in the location where you want to establish your own business, and the kind of businesses that might meet the need of the indigenes of the location.

For instance, it might be unwise to start an ice block production company in Iceland. If you attempt it, the possibility of the business failing is 100%. So also it will be foolish to start a night club business in the Vatican City or Mecca; if you even succeed in starting the business, you are likely not to get anyone to patronize your business.

Your starting point as an entrepreneur is to know the services or products that is sellable in the city where you intend establishing your own business. Alaska is a State in the United State of America that has the largest landmass and the largest coastal line. Although Alaska is the least densely populated State in the US and sparsely populated compared to the land mass, but the State still remains one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the US.

If you live in Alaska or you intend traveling to Alaska to establish your own business, then choosing from the following business opportunities would be of great help to you.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Alaska, USA

1. Oil and Gas Servicing Company

Alaska is notable for her large deposit of crude oil and she is rated number 4 in the production of oil and gas in the united states of America. The oil and gas industry is indeed a booming industry and if you are a big time investor, you might want to consider starting an Oil and Gas servicing company. If you are well positioned, you would have a handful of big time Oil and Gas Company to service.

2. Petroleum Product Marketing Company

No doubt those that are into the marketing of petroleum products are doing exceedingly well in Alaska. Little wonder they have the fifth highest numbers of millionaire per capita income in the United States. If you have the funds required and you are able to obtain the license needed, you could start your own petroleum marketing company in Alaska.

3. Fishing and Frozen Foods Business

Alaska has the longest costal line in the United States; hence the very busy and booming fishing industry. Seafood remains one of the major export products in Alaska and people in The US and other part of the world request for their seafood. If you key into this industry, you would definitely make good fortune for yourself.

4. Transport and Haulage Business

Shipping business is another thriving business in Alaska. If you have the capital required to establish a Shipping line, then you would be well positioned to tremendously increase your wealth. The market for haulage and shipping of goods from one location to another is enormous because of the nature of industries and commerce in Alaska. You might start your own Haulage business with one truck and the possibility of it growing within a short period is very high.

5. Auto Repair Workshop

If you are a mechanic or if you have interest in auto repairs and you live in any of the cities in Alaska, then starting an Auto repair workshop is one thriving business that you could engage in. Because of the large landmass of Alaska, you might be required to spend a longer time driving from one place to another hence continuous wear and tear of vehicles. If you start your own Auto repair workshop, then you would have enough cars to service and repair.

6. Pharmacy Business

Pharmacy business is one business that can thrive in any part of the world. If you are a pharmacist, starting a pharmacy store might be one highly profitable venture to go into. All you need to do is to obtain your license and position your business in places like Anchorage metropolitan area where people won’t have to travel a long distance to get to your store.

7. Sales and Servicing of Fishing Equipments

If you have been to Alaska, you might have observed that there are loads of fishing activities going on every day; the natives of Alaska have been fishing from time immemorial. Establishing a store that sells fishing equipments is one thriving business venture that you could start in Alaska. If you have some technical skills, you might as well want to start a shipping or boat servicing and repair company.

8. Tourism and Travels Business

Tourism is one avenue where the state of Alaska generates funds. People travel from all over the world to Alaska for the purpose of tourism. If you have interest in this area of business, then starting your own Tourism and Travels business may just be the right business for you.

The good thing about this line of business is that you don’t require huge capital to start it. All you would need is to obtain your license from the State, get an office space and then define the services to be provided.

9. Hotel Business

The fact that people travel to Alaska basically for work, business and tourism means that they might be in need of hotels or motels to lodge. If you start your own hotel business in Alaska, you won’t have to struggle to get customers to patronize you provided you are well positioned. Although starting your own hotel business is capital intensive, but the truth remains that in Alaska, you stand the chance of breaking even in a shorter time compare to some other States.

10. Groceries Store

Starting a groceries store is one thriving business that you could dabble into especially if you have limited startup fund. With this kind of business, you might start small and expand along the line. This kind of business can possibly thrive in any part of the world. All you need to do to get started is to know the commodities that is highly consumable and how to get it from the manufacturer at a cheaper rate.

There are loads of businesses that you may start in the State of Alaska, but you must ensure that you conduct your research in other to know all you need to know before launching out. Various businesses have thrived here and you too could take huge advantage of this prospect.