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How to Get a Food Truck on a Military Base in 2023

Starting a Food truck business in this age remains a viable business option particularly owing to the flexibility it offers to its operators, the massive market available, the varying options, and the convenience it offers to consumers.

According to reports, the number of food trucks in the United States grew by almost 10% from 2022 to 2023. Therefore, if you’re seeking an income-generating enterprise, a food truck is a top choice. Well-to-do food trucks can generate around $500,000 per year, with startups costing around $40,000–$200,000.

Getting your food truck into US military bases could be a strategy that sets you apart while also giving you a more focused clientele. US military bases are known to be home to a multitude of active-duty military personnel, their spouses and children, as well as other civilian employees residing and operating from the base.

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Getting your food truck into such an environment will guarantee that you get a concentrated and easily accessible market.

Military bases in the United States tend to differ in their needs and regulations; however, a good number of them tend to have very limited meal options. Owing to that, bringing your food truck into the base will provide customers with alternatives.

During festivities as well as other celebrations within the military base, you can leverage your truck to provide numerous meal options that will resonate with the crowd. This will guarantee that the event turns out nice and that people are not left hungry and famished.

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Howbeit, have it in mind that getting your food truck into a military base is not as easy as driving into the base and opening your windows. It is important to note that military bases, particularly in the United States, always have very stringent rules and are tightly managed.

Owing to that, to get the necessary permissions to get your truck into the base, you will have to navigate through a thorough and demanding process. You will also be expected to meet and comply with all the guidelines meant for businesses operating within the base.

Steps to Get a Food Truck on a Military Base

  1. Research the military base

Just as was noted above, military bases in the United States tend to differ in their needs and regulations. Owing to that, it is imperative you take your time to research and understand the composition of the camp as well as the needs of the personnel and households residing or working there.

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Since every military base in the United States has its own regulations and requirements, also reach out to the appropriate quarters to understand all relevant details prior to starting.

  1. Get the necessary authorizations and permits

Aside from finding out all the necessary requirements, it is important to ensure that all your documentations are in line before driving your food truck into the base. You will be expected to obtain all necessary authorizations and permits needed to do business in your base of choice.

Examples may involve state and local food sales permits, health agency authorizations, or business licenses from the municipality.

  1. Start the registration process

Note that aside from obtaining all the necessary authorizations and permits, you will have to start the registration process at the relevant offices within the base.

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This will involve indicating interest to get your food truck into the base, obtaining the form and inputting all necessary details, providing evidence of insurance, as well as receiving an access pass for each food truck or even their food truck workers.

You should also make sure to adhere to all the guidelines and rules stipulated for businesses within the military base. Military bases, particularly in the United States, tend to have very stringent rules and are tightly managed. Ensure both you and your employees do not go foul of such guidelines.

  1. Market and advertise your food truck

After completing all the basic requirements, it is essential to promote and market the food truck to military personnel. Most often, traditional advertising like fliers and other business prints are not allowed in military bases in the United States.

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The Department of Defense possesses very rigid guidelines especially when it has to do with information that goes in and out of their bases.

Owing to that, the most viable approach is to get your food truck advertised within the base via a base-approved broker. These brokers tend to offer expertise in the designing, approval, and launching of just about any ad within a military base. Most often, ads that are run within a base will have to be approved by the commanding officer of the base.


While getting a food truck into a military base is a lucrative option to take into consideration, have it in mind that it won’t be as easy as walking into the base and starting a business.

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You will have to take your time to research and understand the base and its occupants, go through the necessary registration processes, meet the stipulated requirements, as well as obtain all relevant permits and authorizations.