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How Do Freight Dispatchers Get Paid? [How Much Do They Make]

Independent Freight Dispatchers will usually offer their services to both manufacturers, and brokerages with the aim of making the most money.

Independent freight dispatchers are paid on a percentage or flat fee basis for each load. Other truck dispatchers often earn between 5 percent and 10 percent per load, with the rate being flexible depending on how much work the owner-operator wants you to do. For all loads, one truck dispatcher costs a flat price of $50.00.

You are free to negotiate with your driver on the fee per load you can charge. The owner-operator would pay you $950.00 if the shipper paid $1000, for instance. A weekly compensation per truck is also given to some Independent Dispatchers.

How Much Do They Make Monthly/Yearly?

There are factors that can determine how much you can earn as a freight dispatcher in the United States and of course in any part of the world. These factors are;

  1. The Qualifications of the Freight Dispatcher

The fact that a freight dispatcher is trained as a professional who coordinates with customers, provides accurate logistics for drivers to follow along on their routes and coordinates delivery times to make sure everything runs properly.

Dispatchers are the drivers’ main point of contact and have all the data required to complete deliveries. The depth and level of schooling a freight dispatcher must undergo depends on their assigned duties and the state in which they work and that in turn determines their remuneration.

  1. The Location

In the United States, there is no uniformity when it comes to the pay scale hence any state may decide to pay more so as to attract the best hands in the industry. The states and districts that pay freight dispatchers the highest salary are Alaska ($46,570), Washington ($44,513), Connecticut ($41,084), California ($39,969), Massachusetts ($39,659), and New Jersey ($38,738).

So also, depending on their degree of experience, freight dispatchers can make between $26,560 and $67,680 annually in the United States. With the above information, it is seen that the location a freight dispatcher is operating from will greatly influence the amount the freight dispatcher will make in a month or in a year.

  1. The Organization

It is common to find some organizations paying above the average in their state or city in order to attract and retain the best freight dispatchers in the state. In essence, if as a freight dispatcher you are in a city where there is competition at different levels in the industry, you are likely going to earn more when compared to freight dispatchers in cities or states where there are no competitions.

  1. Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Another factor that will determine the amount a freight dispatcher earns in a year will be the bonuses and benefit packages given by the organization they work for.

Benefits usually include paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and retirement plans. Come to think of it, there are organizations that go the extra mile to create robust bonuses and benefit packages just to attract the best freight dispatchers in the state.

  1. The Number of Years of the Freight Dispatcher in the Industry

Another key factor that will determine the amount a freight dispatcher is expected to make on a yearly basis is the number of years the freight dispatcher is in the industry. This is important because experienced freight dispatchers will not be subjected to training, they will just be deployed to their new roles.

In essence, a freight dispatcher with over 10 years of experience is expected to earn far more than a freight dispatcher that is just a newbie.