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How to Get JB Hunt Box Truck Contracts Successfully

Indeed, it is very much possible to get J. B. Hunt’s box truck contract in the United States. Note that this company for very long has leveraged the expertise and abilities of independent contractors who own box trucks.

They also have a program referred to as the J.B. Hunt 360box that makes it possible for independent box truck owners to work with them for freight transportation services.

J.B. Hunt is renowned as one of the biggest trucking companies in the United States, and they have more than 12,000 18-wheelers across the U.S. and Canada, with over 13,000 Hunt truck drivers.

The company focuses more of its energy on long-term contract freight movement deliveries. Its primary business focuses on loading and delivery opportunities using various commercial motor vehicles.

Steps to Get J. B. Hunt Box Truck Contracts in the United States

  1. Visit the J.B. Hunt Website

Take your time to visit the official J.B. Hunt website. Keep your eyes wide open for the “Owner Operators” or “Drive with Us” section, as it has all the information you need regarding the company’s various programs, including 360box.

  1. Review Requirements

Once you are on the company’s website and on the right section, you need to find out all you can regarding the eligibility criteria and requirements the company expects from independent contractors who intend to take part in the 360box program.

This will most often encompass things like specifications for your box truck, insurance coverage, or even other necessary qualifications.

  1. Contact J.B. Hunt Representatives

Once you have confirmed that your box truck and business meet all the company’s requirements, contact J.B. Hunt representatives for more personalized information.

It is possible to locate their contact details on the very same website. Inform them of your willingness to join the 360box program and ask about the exact steps and documentation required.

  1. Documentation and Compliance

At this point, evaluate all the information you have garnered from the company and also start readying the requisite documentation.

This will include your commercial driver’s license, proof of insurance, vehicle registration, as well as other important paperwork.

  1. Submit Application

This is where it starts to get serious or even confusing depending on your level of experience dealing with larger companies like J. B Hunt.

You will be expected to go through the company’s online application process. Carefully fill out the required forms, while also making sure that you only provide accurate and up-to-date information.

  1. Background Check

After submitting your application and while the company is still evaluating the application, you should expect a background check as part of the application process.

The essence of this check is to obtain in-depth information regarding your driving record as well as other relevant history. As such, it is important that you have a clean and transparent record.

  1. Orientation and Training

If your application is successful, the company might require you to undergo orientation and training. Keep in mind that the primary essence of this orientation and training is to ensure you comprehensively understand J.B. Hunt’s operational procedures, safety protocols, or other important information to guarantee a successful partnership.

This is also the opportunity to get in tune with J.B. Hunt’s technological systems and platforms that you will be expected to use. This will encompass mobile apps, online portals, or communication tools.

  1. Agreement and Contract Signing

It takes a whole lot to get to this point but once you have been accepted into the 360box program, it is important you invest enough time into reviewing and signing any agreements or contracts provided by J.B. Hunt. You should go through and adequately understand the terms and conditions, as well as the compensation structure.

  1. Start Taking Assignments

After you have gone through the application and evaluation process coupled with the training and onboarding stages, you can start taking on freight transportation assignments through the 360box program.