According to reports, the United States senior living industry is massively growing and the needs of its facilities are also changing. Owing to that, choosing a piece of good furniture for assisted living facilities is a balancing act between high-use functionality, comfort and style. Furniture used in these facilities include anything and everything necessary to ensure residents are comfortable.

Have it in mind that furniture used in assisted living facilities comes in different and varied selections. Specialty seating and overbids tables are necessary, as well as bed and shower accessories that ensure that residents are safe.

While the color, design, and material are all very critical, at the end of the day the furniture needs to be made for lasting comfort and with quality. Always remember that the arm height, seat height, and depth of your seating are paramount to the comfort and safety of its users.

Dining chairs, sofas, and lounge chairs are also expected to be easy for residents with limited mobility to get in and out of. Ensure not to choose furniture based on just looks or aesthetics. That it looks astonishing in the space doesn’t guarantee that it is ideal for the facility.

If your budget feels constrained, then you should know when and where to splurge. In some cases, a cheap dining chair is a workable choice and will let you channel your funds into a statement-making, comfortable lounge, and lobby seating.

Note that most of your residents will rely on the furniture when they need support standing up, sitting down, or walking between rooms. You should also avoid anything with glass and sharp edges. Standard sized chairs or love seats are also better when compared with sofas since they have an armrest offering excellent support to aid movement. Also, remember to choose furniture that is easy to clean and of low maintenance.

To save you time with your furnishings search, below are well-made new furniture designed for a senior living environment that is sure to make an impression. Have it in mind that these products are ideal for your assisted living facility because they come with commercial-grade construction, senior-friendly dimensions, and well curated comfortable styles.

What is the Best Furniture for Assisted Living Facility in 2022?

  1. Santa Barbara Collection

In your assisted living facility, you can easily make an attractive outdoor oasis with comfortable outdoor furnishings. Note that this Santa Barbara Armchair and Santa Barbara Barstool come with crisp lines and a modern look that’ll boost the ante in any outdoor space. With well-designed wrought aluminium construction, this collection is low-maintenance for your staff and will last for years to come.

  1. Maxwell Thomas® Pemberton Lounge Chair

If you are one of the few blessed souls who think that times less design never goes out of style – then you should consider this Pemberton Lounge Chair because it offers classic style in spades. It’s well designed arms and nail head detail will be a welcome addition to any design, while the well-detailed proportions are just right for Skilled Nursing, Independent, and Assisted Living seating.

  1. Kellex Portia Chair

Note that the unique, sleek, modern lines of the Portia Chair set the platform for exciting spaces. Have it in mind that it can be used anywhere you need to add extra seating. This chair is ideal for assisted living facilities, and its commercial-grade construction helps ensure it will stand the test of time, while the scale and proportions were made with seniors in mind.

  1. Maxwell Thomas® Cape Vincent Recliner

Aside from the fact that this recliner comes with suave curves and plush cushions, it also features an innovative, wall-saver mechanism that saves space. Have it in mind that the seat slides forward on a track while the outside back remains in place, and this entails that you can put it against a wall. Make use of this recliner anywhere space is tight.

  1. Fairfield Taylor Wing Chair

One sight of the chair and you understand what it is said to exude style and substance. Also, note that it is a perfect complement to your assisted living space. In addition, it features a traditional wingback design and nail head trim to cap up any room with sophisticated flair, while the soft kidney pillow brings comfort. Also note that the moisture-barrier seat decking helps make cleaning as easy as possible for your staff.

  1. Maxwell Thomas® Sunburst Maple Veneer Tabletop

Have it in mind that you can boost the dining experience in your assisted living facility with attractive new tabletops. Very ideal for private dining rooms and other low-traffic spaces, the sunburst pattern on this tabletop exudes eye-catching interest while the veneer material brings about the appearance of real wood. Note that you can offer your residents added comfort with a half bull nose edge, which is rounded on the upper surface of the tabletop.

The best furniture for a senior living center should be made of healthcare-grade materials. When choosing furniture for your assisted living facilities, ensure to pay considerable attention to the fabric selection, design, and functionality of the furniture, and whether the material is compliant with health regulations. Note that every one of these aspects plays a crucial role in the daily life of both the residents and the staff members –be it ease of maintenance or ease of movement.