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20 Best Business Investment Opportunities in North Carolina

Okay, so you reside in North Carolina and you are interested in starting a business in North Carolina, United States? Well, below are the top 20 small business “>investment opportunities in North Carolina, USA to help you get started.

From the skills and resources to the patronage and business climate, North Carolina is filled with all that you need to start and grow a business.

North Carolina is one of the few states in America with relatively low costs of running a business. How would you like investing in a state where business owners enjoy the support of the government through reasonable tax rates, sound fiscal policy and a balanced budget?

The government of North Carolina always makes it a point of duty to assist business owners in reducing costs of operation, so as to enhance global competitiveness, job creation and encourage investments. Are you planning to invest in North Carolina? Here are a few business ideas for you to consider-:

Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in North Carolina

1. IT services and Computer Repairs

You can become an IT consultant for individuals and business owners. This means that whenever they are having a challenge with their IT system, you will be called upon to help resolve the challenges. You can also start a computer sales and repair business.

2. Roofing Company

Ever seen a house without a roof with people living comfortably in it? Your guess is as good as mine, it’s simply impossible to complete the construction of a house without adding a roof to shield occupants from harsh rays of the sun or property damage caused by rain. You can start selling roofing materials in North Carolina or offer roof installation services.

3. Construction

If you have the educational knowledge, skills and experience in the construction business, you can start your own construction business.

4. Auto Repair

Auto repair is also a very lucrative business in North Carolina. You can start a workshop where people can bring their cars in for repairs or start a mobile auto repair services where you can drive around to rescue drivers whose cars have broken down in places where they cannot easily get help.

5. Winery

It’s not really hard to start your own wine production business. You can even start from home and generally create awareness for your product by inviting friends and family to wine tasting or offering your wine at friend’s parties.

6. Transportation

There are so many businesses you can start in the transportation industry. You can start a cab services, a car rentals business, a moving service and even a haulage business.

7. Children’s Gymnasium

You can also set up a gymnasium for training children and helping them to get better at different sporting activities.

8. Tax Consultancy

Tax computation and filing can be a very confusing process especially if you have a large business. You can start a tax consultancy business. You would not only help people compute and file taxes, you would also offer them advice and create strategies to help them reduce tax burden.

9. Floral & Gift Shop

You can also start a gift basket business with a floral shop on the side.

10. Janitorial Service

Offering commercial and residential cleaning services is another lucrative business not only in North Carolina but in the whole of America.

11. Mobile Gaming

You can become a mobile games developer and create game applications for android, iphones, java and several other mobile phones.

12. Apparel Store

Another business you can start in North Carolina is the sales of apparels for men, women and even children.

13. Vending Machine Business

A vending machine business is easy to operate and manage because it requires minimal supervision. You can sell a variety of items with a vending machine; snacks, food items, drinks and so many other things.

14. Property damage restoration

Sometimes when houses get damaged as a result of unfortunate occurrence like fire, flood, earthquakes and tsunamis, there is a need for renovation to make such houses habitable again. You can start a property damage restoration business in North Carolina to assist people recover from such unfortunate occurrence.

15. Car Wash

You can also start a car wash business in North Carolina. You might want to make it more trendy by making it a self-service car wash.

16. Tutoring & Education Company

There are so many business opportunities in the education sector. You can start a school for preschoolers, an after-school tutoring center for children or an adult education center.

17. Pet Store

If you love working with pets, you can start a pet supplies store where you can sell pet food, pet grooming supplies and even pet toys. You can also start a pet sitting business for people to keep their pets whenever they have to travel.

18. Beauty Salon & Spa

You can start a beauty salon and spa where people can make their hair, get manicure and pedicure and get massages and skin treatment. Making it a unisex salon would give you access to more clients than a single sex salon.

19. Storage & Warehousing

People generally require space to store several items. You can start a storage business and have people pay you to keep their property safe and secure.

20. Medical Services

You can also start a business that sells medical equipment and supplies or even start a mobile clinic.