Do you have a truck sitting in your parking lot at home just rotting away without the faintest idea of what to do with it? Are you unemployed or retired but lucky enough to own a truck? Then you shouldn’t be idle because there are several things you could do with your truck to earn a decent living.

Mobile businesses are becoming more popular and because most people live busy lives, they find it easier to patronize mobile businesses and get their stuffs without having to drive down to the store. As a truck owner, you could easily go into any type of mobile service you choose. Here’s a list of top 20 business ideas for truck owners.

Top 20 Mobile Small Business Ideas for Truck Owners in 2020

1. Mobile food truck-: You could convert your truck into a mobile food truck. You could hire someone to design a kitchen and eating space in your truck so that you can drive it around and get people to buy food from you either as take-away or eating the meals on-board using the eating space you have provided.

2. Ice cream truck-: Ice cream is not only for the kids, adults love ice-creams too. You could convert your truck into an ice-cream truck, selling ice cream at public parks, children’s schools, shopping malls and neighborhoods.

3. Dump truck-: Another great idea is to start a dump truck business. You could help people clear out junks from their homes and get paid for it and also make money from recycling some of the useful items.

4. Building supplies haulage-: Most of the materials used to build houses are heavy and it’s not all building materials suppliers that provide delivery services. You can offer your services in this field by helping to deliver building materials like gravel, cement, concrete, fixtures and even heavy weight building equipment.

5. Mall delivery-: You could also consider starting a mall delivery business. This involves helping people purchase stuffs from the shopping mall and delivering same to their doorsteps or helping people who do not have cars to deliver stuffs that they buy from the malls to their homes conveniently.

6. Towing services-: Another idea is to start a towing business with your truck; saving motor vehicle owners from unexpected vehicle breakdowns on the highway or helping law enforcement agents move illegally parked vehicles.

7. Appliance Repairs Services-: Appliance repair services involves helping people to repair faulty heavy weight appliances that cannot be easily move around, or helping them pick such appliances up, drop them off for repairs and help them to drop such appliances off after repairs. A typical example of such heavy weight equipment is a freezer or an air conditioning unit.

8. Pizza Delivery-: You could also think of starting a pizza delivery business with your truck. You could either choose to make the pizzas yourself or purchase from other pizza outlets on demand. For this business, you would need a dedicated phone line and a website for people to place their orders. You should also figure out how you would take payments for your services.

9. Moving company-: Another way to make money with your truck is by helping people move property from one home to another. You could choose to do this locally or interstate. You could also start a haulage business helping companies to move goods and raw materials.

10. Carpet laying and cleaning services-: Carpet cleaning and laying is another thing you could do with your truck. Carpet laying is easy to learn so you won’t have problems setting up such a business.

11. Mobile Cleaning services-: Your truck could also be converted into a mobile cleaning business catering to the cleaning needs of private residences or janitorial services for the corporate clients. You could also think of starting an auto-detailing business, a window cleaning business or a lawn care business using your truck to carry all the necessary tools.

12. Mobile Entertainment-: You could put together an entertainment group and make money from entertaining people with dance moves, beautiful music and other entertainment displays.

13. Vitamin sales and delivery-: A lot of people want to stay healthier and keep fit and many people feel that taking vitamins and dietary supplements would help them look better, stay healthier and keep fit. With your truck, you can start a mobile vitamins sale and delivery business.

14. Mobile dry cleaning-: What about starting a mobile dry cleaning business where people can get their clothes washed and ironed instantly without having to make a trip to the drycleaners?

15. Courier Services-: Courier companies make use of big trucks to pick up and deliver parcels and packages on behalf of their clients. You can choose to buy a courier company franchise or start your own small scale courier company.

16. Delivery Van-: You could also supply your services to wholesale business owners and manufacturing companies and help them with supplying goods to their clients.

17. Truck leasing-: If none of the other businesses stated above appeal to you, what about renting out your truck to other people for use?

18. Driving lessons-: Driving a truck is much more technical than driving a smaller car. A lot of drivers need to re-enroll in driving schools and take driving lessons before they can be allowed to drive trucks. If you are a very excellent truck driver who loves teaching others how to drive, you could start a driving school and have people pay you to teach them how to drive trucks.

19. Mobile mechanic-: If your truck is big enough to carry equipment needed to repair vehicles, why not start a mobile mechanic business with it. Your business could help to save so many people whose vehicles suddenly break down in awkward places without prior warning or danger signs.

20. Mobile photo studio-: Have you also considered converting your truck into a mobile photo studio. This is a very lucrative business and a lot of people would really love the idea of being able to take studio photos at any point in time. A good place to get high patronage is in student campuses, public parks or camping sites.