Are you interested in starting a business in Auckland but lack ideas? Then below are the top small business investment opportunities in Auckland New Zealand.

Auckland is often referred to as the economic powerhouse of New Zealand because of it’s thriving business environment. Businesses are able to thrive due to low operation costs such as highly competitive commercial rent rates, overheads and even wages.

The cost of renting an office space in Auckland is way cheaper than in other capital cities of the world. We should also not forget Auckland’s simple taxation system (28% flat rate), levies and pension. Auckland’s business-friendly environment is one of the reasons New Zealand is rated third on the list of easiest countries to do business in the world. There are several business opportunities in Auckland, some of which include-:

Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Auckland

1. Fitness Center

It is often said that looking good is good business and this saying is true especially for residents of Auckland. Looking good starts from having a fit body which is why people register in fitness centers to keep fit and stay healthy. If you have a flair for the fitness industry, you can start a fitness center and make money from subscriptions that members would pay regularly.

2. Plumbing-: Plumbing is an essential part of a home. You will know this if you have ever had a clogged pipe or maybe a leaking pipe. Plumbers are also one of the major building contractors because a house construction is not complete without plumbing.

3. Financial Advisory Services-: Another business you can start is in the financial sector. You can offer tax preparation and advisory services, financial management, business consultancy, business plan preparation or help people source for business loans to start up new businesses.

4. Uniform designs-: You could design uniforms for schools, hospitals, factories and industries.

5. Child care Center-: If you love working with children, you can start a day care center where people can drop off their children while they go off to work. If you are thinking of starting on a low-scale due to lack of funds, you can become a nanny or babysitter until you can afford to start your own child care center.

6. Recruitment Agency-: Recruitment agencies offer a very essential service by linking the unemployed with those who need to employ. You can start your own home-based online recruitment agency. This is cheaper and easier to start as interviews and tests for jobs can now be conducted online.

7. Gaming Bar-: Residents of Auckland love sports especially football and you will agree with me that watching football alone at home is boring. People prefer to watch their football where they can meet with other football fans, share their excitement and discuss details of the match.

8. Construction-: You can start a construction company and start helping people to bring their dream homes to a reality. However, you would need to have a degree in a construction related field like engineering or building technology to start such a business.

9. Taxi Services-: There is so much movement going on a daily basis in Auckland. People going to work, kids going to school, people struggling to meet up with appointments and several other categories of people who need to be at one place or the other. The challenge is that not everybody owns a car. So you can help those who do not have cars to reach their destinations by starting a taxi service.

10. Agriculture-: Of course, residents of Auckland need to eat. You can make money from investing in the agricultural sector and cultivating food crops for sale in the market or cash crops for export.

11. Property Investment-: The property market in Auckland is really booming. You can take advantage of this and invest in the real estate industry.

12. Become a business Coach

A lot of people are setting up businesses in Auckland but so many people are scared of losing their investments. You can start helping people feel more confident about their investments by starting a business coaching service. You can organize business seminars, write books about how to be a smart investor and generally earn money from passing on business knowledge to other people.

13. Real Estate Agent-: If you are interested in the property industry in Auckland but you cannot afford the capital, you can become a real estate agent and then when you have made enough money, you can become property developer yourself.

14. Magazine Production-: You can also start producing your own magazine. You can write on any niche you have a passion for like health, business, fashion or fitness.

15. Car dealership-: Another business you can start in Auckland is to start selling cars. You may start a used car dealership or sell new cars depending on how much capital you can afford.

16. Dress making-: Dress making is another booming business in Auckland. You can start your own clothing line and produce ready-to-wear clothing’s for sale. You can also open a boutique for selling clothes and other fashion items.

17. Online Marketing-: If you would prefer an online based business instead, you can become an online marketing consultant.

18. Water Business-:This is yet another lucrative business that you can start in Auckland. Water business is in different categories, you can own a water refill station where people can come and purchase clean water or you can start making bottled table water for sale.

19. Waste Management-: Waste management is a money spinner these days. There are so many secondary uses of waste material other than dumping them somewhere to decay. Waste can be recycled or even used to make bio-fuel which is a popular alternative source of energy for cooking.

20. Facility Management

Business resources like equipment, money and even human resources need to be properly managed and maintained regularly, so that they can be put to efficient use. This is what facility managers do. They help to put resources to judicious use and help to prolong the useful life of equipment. There is increasing demand for facility managers all around the world and its one of the businesses you can start in Auckland.