Are you worried about how to get funds to start or expand your poultry business? Then you should read on as this article explains in details, how to get government funding for your poultry business.

Although it is quite a challenge to find government grants for your poultry business, it is not an impossible feat. Poultry farmers like you get government grants regularly. The reason why government grants are difficult to get is because it is seen as ‘free money’ and just like anything that is considered free, it is very competitive.

The best way to get government grants for your poultry farm is to go as a group. You can join a group of poultry farmers or form one in your area; that way, it would be easier to get the attention of the government. However, you can still get government grants for your poultry farming business as an individual if you take the right steps. Some of the recommended steps to take include-:

10 Easy Steps to Get Government Grant for your Poultry Farm

1. Search Online for Government Grant Programs-: There are different programs that the government comes up with from time to time. You can search online for such programs. If you are in the united states for instance, you can check and register your business on the website.

You can also search the USDA farming systems information center for information on available government grants for poultry farmers. Apart from the mentioned places, you can search the internet for grant programs from other government agencies.

2. Check research institutes and NGO’S-: Another place to search for government grants is through research institute or other agencies that collaborate with the government. Such companies usually carry out projects that aim to help farmers achieve success. You may be lucky enough to qualify for grants under one of such schemes.

3. Determine your farm’s needs-: This is important because you would have to show the government that you really need this money and that if it is given to you, it would be put to good use. You should look around your poultry farm and analyze your financial needs and also ensure that they are in line with your goals for expansion.

4. Write a Brilliant Proposal-: This is like the most important step you would have to take and it is very important that you pay attention to this aspect very much. Your grant proposal is what would represent you on the decision table.

If you are able to come up with a brilliant proposal, you would have increased your chances of getting the grant by about 50%. You may not be able to write a grant proposal yourself and if you can’t, you should consider hiring an expert who would help you come up with a very good grant proposal.

5. Pay attention to important factors-: Some important things that you should pay attention to in order to increase your chances of getting your grant application approved include-:

6. Set a realistic Timeline-: When you write your proposal, you should ensure that your timeline for carrying out the project is realistic enough and also, you must be able to factor in some uncertainties and variables and address how you would handle them.

For instance, if you state in your application that you intend to complete the construction of a new housing for your birds within twelve months, you must be able to tell them how you would handle uncertainties such as changes in weather or inflation.

7. Set realistic goals-: Don’t sound over-ambitious or go about setting goals that seem unrealistic. Too often, people get carried away in their bid to convince grant reviewers that they have the best ideas and then end up creating unrealistic goals and your proposal may not be approved if it seems like your project is unrealistic.

8. Create a perfect budget-: Ensure that all expenses are duly accounted for. Make sure you don’t neglect any expenses. For instance, if you are going to be doing some running around to purchase materials needed in your poultry farm, you must include your cost of transportation in your budget. This would convince whoever is reviewing your application that you really know what you want and would be able to manage any funds given to you properly.

9. Make sure you conduct a market research-: This is very important as you have to have an idea of current prices of tools and equipment. Don’t just assume prices of things as it may cause your application to be rejected. You must know the current market prices of the things you would need for your business.

10. Collaborate with others-: I have already mentioned this but I would stress again that you should consider collaboration with other poultry farmers so that you all can obtain the grants as a group.

11. Submit your application-: When you are sure that you have written a very good proposal, you should look for an expert and ask them to review it for you and make suggestions and recommendations before you go ahead to submit your proposal.

12. Monitor Your Application-: Don’t just submit your grant application and then go home to sleep. You have to continue to monitor your application and make yourself available whenever there is a need for it.

13. Prepare for Project Defense-: Some funding programs would require that you physically defend your project. You should ensure that you prepare yourself very well for this especially if you did not write the proposal yourself. Make sure you read the proposal through and through and ensure that you have sufficient details to be able to defend the project and convince the government representatives that you are capable of utilizing the funds efficiently.

14. Put the money to good use-: If you are fortunate enough to get a grant, don’t go buying cars and going on vacations with the funds. Make sure you put it to good use so that your chances of getting a grant in the future would be increased.