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Best Way to Label Clothes for Assisted Living Facility

Are you looking for the best way to label clothes for assisted living facility? If YES, here are 7 best ways to label clothes. When someone goes to live in an assisted living facility, it is primarily because they require close attention. Owing to that, doing their laundry is included in the deal. In a good number of assisted living facilities, housekeeping staff are tasked with washing and arranging resident’s laundry, and although the clothes are not always required to be labeled, it is indeed advisable to.

Most assisted living facilities have washing and drying machines that the housekeeping staff and residents can use for laundry. For residents, this is mainly to let them maintain their independence, while for staff, it is to make their task quite easier and better. However, regardless of who does the laundry, labeling of clothes is very vital because they can easily get lost.

When clothes and personal properties are labeled, it makes it easy for the laundry staff to organize and sort to avoid misplacement. For instance, in an assisted living facility with 150 residents, it will indeed be very tasking to sustain a good laundry service if most of the clothes are not labeled. In some facilities, there are lost property sections for clothing without a label or a hard-to-read label. This is more or less a hanging rack in a well-defined area that staff and residents can inspect.

A good number of assisted living facilities in have a well-organized laundry schedule and systems, while some tend to outsource their laundry (this means that the clothing is washed offsite). To keep the clothes of residents or your loved ones from getting mixed up with others, it is imperative that they are labeled.

There are various labeling options to consider and they also vary in cost. You will first have to choose if the label will be permanent or temporary. However, here are ways to label clothes for the assisted living facilities.

7 Best Ways to Label Clothes for Assisted Living Facility

  1. Iron-On Labels

These are quite common and can be bought easily from many fabric stores and websites in the United States. The plain labels can also be designed or personalized with a permanent ink laundry marker. They are ideal, cheap, will last through the life of the garment, and can easily be replaced with a new label ironed over the last one.

The disadvantage with these labels is that they are always very difficult to remove and may damage the fabric of the garment if you try to pull so hard. Also, note that some wearers find them itchy when placed near the neckline. But you can easily make yours by leveraging twill tape, a laundry marker, and some fusible web (available online or at any craft store). This is more or less a very helpful DIY especially if your loved one needs labels at the last minute.

  1. Sew-In Labels

Have it in mind that you can use custom woven labels to both identify and enhance your garments. These sew-in-labels can be designed in many ways to suit different scenarios. However, but sewing them in can be time-consuming and they are quite expensive when compared to other options, and you will also have to allow several weeks to place and receive your order.

  1. Laundry or Fabric Markers

This is indeed one of the easiest and cheaper ways to label clothing for assisted living facilities. Note that the ink will sustain and last even with numerous trips through the washing machine and it is quick to use. But you have to understand that the ink can bleed through the fabric to the outside of a garment. And, once it does, the stain is permanent.

To avoid this, ensure to write the owner’s name on the care tag or an inside seam. Take extensive care to protect the outside of the garment by mounting some cardboard under the label area to take in any bleeding ink. Also, note that items that are marked with indelible ink are not accepted by consignment shops for resale and are not usable by charities that distribute used clothing since the name is visible.

  1. Mesh Laundry Bags

Some assisted living facilities advise residents, caregivers, or even loved ones to use mesh laundry bags because it makes identification and segregation very easy. However, the downside with this method is that the laundry will have to be washed in batches, meaning that every resident’s laundry is washed and dried differently from other residents. Some facilities also wash the laundry in the bag itself so that more laundry can be processed without mixing it up. However, clothes and properties still get lost if they aren’t labeled individually.

  1. Laundry Stamps

Laundry stamps can also be used to mark and differentiate clothes in assisted living facilities. Note that these stamps are quick, easy to use, but also have the same limitations as a permanent ink laundry marker. The ink can bleed through the fabric and is very challenging to remove.

  1. Plastic Tags

In recent years, a good number of people are beginning to label clothes with a plastic tag similar to a price tag that can be attached to an interior seam, hem, or care label. This tag does not fade, is renowned to be resistant to high temperatures, and can be easily removed if need be. But you will be expected to order in advance and use a custom device to attach and remove the tags.

  1. Stick-On Fabric Labels

Interestingly, some people prefer to use stick-on fabric labels. Although they tend to come off after multiple washes, but they are cheap and they work well to differentiate clothes and personal belongings. Also, have it in mind that these types of labels are easy to use and can be quite simple especially for seniors and caregivers. You can buy them blank and write on them yourself or get them pre-printed.