Would you rather buy a poultry farm for sale than starting one from scratch? If YES. Here are 10 crucial factors to consider when buying a poultry farming business. Chicken and chicken products are very good sources of protein and are very important for human growth and healthy living. Doctors and nutritionists always advise people to eat at least one egg daily. Chicken meat is also very popular amongst consumers all over the world because it is acceptable to almost all religions and ethnic group.

Poultry farming is a very lucrative but highly technical business, people who are going into poultry farming as new comers need a lot of technical know-how to be able to start and manage a poultry farming business. Buying a poultry farm from an already established farmer who now wishes to sell his farm off gives you some leverage.

You can save upon a lot of costs when you buy a poultry farm instead of building one from the scratch. However, you have to be careful when buying a poultry farm for sale. Some of the important things you have to consider are-:

10 Factors to Consider When Buying a Poultry Farm for Sale

1. Location of the farm

You have to consider management of the farm when you want to make your purchase. Poultry farming is a business that needs lot of attention and monitoring, the birds have to be fed, eggs have to be picked and the birds must have access to clean water for drinking.

All this may not be easy to do if the farm is too far away from your home. The farm must be close to where you live if you want to manage it yourself or have living quarters for whoever would be employed to manage it.

2. Proximity to market

You also need to consider the nearness to customers. You would most likely be selling eggs which are best delivered fresh and that is just one of the reasons why you should choose a farm that is close enough to your target market.

You also need to consider the costs of transporting your products from the farm to your customers. It’s not cost effective for your farm to be too far from your customers because the costs of transportation would gulp down too much of your profit.

3. Construction of chicken house

A well-constructed chicken house increases productivity. The sizes and the specifications are very important. A lot of poultry farmers engage the services of expert to advise and assist them in construction of a standard chicken house. If you are buying a poultry farm, you may not have control over the way it would be constructed but you must ensure that it is well constructed.

There are two major types of poultry houses; the deep litter system or the battery cage. The deep litter system involves placing the birds on a floor which is already covered in saw dust. The saw dust makes it easier for chicken waste to be managed. To clean the chicken house, all you have to do is to cover the floor with another layer of sawdust or remove one layer and spread another layer of sawdust.

As for the battery cage system, the chickens are kept in a cage high off the ground so that their waste can drop to the floor for disposal. Each method has its own unique advantages and disadvantages so, before you buy a poultry farm, it is advisable to seek the advice of experts on how suitable the method of construction used for the chicken house in the poultry farm you are about to buy would be for you.

4. Source of water supply

You must also ensure that the poultry farm you are about to buy has regular access to clean water. The farm must at least have a well, a tap or a functioning borehole. This is because regular access to clean drinking water is very important for the survival of poultry birds.

Dehydration is one of the fastest killers of chicken and turkeys and if the farm doesn’t have a reliable source of water supply, you may be forced to start buying water which would be stressful and expensive for you at the end of the day.

5. Zoning laws

You must also check for the zoning laws and regulations of the area where the poultry farm is located. For all you know the owner might just be selling because of zoning problems. Therefore, you should conduct a proper investigation into the zoning requirements of that area to be on the safe side.

6. Costs

As for the costs, there are factors to be considered. First, you must know the value of lands in the area and compare with the amount the owner is asking for. You may engage the services of estate valuation experts to carry out a valuation for you.

You should also consider the costs of repairs and remodeling. If the costs of reconstruction plus the cost of purchase would be close to the cost of building your own farm from the scratch at the end of the day, then the latter may be a smarter option.

7. Security

You have to consider the level of security of the farm. Most poultry farm site their farms in rural areas very far from civilization because lands in these areas are cheaper but the problem is that these places sometimes have lower level of security.

If your poultry farm is located in a bush far away from civilization, there are chances of robbery, thefts and even threats to life. Pests and wild animals are also threats to the security of your poultry farm. So, you should ensure the area is free from pets, wild animals and any other type of security threats.

8. Space

A poultry farm must be big enough to accommodate growth and expansion in the future. Space also promotes ventilation which reduces disease outbreaks and increase production in poultry birds. You would also need a lot of space for storage and sorting. Therefore, you have to consider the space factor when buying a poultry farm as well.

9. Hatchery

A poultry farm that has its own hatchery is a plus for every poultry farmer. When you have your own hatchery, you won’t have to take your eggs to another place where you would pay for them to be hatched or have to buy day old chicks. This gives you access to chicks and helps your business to grow faster.

10. Storage

Lastly, you should go for a poultry farm that has its own storage space. When you collect your eggs, you would need a place keep them before you supply to your customers. This is why you need a poultry farm with a storage space.

These factors would guide you in making a decision to make the right choice when buying a poultry farm. However, if you are new into poultry farming, you should consider hiring a consultant who is well into the business to guide you and help you make a selection. This can save you a whole lot of money and stress at the end of the day.