The success of any event is when both the organizers and the participants are satisfied with the outcome of the event and it is the responsibility of the event planner to ensure that all things work as planned / agreed. What is the benefit of hiring the services of an event planner if participants would leave the event disgruntled or not getting value for their money? As an event planner a lot lies on your shoulder.

The key to a successful event is to ensure that all that is listed in your event planning checklists is ticked. As a matter of fact, if you undergo event planning training, you are going to be taught how to draft event planning checklists for various events and key components that must be listed in your checklists.

As humans, when we are under pressure, most of us tend to forget stuff and that is exactly what event planners are prone to on their job. So, if you want to continue to be in business as an event planner, then you should be aware that pressure is part of the deal and it is your responsibility to devise a means to deliver no matter the pressure of the project you are handling.

How will it look like if you have the contract to organize an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a multinational only for you to discover that the public address system is faulty when the chairman mounts the rostrum to deliver his / her speech? Now let us consider 10 event planning checklists for conferences;

10 Crucial Event Planning Checklists for Conferences

1. Venue (Hall or Conference Room)

The first thing that should top the list in event planning checklists for conferences is the venue for the event. You will quite agree that if there is no venue there will be no event except it is an online conference; even in online conferences their will be need to select a platform that will host the conference. So if you are making your checklists as an event planner make sure that the venue for the event is boldly written in your checklists.

2. Guest Speakers

Another thing that must not be missing in your event planning checklists for a conference is the guest speakers. Once you have discussed with the event organizers and you have a clear picture of the deliverables of the conference, then you can go ahead to list possible speakers that can deliver as planned. So it is very important to sort out the speakers for your conference before sending invites or advertising the event.

3. Seat Reservation Process

Seat reservation process is one aspect of event planning that must not be omitted. If it is a conference that is open to all and sundry, then there should be a process to control the numbers of participants that can attend the conference hence compulsory seat reservation prior to attending the conference. So ensure that you include seat reservation process in your checklists except you are prepared to manage excess crowd.

4. Conference and Promotional Materials

Conference and promotional materials are another key factor that must not be left out in event planning checklists for conferences. Beyond distributing brochure on the days of the conference there is also need to distribute promotional materials well ahead of the days scheduled for the conference. Compiling contents and dealing with printing press takes time that is why it is important to sort all this out on time to avoid last minutes disappointment that can truncate the success of the conference. So ensure that conference and promotional materials are part of your checklists.

5. Public Address System

Without a good public address system your conference will flop because both the speaker and the participants will struggle to communicate to one another. So it is important to include public address system as part of your checklists. Before ticking public address system, ensure that it has been tested over and over again to be sure that it is working effectively and if possible arrange for backups.

6. Adverts Arrangement

In order to get people to attend your conference, there should be some form of adverts. So part of what should be on your event checklists is adverts arrangement. Ensure that you have been able to get positive response from your adverts before ticking this part of your checklist. If you are not getting the kind of response expected, there will be need to adopt another advertising model that is why you should not be in a haste to tick this part.

7. Flight and Hotel Reservations for Guest Speakers

Another key component that must not be missing in your event planning checklists for a conference is flight and hotel reservations for guest speakers. It will be out of place to bring your guest to town and start moving from one part of the city to another in search for a suitable hotel. Ensure that hotel and flight reservations are well taken care of in advance.

8. Standby Cars and Drivers for Guest Speakers

Part of what must be in your checklists is standby cars and drivers for your guest speakers. Don’t rely on the fact that some one will volunteer his or her car on the day of the conference. Ensure that it is sorted out in advance and it is advisable to make use of car hire service to avoid last minute disappointment.

9. Ushers for the Conference

Ushers for the conference is another factor that must not be left out from your event planning checklists. As an event planner, you should be able to know the numbers of ushers that will be needed to man your event and it is your responsibility to ensure that you sign a deal with them well in advance to secure their services for your event except you want to be disappointed.

10. Feedback Form

The hallmark of a successful conference / event is when you are able to get feedbacks from participants and facilitators / speakers. So ensure that your feedback form is printed and distributed in the conference.

10 Super Event Planning Tips to Ensure a Hitch Free Event

Planning an events always come with its own challenges. One must be very up and doing in seeing that whole lot of things are in place. Whether it is a small or big event, there is always the need to be on your toes to ensure that nothing is left out that is capable of marring the success of the event.

The event starts from the very day the planning begins. From giving out the invitations cards, to the RSVP, to the catering aspect and what have you. All process leading to the eventual success of the event matters a lot. It is for that reason that experts ‘cross all Ts’ to be sure that their brand is well represented and so that they can get potential clients at their well organized events.

If you are an events manager or are looking to float your own events planning business, then the following tips on how to plan a hitch free event would do you massive good.

a. Get Paid First

One of the factors that hinder the smooth sailing of an event may be funds. Therefore be sure that your clients pay you well enough so that you can put all the things that would be needed in order. This include; settling the caterer who would be saddled with the meal. Also the photographer, decorators and others that is instrumental to the success of the event.

b. Have Back up Plans

It is very important that you have a backup plan or rather substitute for every person you have on board. If for instance your decorator for some reasons couldn’t provide all that is required to have the place of event well decorated, you may consider paying extra so that they can have a substitute.

c. Have a topnotch Sound

You have got to make sure that you have a reliable disc jockey, as well as sound system. This is so that you do not run into a hitch. It necessarily doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to pull things off. However, be sure you have got the right person. If need be; you may consider paying a premium to have the best service.

d. Plan Way Ahead

It is very imperative that you plan way ahead. For instance; if an event is one year away, you do not have to wait till one week to the event to start to put things in place. In fact, you can start to arrange for things about three months to the date. Book the sounds person, the caterer, photographer, amongst others well ahead of time.

e. Let Your Choice of Venue Say It All

If your event is all about the crème de la crème in the society, then your choice of venue should reflect this. This means that you have got to be all out scouting for the best of venues that can accommodate the caliber of people being expected.

f. Be Sure There Is a Parking Lot

When choosing a venue for either a big of small event, be sure to get one that has enough parking lots to accommodate your guests. Your event could turn out to be a disaster if your guests do not have ample space to park their cars. You may consider how far the parking lot is to the venue of event, if the event place you have chosen has a lot, if the parking lot is safe, and others.

g. Have enough service Folks

It would be a disaster if you were having an event that plans to have a hundred guests and you have just one person to serve everyone. Things would be slowed down, as well as there would be lots of distraction. On the other hand, if there are like five or more people, you can be sure that everyone would get their drinks and meals on time, thereby reducing the noise and distraction.

h. Have a Great Room Temperature

What guest would love to attend an event and have the room so hot and stuffy? No one. Hence, to have a hitch free event, then you have got to figure out that the room has the right temperature. What is the right temperature? This means a cool place that is well ventilated and cool.

i. Spotless Bathroom

When you are booking for the event, be sure that there is a good bathroom there. No one likes a dirty bathroom and such you have to get folks ready whose job is to tidy the bathroom at every use. Go the extra mile to do this and you would have a successful event.

j. Have Varieties

One of the things that are capable of marring an event is when there isn’t variety. Be sure that your guests have the option of choosing what they want to drink and eat. In fact, you must plan to make provision for a variety of drinks and food so that your guests can have whatever they wanted.

These are some of the event planning tips and checklist that would help you organize a hitch free event. There are other things aside this that you must do.