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What are the Statistics of Food Trucks on College Campuses?

Do you run a food truck business and want to take it to a college campus? If YES, here are the statistics of food trucks on college campuses. With over 4,000 food trucks across the United States, the industry has become a formidable economic force. With young people driving this growth across the country, it is clear that hungry college students prefer food that is fast, affordable, and easy to carry.

In the United States, college campuses that are looking to satisfy current students and attract new learners are gracefully embracing this trend. Aside the fact that this move satisfies students, budget hawks and innovation leaders at the university will also find reasons to smile.

College students in present day America are bothered about being more perfect than previous generations. This means that college students are busier than ever, and they need convenience in their meals. Food trucks can give students the flexibility and portability they want. In turn, the students can help grow the dining department’s brand.

Note that with food trucks, colleges can provide the new types of food today’s students want. It has proven to be a less expensive way to incorporate gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and vegan dining options that some students want or need.

Statistics of Food Trucks on College Campuses?

According to reports, it is projected that about 250 universities own a food truck for their food service department. Considering there are 4,140 total 2 – year/4 – year colleges and universities (both private and public) in the United States alone, it means only about 6% of these institutions currently leverage a food truck at this time.

Indeed there are a few strategic advantages that schools with a food truck on campus have realized that go beyond simply serving food. First, from a branding and marketing standpoint there’s no ideal way to attract the attention of a crowd.

Food trucks are without doubt billboards on wheels and can get any college recognized while tailgating at sporting events or other festivals. When people see a food truck, they don’t just associate that with food, but also with fun and it is not uncommon to see students taking selfies next to these vehicles and sharing them across social media.

Also, aside basic branding, most schools have started to leverage these vehicles during the enrolment and recruitment process. While waiting to fill out forms for financial aid or to register for that last class, many schools have begun to offer free snacks and drinks from these trucks to improve the overall freshman experience.

Also note that the mobile food unit offer schools more ways to provide dining options to students. A dining food truck can be positioned in a busy quad to help students pick up healthy breakfasts, drinks, or snacks in a way that is both convenient and fast.

20 Most Popular College Food Trucks in the United States

College students with food trucks on campus know how great they have it and how blessed they are. So instead of running off campus to pick up something to eat, the food trucks make it easy to eat right where you are.

1. Clover

By serving the MIT community, Clover is entirely vegetarian/vegan with locally – sourced ingredients. Students can pick up seitan, soy BLTs and potato – tempeh salad.

2. Alphabite

Alphabite is run by the Miami Culinary Institute in a campaign to spread food culture innovation. The food truck features a big letter on the side, offering a hint to what’s being served, such as Q for barbeQue.

3. El Tenampo

At UWM, students can easily get a taste of authentic Mexican food from El Tenampo, with $1.50 tacos within walking distance of campus.

4. Armando’s Lunch Truck

Homemade hot sauce, breakfast burritos, and a spicy chicken sandwich are on the menu at Armando’s Lunch Truck, serving USC’s main campus with fast and friendly service.

5. Grey Horse Tavern

Note that the Grey Horse Tavern rolling kitchen serves organic and local food to students at Stony Brook University. This truck is well renowned as a mobile unit from an established restaurant, offering foods that students can eat on the go, like grilled cheese and tacos.

6. Red Hook Lobster Pound

At George Washington University, students can easily pick up lobster and shrimp rolls, Maine – style in mayo or drizzled with butter, Connecticut style.

7. Mom’s Delicious Dishes

According to reports, students who miss the comfort food of home can visit Mom’s Delicious Dishes for meals made by real moms on the North Carolina State University Centennial Campus. These trucks serve meatloaf sandwiches, gourmet Mac and cheese and more. They visit the farmer’s market daily, using local and organic products whenever possible.

8. a.t.

This Truck is more profoundly called easy artisan takeout, e.a.t. serves the University of Pacific South Campus. The exterior of the truck was designed by art students, and caters to their peers, allowing them to use campus dining points for food like breakfast sandwiches and smoked brisket.

9. Wafels & Dinges

Wafles & Dinges is known to offer Columbia students two styles of Belgian waffle in a big yellow truck. Their butter is well loved, described by one student as “crack butter.”

10. Lizzie’s Curbside Cuisine

All Students and faculty at Uconn extensively enjoy this independent food truck with all of its offerings made by Lizzie herself from scratch. Lizzie has been serving students breakfast sandwiches, Swedish meatball grinders, jerk pork loin and more for over 20 years.

11. Gorilla Gourmet

More clearly known as an eclectic cheese sandwich truck, Gorilla Gourmet has founded a permanent location. Students from Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College can stop by after classes for some gourmet street food.

12. Like No Udder

On the Brown campus, Like No Udder provides vegan ice cream, offering “World Peace Through Vegan Soft – Serve.”

13. Yum Yum Bowls

Agreeably, UCLA students are no strangers to food trucks, as the university has contracted with more than a dozen trucks. One of those is Yum Yum Bowls, offering Thai fusion from a truck.

14. Maria’s Italian Kitchen

To make up for slow traffic in the campus cafeteria, College of the Canyons ditched the facility and went all – truck for the school’s winter session, contracting with food trucks like Maria’s Italian Kitchen.

15. Souper Freak

This conspicuously bright red truck shares soups, salads and sandwiches with Johns Hopkins students. Specialties include Vegan Thai Carrot, BBQ Chicken Wrap and Turkey Chili with Hominy.

16. Gul’s Breakfast and Lunch Cart

As the top – rated truck on, Gul’s is well – adored for powering through long lunch hour lines with a great menu variety. Favourites include their cheese steaks and grilled chicken pita.

17. Rutgers Grease Trucks

Rutgers students can enjoy heart attack sandwiches in this group of fast food trucks. Buns stuffed with fried foods, like chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks, push the idea of what a sandwich can be in a deliciously greasy way.

18. Calabria Express

Also students with roaming hunger can get hot meals on the go at this dining truck, including a chipotle chicken sandwich, baked penne rigate, and daily specials.

19. Wooly

Since being a support truck for the City College geology department, Wooly feeds students in the fields, equipped with an incredible kitchen that brings the estimated value of the truck to $120,000. Students from the culinary department accompany geology students on their trips to get on the field catering experience.

20. Motosurf

In the Red Square of University of Washington, students are able to pick up Hawaiian – style lunches with big portions and low prices.


Students are known to have very limited funds to spend on eating and there is plenty of competition for every dollar. But by expanding the dining hall brand into mobile food trucks and offering more options for all students, dining departments can afford to give students what they really want and keep the money on campus.

Agreeably, today’s universities don’t have money to spend on frivolous items and inefficient programs. But opening food trucks on campus keeps more of the money that students have to spend on campus.