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Top 50 Food Truck Manufacturing Companies in the World

Do you want to buy a food truck from a food truck manufacturer at a budget price? If YES, here are top 50 food truck manufacturing companies in the world.

Starting or investing in a food truck can be a wise investment even for established brick and – mortar restaurants. Popular, well marketed trucks earn within $250,000 – $500,000 per year, and the superstars of the industry can earn close to $1million. Also, the cost of putting a food truck on the road is far less than the monetary investment required to build a brick – and – mortar restaurant.

Building a truck is one of the best ways to enter into this industry. Note that the price of building a new food truck will be between $70,000 and $145,000, depending on your concept, the size of the kitchen and the builder you are working with. But at the end it will surely be worth it, especially since it’s like building a new home. You will design it and personalize it the way you want.

You will need a creative builder to help build the truck you want, with the exact specifications you desire. While there are many reputable food truck manufacturers you can out-source your food truck building to, below are top 50 manufacturers in the world.

Top 50 Food Truck Manufacturing Companies in the World

  1. Prestige Food Trucks

Prestige Food Trucks is well known as a trusted food truck manufacturer that has been in business since 2001. This company manufactures their trucks in Indiana and has offices in Pennsylvania and Florida. They ship food trucks all across the united states.

They also provide top-of-the-line manufacturing quality and trusted brand equipment while still staying competitive on pricing, with trucks starting in the $70k range. Coupled with custom building food trucks for unique business needs, Prestige also includes food truck design and wrapping into the deal, working with food truckers to create your dream design. They are also known for their impressive customer support.

  1. Upfitters

Upfitters boast of a team that has been building food trucks for almost a decade. They have top name clients including The Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Cousins Maine Lobster, Arizona Cardinals and George Brazil Heating / Plumbing / AC –  just to name a few.

This company is family owned and operates an establishment founded on Christian beliefs with the goal to make dreams come true. They boost of having licensed welders, plumbers, electricians, etc. on their manufacturing team.

  1. ADG Custom Food Trucks and Trailers

Even with the presence of a manufacturing facility based in Florida, ADG Custom Food Trucks has and can build mobile vending units for people throughout the US. Anything you can imagine the company can create it effectively. From a small hot dog stand to a 20′ Food Truck or anything you wish to design.

Although, lately the company have only been working on the truck builds. Each truck is built to fit your needs and fully equipped from the start. To see what they can do for you, contact them via phone or website and get started.

  1. Custom Concessions

Custom Concessions is a food truck manufacturing company based out of Pennsylvania, USA. They are known to build trucks out of a gorgeous new 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility with state of the art facilities, providing superior quality.

One of the most impressive aspects of Custom Concessions is their client list, ranging from Pizza Hut and Taco Bell to Dunkin’ Donuts and Johnny Rockets. With Custom Concessions, concession trailers start at approximately $29k, and food trucks starting at $75k.

  1. M&R Trailers

This is another food truck manufacturing company with a reliable record of success. Again, while based out of Florida, M&R Trailers works with a variety of businesses across the country. The company boasts of an enticing 15 years experience in the trailer and vehicle business, although they didn’t start focusing full time on food trucks until 2010.

They are especially known for their BBQ smokers! With M&R Trailers, vehicles cost an average of $36,000, although prices can vary greatly depending on custom needs and if you’re looking for a trailer vs. truck. Additionally, all of their food truck builders are all trusted manufactures with years of experience and solid reputations.

  1. Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks

Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks was founded around good Small Business Values. The company was started to provide the best service, and product out there. They always seek for customers to become a part of the family and make it grow. The company boasts of being your one stop shop for anything and everything in your food truck needs, from blueprints, to building, to Vinyl Wraps and will help you with their knowledge and expertise in this industry.

  1. Mobile Kitchen Solutions

Even if you need temporary kitchen facilities on-the-go, Mobile Kitchen Solutions can provide. The company rents out Mobile Trailers, Skid Kitchens, and other transportable kitchen environments, all filled with whichever equipment you need.

Boosting of donkey years of experience setting up and providing large tent kitchens for important events and food festivals; the company offers full equipment and set up service, operation training, and consultation to ensure your kitchen rental is exactly what you need, they will also customize the truck fully to your specifications.

  1. Cart Concepts International

With over 15 years of food truck making experience, Cart Concepts diverse staff has had over 40 years combined experience with stainless steel fabrication, metalwork, and design. Based out of Connecticut, this company builds and sells top quality Hot Dog Carts, Vending Trailers, Catering Trucks and more.

Though they can do a few unique and custom builds, most of their carts are based on one of a few different set model designs. All company products can be found nationwide and overseas, so don’t feel afraid to follow in other’s footsteps and start your business today by dealing directly with the manufacturer!

  1. RPM Truck & Trailer Sales & Service

This company currently based in Georgia, is the premier dealer of Race Trailers in the US. The company have built and sold thousands of different trailers. They include utility, motorcycle, cargo, and aluminium – built. Though it’s not their main specialty, the company DOES also make and sell trailers fit for catering as well; specifically, the company’s BBQ Smoker Trailer.

Also, the company’s site offers a selection of very unique and interesting trailers in their Custom Section, which one could outfit into a fun vending box. Call them to see if you can build a mobile kitchen out of one of them for you.

  1. WYSS Catering Trucks

This name has been manufacturing Catering Trucks for over 50 years; the current President, Mike Wyss, has worked in the industry for over 30. Everything is a hands – on process with the finest materials they can get for a dependable product. The company’s list of satisfied customers is long and includes industry giants such as In – N – Out, Ben & Jerry’s, and others alongside a scroll of independent entrepreneurs.

  1. Schantz Mfg. Inc.

According to reports, the Schantz family has been operating on custom solutions for the mobile food industry for over 60 years out of Illinois. The company was started with State Fair Concession Stands and Trailers, which the family continue making claims to this day, and have begun working with the more street – based vendors in recent years.

Their motto of “We Know What Makes You Money” has launched the company into this angle; they thus take the time to learn about your business, needs, and goals to ensure every detail is addressed and your chance for success is maximized.

  1. LA Custom Food Trucks

This company boost of a team of highly trained professionals that take pride and passion in building food trucks for the worldwide market. Each member of the team brings in the experience from different food truck manufacturers and with a combined knowledge the company strives to build the ultimate food truck at the best price possible.

They deliver on their promise by creating the finest custom food trucks on the market. Each truck is built with the highest quality of craftsmanship by using the highest grade materials. Every single cabinet is custom made in by the company to fit clients’ needs.

  1. Experiential Food Truck Rental and Manufacturing

Also known national as EFTR, this company opened its doors back in 2005, as a national custom vending truck manufacture and marketing network. It is owned by Dream Works Catering Inc., one of the nation’s largest catering companies (revenues US12.52M according to 2913 reports).

The international manufacturing catering networks Tony Nelson and Luis Chavez merged their national manufacturing and catering operations to become (EFTR) Experiential Food Truck Rental in 2012.

  1. Advanced Concession Trailers

This Georgia based company provides materials for your mobile vending to all other things you require for your trailer needs. The company engineers can design just about any truck or cart with the necessary equipment to suit your needs; they make Food Trucks, Coffee Carts, Shaved Ice and BBQ Trailers, even Tailgating and Animal Control Units.

You just have to simply tell them what you need and inform them of your state and county, they will call your local inspector personally to obtain all the qualifications.

  1. S. Catering Trucks MFG, LLC

This is a recently opened builder business located in the Hayward, California area, having come into the market December of 2012. The company’s goal is complete customer satisfaction, giving the best quality they can for an affordable price.

They can do anything from refurbishing your vehicle, fixing damages, to building a cart from the ground up. They have a variety of food carts, trucks, trailers, and other options to consider, but specialize mostly in larger Food Truck designs and unique, custom Vending Carts.

  1. Trailer Factory

Note that this is a family owned and operated business. Trailer Factory has brought a variety of quality built trailers throughout Miami, Florida, and even International customers. They specialize in Custom and standard Cargo Trailers, though they even make things from food trucks to mobile kitchens and motorcycle trailers.

All the company vehicles can be built as anything from small units to large trailers with office space. Modern designs and graphics push our builds to help you succeed to your full potential.

  1. Best Built Trailers, Inc.

Also a family owned business in Georgia, this company does exactly what their name entails. Concession Trailers and Mobile Kitchens are all built from the ground up from the best, first brand name materials.

Note that the company designs used span a variety of fun and useful styles, and are all built to last; you can feel free to come down and see how they put them together. The company can make your trailer in practically any colour you want, but they do not perform any logo or other design work.

  1. MSM Catering Trucks Manufacturing

Founded in Paramount, near Los Angeles, MSM Catering Trucks has been operating for over 20 years in creating custom built food vehicles. By leveraging the latest technologies and ideas, the company takes customer’s desires and shape the builds to fit exactly what they need.

They build and specialize in a variety of classic and modern day vendors, such as Taco Trucks, Ice Cream Trucks, Taco/Food Trailers, Motion Picture Trucks, and of course Gourmet/Food Trucks, along with other vehicle/custom designs (carts are the one main category that is not seen in MSM). Note that they fill and customize your entire with the highest quality NSF approved equipment of your choice.

  1. Chameleon Concessions

Formerly based out of the Palm Brothers Restaurant Equipment, this business started in 1910, and after owning and operating Home Depot Tool Box Delis, Mark Palm began Chameleon Concessions in the late 80’s. With 27+ years of experience in restaurants, the company capitalizes on their vast industry knowledge to provide assistance to their customers in every step of the way.

This includes help with Design, Equipment finding, and the Knowledge and service to launch such as health code regulations, menu determination, projected volumes, ideal locations, and much more. Have it in mind that they have made everything from Carts to Trailers, with a high focus on the new Food Truck trends in recent years, specializing in modern designs, unique food equipment and one-of-a-kind exteriors.

  1. Southern Yankee BBQ Smokers

Located in Indiana, Southern Yankee BBQ manufactures custom mobile BBQ smokers, pits, etc. that are made to deliver real BBQ flavour. Note that the wood and charcoal – burning builds have been used in BBQ competitions throughout the US, delivering consistently tasteful and juicy meat and making the company one of the lead BBQ manufacturers worldwide.

Of recent, the company have reworked and improved their building processes to create stronger, more precise smokers. Though they possess a list of options and styles for your purchase, revolving around 4 main concepts, Southern Yankee has also done some unique custom builds, such as a large trailer house and even larger barrel smokers.

  1. Bostonian Body, Inc.

Right from 1987, Bostonian Body has been building certain vending units out of Massachusetts. According to reports, the idea started with Canteen Body truck, a unique idea that combined clean lines with a design that made repairs quick and easy, and a storage area that allowed for the inclusion of steam tables, grills, pizza oven, refrigeration, and other units that customers may want.

They are still building this today with the finest body, and no corner cutting, that they can manufacture at competitive prices.

  1. West Coast Catering Trucks

Established in East Los Angeles, West Coast Catering Trucks offers competitively priced Trucks and Trailers to suit all customers’ needs. They use brand new equipment and a stainless steel interior to outfit vehicles, with the option of installing different equipment / machines for your purpose.

West Coast has done a lot of work with local Taco Trucks, and use the same style large – scale open – counter Catering Trucks and Trailers for all our builds. On a side note, the graphic design and paint jobs for West Coast seem to reach a much more basic and simpler category than other California Builder Companies often produce.

  1. Miami Trailer

Based in, of course, Miami, Miami Trailer is South Florida’s biggest Food Truck and Concession Dealer, offering their units to businesses across the US. The company boasts of over 15 years experience in the Food Truck industry, and hold a large stock of Completed and To – Be – Completed Concession Trucks and Trailers on hand for their customers’ needs.

  1. Concession Nation, Inc.

This company is an industry leader in building custom made food trucks and concession trailers. Right from its inception in February 2006, the company have built over 1,500 customized food trucks and trailers for clients worldwide. The experience and expertise of their workforce are second to none.

The company’s state of the art 30,000 square foot facility in a 2 acre lot in Deerfield Beach, FL allows them to do everything in – house. The company can also deliver anywhere in the world. The company takes great pride in building food trucks and trailers that are beautiful to the eye, exquisite on the inside and durable for years to come.

  1. AA Cater Truck Inc.

This company is based solely out of California. This company has spent decades providing mobile kitchens to industry clientele. AA features their own set design, the body being manufactured for them by HIVCO, though they can also provide custom Trailers and Trucks / Vans for service. That also has some of the highest crash test results in the industry, showcasing their priority to safety and security.

  1. Morgan Olson LLC

Known as the Creator of the all – aluminium walk – in van over 60 years ago, Morgan Olson LLC continues its legacy as the leading walk – in van body manufacturer in North America, serving numerous industries and delivery applications including, baking, snack foods, newspaper, textile rental, vending and parcel delivery, and a popular choice within the food truck industry.

Note that with one of the largest distribution networks in the industry, transportation professionals rely on Morgan Olson for best-in-class truck body sales, product information, service, aftermarket parts and customer support.

  1. Carling Manufacturing LLC

Over two decades ago, Kevin Carlin, a caterer, when searching for way to produce quality food on location, set about helping others in the same industry by making High Volume Modular and Mobile Kitchens and Facilities. He established Carlin Manufacturing with partners in 1981, a year after his first build.

These days they work with some of the biggest names in the Food and Corporate Industry, along with Military branches, Universities, and Red Cross to provide top quality Kitchens. All the company products have reached over 30 countries throughout the globe, in the former of long kitchen trailers, containers for shipping, even classic food truck designs.

  1. Custom Sales and Services Inc.

This company is family owned business that’s been running in New Jersey since 1958. This company boasts of being a worldwide leader in the manufacture of Customized Mobile Food Equipment, having built just about every type of Truck, Trailer, Cart, Kiosk, and other wheeled vendor one can think of; if you can imagine it, the company’s CAD engineers can design it.

All the company’s products have been used by everything and everyone from Disaster Relief to the US Military and Commercial Caterers to Private Individuals.

  1. Double R Trailer Mfg., Inc.

This company specializes in custom concession trailers and food truck retro – fits. They are a premier custom trailer manufacturer with 12 years experience. All of their units are built to customer specifications. All trailers and food trucks are built by experienced craftsmen using only the highest quality materials.

Note that one of the unique advantages of this manufacturer is that they are certified to be imported into Canada. This can make things a lot easier if you plan to operate the truck north of the border. This business has been operating since 2002, which is an extremely long length of time in the mobile food industry and a testament to the quality of work they produce.

  1. Prime Design Food Trucks

This company’s team specializes in fabricating customized mobile kitchens for one of the nation’s fastest growing industries today. They build everything from trucks and trailers, to carts and kiosks, for every need. Have it in mind that their custom manufacturing process is truly customized kitchens tailored to their clients need and requirement when preparing the cuisine possible for capturing their target market.

As a leading manufacturer in the Food Truck Industry, they are able to fabricate almost any truck type and transform it into your desired street food kitchen. Prime Design Food Trucks makes sure their clients get what they expect and meet the strictest health codes. They offer competitive pricing, guaranteed health department approval, financing options, and after sales support.

  1. Mobie Experiential Trucks

This company is popularly known as a mobile food vending builder with locations in Los Angeles, Detroit, Virginia, Dubai, and London uk. The company is dedicated to manufacturing experiential food trucks and food vending units. They build a wide range of units, from experiential vehicles, custom trailers, to pop – up retail showrooms.

Note that this company has manufactured different types of experiential vehicles and trucks to satisfy the needs of their customers. The Mobie Experiential Trucks team brings creative vision and experience to each and every project they render. The company also works together with various leasing companies to finance your food truck or experiential vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about funds.

  1. Custom Concessions

Right from 2001, this company has built food trucks, concession trailers, and mobile kitchens for thousands of satisfied and successful customers. They specialize in manufacturing custom food trucks and concession trailers.

They are known not to sacrifice any part of the manufacturing process, making them unique and one of the most considered truck builders. They pride themselves on taking care of their customers’ needs through careful planning and precise execution.

  1. Trailers – USA

Trailers – USA is not a builder of mobile vending products; instead, they search thousands of sites and sellers throughout the country to provide you a resource to find an already – built trailer for sale to fit your needs. Note that all the listings include every kind of trailer imaginable, from RVs to Flatbeds, and even Concession and Food Trailers.

You can find both New and Used options from which you can search for; whatever price point you need, whatever style, so long as it’s out there you can find it here.

  1. El Monte Catering Truck

This company is headquartered in San Jose, where they manufacture and provide a range of mobile catering options for your needs. Taco Trucks, Catering Trucks, and Trailers / Carts of all sizes and styles are available for custom manufacturing and decal work. They also offer repairing, remodelling, spare parts, and available financing for all jobs, and ensure every one of their works is up to getting the pertinent permits for its kind in your area of business.

  1. Carts of Colorado, Inc.

Right from 1984, Carts of Colorado has worked in the mobile merchandising industry and have grown to be a leader in the industry on an almost international scale. The company goal is to help businesses operate more efficiently by offering standardized Kiosks, Merchandise Carts, Stands, etc.

They specialize in custom projects, particularly mobile food carts and other solutions where necessary. Every design is based on a vision from our customers, whether it’s something specific or built to meet their particular needs and challenges. And all of the company’s products are built to last, with warranty and a customer service department to help with service.

  1. LA Stainless Kings

This company has been a leading custom food truck manufacture in Los Angeles. The company’s goal is to create customer satisfaction. Note that perfection and quality work made the company stand out from other competitors and made them a successful.

This company also boast of experience creating builds that are up to code and pass health inspections in Southern California. Beyond traditional food trucks, this custom manufacturer can also help you with the development of hot dog stands, vehicle wraps or even custom steel cabinets and updates to existing mobile food units.

  1. Mobile Kitchen Solutions

In case you need temporary kitchen facilities on-the-go, Mobile Kitchen Solutions can provide. The company rents out our own Mobile Trailers, Skid Kitchens, and other transportable kitchen environments, all filled with whichever equipment you need.

Boasting of over 10 years of experience setting up and providing large tent kitchens for important events and food festivals; the company offers full equipment and set up service, operation training, and consultation to ensure your kitchen rental is exactly what you need, and they will customize fully to your specifications.

  1. High Standard Customs

This company has been a Certified Building Contractors with over 15 years in the construction industry. The company’s lateral movement into custom concession vehicle fabrication because of their experience has put the company on the forefront of the food truck and trailer industry.

When they do a build, your product is built up to Florida Building Code. FBC is one of the most stringent building codes in the country. High Standard Customs High Standard Customs is a custom mobile concession fabricator specializing in Food Truck and Concession Trailer construction.

Note that this company serves the FL area and beyond on projects ranging from new construction to both small and large retrofits with other renovation jobs. High Standard Customs takes pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of all clients, making sure the project is completed on time, on or below budget and they are truly satisfied with the results.

  1. Coastal Concessions and Mobile Kitchens, Inc.

This company has been operating out of Mississippi and meeting customers’ needs for over 25 years. They make concession Trailers and Mobile Kitchens for every type of venue and business, ranging from small 4 x 8 to 38′ units.

Note that by working completely with customers in the design process, they make sure not to only get the model that’s right for them but an interior fully customized to fit your specific needs. They even make trailers with smoker and grill barrel attachments on the end, although they don’t do much work with outer decals and design.

  1. Red Door Trucks

This is a Boston – based company that specializes on helping those in, or looking to get into, the Food Truck industry in a variety of ways.

Aside working with customers to design their custom truck, they also offer plans and trucks for marketing / advertisement, assist in building your online presence, hold shared kitchens / commissaries for people to use, and are even opening their own “Food Truck University” this year to better help potential entrepreneurs get into the business.

  1. Kareem Carts Manufacture & Commissary

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Kareem Carts has been operating for 30+ years on the business of offering almost every kind of mobile food – based vending vehicles that one can think of. Though the company was started in Carts, and can find and make everything from popcorn to hot dog to roasted nut carts, Kareem’s also works with customers to generate Trucks, Mobile Kitchens, Trailers, and all other manner of street vending and production.

  1. Millennium Trailers

Millennium Trailers designs, manufactures, and sells a selection of different tow-able mobiles for your business and personal needs. The company’s product line contains most any kind of trailer one can find, including Enclosed, Toy Haulers, Cargo, Gooseneck, Stacker, and multiple Living Trailers.

At the end of the day, though, they specialize in Custom Trailers, whether you want to design it yourself or have us help with the blueprint, they can put together any feasible construction. They’ve delivered their custom creations to nearly every state in the country, so feel free to call down and ask about options. Many financing options are available as needed.

  1. Detroit Custom Coach LLC

Started in the Motor City, vehicle fabrication and purpose-built interiors come naturally to the crew at Detroit Custom Coach. Through skilled craftsmanship and a large vendor network, Detroit Custom Coach can fabricate your vehicle with confidence and quality, knowing the end result will exceed expectations.

This company was founded in 2012, and it has grown into the area’s leading food truck builder and service centre. The company’s client list includes everything from major national brands to local businesses, big and small, as well as professional and college sports teams.

  1. Creative Mobile Systems, Inc.

Creative Mobile Systems builds a variety of Carts, Hot Dog and Towing, Concession Trailers, Food Trucks/Vans, Concession Trucks, and Specialty Carts and Trailers depending on your business. They also build and sell Sanitation/Decontamination Trailers and pickup – attachable heat boxes/grills for your personal tail – gating needs! All of which is delivered ready for business with a custom interior and exterior design.

  1. Plano Manufacturing

For over 50 years, PLANO Manufacturing which is a family – based company has been making catering truck bodies in Fontana, CA. Their focus revolves around customer service, a superior product, and competitive pricing: admitting this supposedly isn’t in the initial cost, but that their vehicles have been known to cost less to run on a day – to – day basis.

Vendor options include a form of Food Truck, Hot Dog Carts, Disaster Relief Truck, and custom sheet metal work; ability to make fully Custom vehicles is not stated or known.

  1. Food Cart USA

Note that this company is renowned as the very first company to bring the Hot Food Truck trend to South Florida in 1992, Food Cart USA has just expanded across the country to new locations, offering building services to an even wider range of customers; they can also make special arrangements to export internationally.

This company custom builds food Trucks and Trailers to customers’ specific needs, with each project certified for quality; they usually use a similar large and long design for the truck frameworks. Custom Wrap jobs are handled with expert care and have yielded many unique and detailed designs.

  1. Legion Manufacturing: Food Trucks Inc.

This company started specializing in mobile food service concepts since 1991, with various sub – branches in specialized work. This company is one of the premier food service vehicle manufacturers in the whole industry, basing themselves out of California.

Despite the location, they work on various construction projects throughout the US and even internationally at the moment, such as Jack in the Box, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. They have experience in and make absolutely every kind of vehicle for food vendors imaginable; besides offering designs on various styles of Trucks, Sprinters, and Trailers, they also build any kind of cart (from Dip and Dots to Espresso) or Custom vehicle needed.

Every Legion project is approached and designed as its own individual project, every customer can thus design and equip their product to what suits them best, all priced accordingly, without being forced to work around any “cookie cutter” designs.

  1. Merchandising Frontiers Inc.

After acquiring and resurrecting the recently ‘deceased’ business ‘Ala – Carte’ in 1993, MFI (Merchandising Frontiers, Inc.) started the long road of operations. Now, based out of Iowa, they custom design and fabricate Carts, Kiosks, and Small Format Modular Buildings for small owners and large companies throughout the major US.

The company looks to offer comprehensive and reliable services and solutions in this aspect so that you, customers, can focus solely your business. The company provides extensive documentation, design, engineering, on – site coordination and direction, delivery, etc.

Legion’s website is very detailed, thorough, and easy to navigate through; they keep track of every step of the process so customers can see the work we do with each stage, including page accounts of some of our more recently finished projects.

  1. Worksman Vending, 800 Buy Cart

Worksman Vending (now operating with customers under the 800 Buy Cart name / site) has been a New York business since 1898.

The company offer decades of service and expertise in the building field, and now offer plenty more than our namesake; customers can now find various style Carts in the company roster, along with delivery vending Cycles, Kiosks (mobile and non), stocky delivery units, different styles of Trailers, and they have even begun making simple Catering Trucks to your specifications.

The company also offers custom make carts for unique business needs; whether you’re shovelling ice cream, hot dogs, or roasted nuts, Worksman can build the perfect vending unit for you. All products are made tough and durable so that you and your customers can rely on day-in day-out service without worry or hiccups.

  1. Caged Crow Fabrication

This company specializes in building uniquely designed; high quality mobile kitchens and business units. They are best known for building for mobile Kitchens, Food Carts and Catering Trailers, each built from the frame up. They also construct Shipping Container Trailers and Kiosks, unique Vehicle Conversions (Busses, RV’s, Vintage Trucks, Vans and other vehicles).

This company also Designs Camper Kitchens and Camper Style trailers that replicate the old, vintage style models, but will stand the test of time for its purpose. Caged Crow’s main objective is that each customer stands out from the crowd with a one of a kind, quality mobile unit that is built specifically for their brand, vision, serving and equipment needs while meeting local health and fire safety codes.