Are you searching for small business opportunities in Charlotte, North Carolina? Are you considering starting a business in Charlotte NC but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem. The recent economic recession that ravaged the world made a lot of people more open to the idea of setting up their own businesses. A lot of people started searching for passive income ideas and small businesses that they could do on the side to make money.

Choosing a business idea to explore depends on a whole lot of factor such as amount of capital available, economic performance as well as economic history of the business. It can be really difficult to select a business idea from the various types of businesses available because a typical investor would want to ensure that he chooses the right type of business with as little risks as possible and one with a lot of potentials.

To make it easy for you to make a choice, we have decided to analyze the top 10 business opportunities for investors in Charlotte NC that you can easily choose from.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Charlotte, NC

1. Equipment Rentals

The first recommended business opportunity is starting an equipment rentals business. A lot of business owners find it very cost effective to rent equipment instead of buying them completely. You can make money from renting out a large variety of equipment to business owners.

Equipment that you can rent out in Charlotte include construction equipment, party supplies, vehicles, sports and fitness equipment as well as musical equipment. You can also consider starting an equipment sales business.

2. Pest Control

You would agree with me that pests are very destructive and most people would rather not have them around. You can start a pest control business in Charlotte and offer your services to owners of private and commercial residences.

3. Waste Management

Waste management is another good business opportunity to explore in Charlotte. The government takes waste management very seriously because of the environmental risks that harmful waste materials can create in the environment when not properly attended to.

What I am driving at is that this is a very good business that gets the support of the government and you could be lucky enough to get government grants to finance or expand your Waste Management Business.

4. Moving Services

Another good business opportunity to consider in Charlotte is starting a moving service. From time to time, there is the need for people to move from one place to the other. This may be business owners changing locations or regular home owners moving to a new home.

You can make a lot of money from assisting such people to move their properties safely. You can also help companies deliver goods to their customers with your vehicle. There are indeed several opportunities you could explore when you own a truck.

5. Vending Business

Vending machine business is another cool, easy to set up business. You can also manage a vending machine business easily or run it alongside another type of business. With your vending machine, you can sell a large variety of goods from snacks to drinks and other types of goods. Just look for a strategic place with a lot of foot traffic and then put your attractively loaded vending machine there and then start making money with very little effort.

6. Stock Photography

Ever wondered where website owners and online magazines get all those attractive photos they use to back up their stories from? Of course, they buy them from online stock photographers.

Before when blogging and online magazines were not really popular and the industry was less competitive, adding pictures to blog posts and online magazines were not really important but these days, every blogger/online publisher out there wants their blogs/websites to attract the most traffic and one of the ways to achieve this is through backing up their posts with good photos and in other to avoid running into copyright issues, they resort to buying stock photos instead of lifting random photos off the internet or getting them from free stock photo websites.

7. Meat Shop

Meat is an essential source of protein and is encouraged to be consumed in reasonable quantities but one problem with meat is that a simple case of contamination can lead to grave consequences. This is why a lot of people are picky about where and how they get their meat. You can start a meat shop in Charlotte and make money from selling fresh and neatly packaged meat. You can also consider starting a mobile meat shop.

8. Bakery

You could also make money from starting a bakery in Charlotte. Residents of Charlotte love fresh and nicely baked bread and pastries. You can either sell them at your own bakery shop or supply to grocery stores or supermarkets in wholesale quantities. You can also consider starting a kind of service that delivers fresh bread to people’s homes especially in the mornings and on weekends.

9. Tax Consultancy

On the list of service based business is starting a tax consultancy practice. I personally love service based businesses because you earn money just by sharing your knowledge and expertise with other. No goods to be bought and transported or mark-ups to be contemplated upon.

Tax is one issue that gives a lot of business owner’s sleepless nights. A lot of people don’t know how to reduce their tax burden or the appropriate taxes to file. You can earn a lot of money by providing assistance to people who need help and advice on their tax issues.

10. Wedding Planner

Lastly, you can consider becoming a wedding planner. If you love weddings just like me, you would have fun running this kind of business. Wedding planners perform a variety of tasks for their clients to make their big day special and memorable and most importantly, to relieve the bride of stress prior to the wedding.

Some of the tasks wedding planners are required to perform include sending out invitations, picking wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses, organizing wedding vendors, booking venues, coordinating the event and basically, ensuring that the bride is happy and the event goes on smoothly.

These are just some of the few business ideas you can explore in Charlotte NC and I hope you were able to find a very suitable one for you.

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