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List of Equipment You Need to Start a Window Cleaning Business

One thing to understand when starting a window cleaning business is that efficiency translates to profits. Owing to that, it is pertinent you possess the right tools as well as know how to use them effectively.

Please note that the best window cleaning tools will ensure you do the work faster and with fewer mistakes. The best of it all is, you don’t have to invest in a truckload of fancy equipment. You can choose to go for a traditional window cleaning kit that is made up of numerous tools that you can easily pick up at your local hardware store.

If you are ready to take on bigger residential and commercial jobs, then read on to note the basic tools that will guarantee your success.

List of Equipment You Need to Start a Window Cleaning Business

  1. Squeegees

Squeegees are known to give windows a perfect, streak-free dry, and chances are you will use plenty of them as part of your everyday window cleaning toolkit. This tool is made up of three parts: the handle, the channel, and the rubber.

Most often, traditional window cleaners prefer the weight of a brass handle as this helps to maintain blade pressure on the window. Newer squeegees are constructed with lightweight aluminum and plastic and tend to possess quick-change features, as such you can work more quickly with less strain on your wrists.


Squeegees are known to make cleaning easier and allow for more thorough cleaning. In addition, they can be used to simplify many cleaning tasks and help keep the cleaner over time. They are especially useful for windows that can be hard to clean.

Cost : $2.48 to $163
  1. Extension Poles

Window cleaning poles are very important especially when it has to do with cleaning tall, hard-to-reach windows without ladders or lifts. A good number of them are made with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber or aluminum. Nevertheless, it is recommended you go for ones with ergonomic grips, easy locking mechanisms, and replaceable tips.

Uses : Note that they enable you to reach difficult areas quickly and easily.
Cost : $49 – $74
  1. T-bars and Sleeves

The essence of this tool is to deliver your cleaning solution to the window surface. It is most often made up of the wand itself and the sleeve or mop. You will need different sleeves for different jobs.

The most common are microfiber sleeves, and they are accredited with holding a ton of water and more or less come with scrub pads on the ends for tough spots. You can also find bronze wool attachments for getting tougher grime off. Sizes range from 24” for storefronts down to 6”, and they are most useful for French window panes.


These tools can help clean windows, screens, dusty services, and even dirt and grime when used in combination with the right window cleaning solutions.

Cost : $2.00 – $13.50
  1. Scrapers

This is very important especially when you are looking to clean a tough grime off a window. When making this purchase, it is recommended you go for one with a holster to ensure that you can attach it to your belt and whip it out when needed.


Remove many types of debris, such as grime, stickers, paint, tape, and more.

Cost : $14 – $17
  1. Solution and buckets

The best advice when making this purchase is to keep it simple. A dish soap, such as Dawn or Palmolive, combined with water is indeed cost-efficient and will give you a professional clean. When it comes to buckets, you would want to grab a few cheap ones from any hardware store. Ensure to go for at least one rectangular bucket that is big enough for your widest T-bar.


The essence of the solution is to get the work done, meanwhile, the bucket works to keep the cleaning solutions organized and accessible.

Cost  Vary, depending on your choice.
  1. Towels

Towels is indeed one other vital window cleaning supply that allows you to be extremely cost-efficient. Note that both microfiber cloths and surgical towels are cheap and ideal for detailing without leaving lint or streaks behind. You can choose to get a few common bath towels, which can be used in a pinch as drop blankets and for cleaning up the client’s home before you leave.


Drying a surface without leaving streaks.

Cost  $6 to $22
  1. Tool Belt

A sturdy belt ensures that you can carry your most-used tools with you anywhere you go. One thing to note is that there’s no need to get fancy. A good number of window cleaners use a carpenter belt that has good padding. Consider picking up a squeegee holster, or bucket-on-a-belt, to keep your most-used tools close at hand.


Allows you to organize the accessories you use most.

Cost: $9 – $30
  1. Ladders

Although you can use extension poles to reach windows and keep your feet on the ground for most jobs, there are situations where you’ll need a ladder to get a good scrub on a tall window. Don’t make your decision based on prices as a good ladder can literally save your life.


Access windows above flat roofs.

Cost: Around $19
  1. Water Purification Systems

Pure water cleaning systems in this modern age have become a very necessary window cleaning tool. The essence of this system is to help prevent damage from natural elements like rust and dirty water. Making use of a water purification system increases the lifespan of your customer’s windows.


Effectively remove impurities and minerals from water, producing in high-purity water suitable for streak-free window cleaning.

Cost: Starting from $400.
  1. Estimating and Billing Software

Keep in mind that to operate an efficient and profitable window-cleaning business, you’ll also need tools to create bids, send invoices, and get paid. In this line of business, field service management software offers you the platform to manage schedules, client info, bids, invoices, and billing, all from your desktop or smartphone.

Although it is possible to write estimates out on business cards and send invoices by hand, these practices are messy, susceptible to mistakes, and can make you look unprofessional.


Manage clients, quote work, schedule jobs, track time, invoice, and get paid.

Cost: Free to over $200
  1. Safety Gear

As long as you are in this line of business, safety gear is very necessary for safeguarding yourself while at work, particularly when working at great heights. Safety gear tends to feature vital items such as harnesses, ropes, and safety glasses.

Harnesses are necessary to prevent falls, while ropes are meant to secure workers to the building. Safety glasses are also very important in protecting workers’ eyes from debris and other potential hazards. To guarantee the utmost protection on the job, it is necessary to invest in high-quality safety gear.


Protect you from the risk of injury.

Cost: $40 to $600

Mentioned above are the basic equipment you will need when looking to start a window cleaning business. Just as was noted above, the best window cleaning tools will ensure you do the work faster and with fewer mistakes.