Are you interested in starting a business in the fashion industry in 2020? Are you looking for the best business ideas and opportunities in the fashion industry?

Do you have passion for fashion and style? Are you a person that thrives on change? Do you want to learn what it takes to become a brand or tycoon in the fashion industry? Do you want to be the next Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, etc. Then read on.

The fashion industry is growing on daily basis and this makes it a gold mine for aspiring entrepreneurs. There are so many business ideas in the fashion industry that can serve as an avenue for you to make money. However, i must point out the fact that passion is an essential ingredient for success in the fashion industry.

Secondly, the fashion industry is very competitive; so you must be an excellent marketer and develop tough skin to disappointment. Do you have an eye for style, or you are good at spotting trends? Do you want to learn how to start a fashion business? Then below are some of some business ideas and opportunities that are available in the fashion industry.

Top 20+ Best Fashion Business Ideas & Opportunities for 2020

1. Fashion Designing

Having the ability to sew difficult fabric under challenging situations is a must when designing clothing. Successful fashion designers have a wide array of skills, ranging from drawing, an ability to see concepts in three dimensions, passion for color and texture and the mechanical skills involved in sewing and cutting all types of fabrics. If you think you are up for this, then you can venture into fashion designing.

2. Become a Fashion Blogger

If you are passionate about fashion, you are good at analyzing trends and you have an eye for observing the slightest detail but you don’t have the required capital to go into full scale fashion; you can simply setup a fashion blog and make money.

3. Start a Fashion Magazine

You can also venture into magazine publishing with a focus on fashion styles and trends. Your core task in this case is to keep the fashion enthusiasts abreast with happenings in the fashion industry.

4. Start a Fashion TV Show

Running your own TV show production with respect to the fashion industry is another way to keep your entrepreneurial prowess alive while still keeping the cash flowing.

5. Become an author or information marketer

You can also become an author with a focus on fashion and lifestyle. If you feel the process of becoming a published author is too tedious and cumbersome, you can stick with being an information marketer and make money by selling ebooks, audios, etc.

6. Venture into Pattern Making

First of all, what is pattern making? Pattern making is a simple term that describes a very complicated job function in fashion. Pattern making is a complex engineering and not just the creative art that most people think it is. Pattern makers are the technical backbone to the manufacturing process in fashion and have more control than any other person in order to produce a quality outcome.

7. Bead Making

For many decades, beads have been used by various people in different areas of the world.. They are used as necklaces bracelets, waist adornment for women and girls in some parts of the world. Bead making is a business that requires creativity, passion and patience.

8. Knitting

In today’s high speed world, knitting is surprisingly enjoying a revival of sorts as a productive hobby. Whether it’s a middle-aged man doing the job in his cubicle to help keep his blood pressure in check or a child being taught to knit in school because it encourages hand-and-eye coordination, the new generation of knitters do not fall into any one category rather it is now an awesome avenue of money making.

9. Setup a Modeling Agency

A modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models in working for the fashion industry. These agencies earn their income through commission, usually from the deal they make with the models or the head agency. If you are competent enough to source for modeling deals and models alike, then you are in business.

10. Become a Tattoo Specialist

A tattoo specialist, also known as a tattooer or a tattooist is an individual who applies permanent or temporary decorative patterns on individuals often in an established business called a tattoo shop, tattoo studio or a tattoo parlor. Tattoo artists usually learn their craft through an apprenticeship under a trained and experienced mentor. Or better still, you can apply for some courses online or signup to a fashion academy.

11. Branded Customized Wears

Another lucrative business venture in the fashion industry is the production and designing of customized T-Shirts and wears. Fashion conscious individuals are constantly seeking ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd, you can fill in this gap and make money from them. You can even buy and sell designer clothes online.

12. Importation and Exportation of Fashion Products

If you have the capital and technical know-how, you can import fashion products like shoes, perfumes, used clothes, leather products, fashion accessories, from Spain, Italy, France, China, Dubai, etc. You can also export locally made fashion products also.

13. Fashion Boutique or Retailing Outfit

You can start a fashion retailing outfit where you can sell all manner of products. You can also choose to specialize on specifics such as shoes, bags, perfumes, accessories, makeups, etc You can also choose to be gender focused by starting a fashion boutique for kids, women, men, etc.

14. Become a Fashion Consultant

You can also become a fashion consultant for fashion companies, firms, event planners, fashion enthusiast, etc.

15. Set up a Fashion Training or Skill Acquisition Center

Another profitable business you can establish is a fashion training center. Your core task here is to train people who are interested in fashion businesses or wish to gain skills such as fashion stylists, bead making, fashion designing, knitting, modelling, etc.

16. Become a Freelance Model

You can also venture into freelance modelling and make money posing and taking photo shots for big brands and advertising companies. Runway modeling is a visual art form for representing motion and attitude. The aim is to bring to life, using the ultimate representation of poise, posture and natural expressions. It’s an art that, in one single presentation sells, entertains, and represents fashion.

17. Perfume Manufacturing-: Most perfumes in the marketplace are imported. You can venture into local perfume production and make a living out of it.

18. Become a Celebrity Manager

Another viable business in the fashion industry is to become a celebrity manager. Your work or role in this business is to manage the contracts of fashion celebrities, source for jobs for them, negotiate on their behalf and advice on issues pertaining to their jobs.

19. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the world’s most sought-after professions. But for every fashion photographer who makes his way through the door of a top magazine, a thousand of other fashion photographers find their niche fashion advertising, art photography, celebrity portraiture or even paparazzi work to make a living.

20. Organize Fashion Events, Expos and Trade Shows

If you have the financial capability to organize a show or you have the competence and credibility to attract corporate sponsors; then you can organize trade shows, fashion competitions and events.

In conclusion, i want to re-emphasize the fact that the fashion is a lucrative, yet competitive industry. But that does not mean a new entrant can’t breakeven. However, like every other business, your level of passion, creativity and hard work are crucial factors that will determine if you will succeed of fail.