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How to Get Parking Lot Striping Jobs

This is one of the most viable businesses to start in this modern age. You will relish the fact that it offers you the opportunity to work outdoors and set your own hours.

Reports also have it that it remains one of the most profitable property maintenance businesses of our time. However, having the willingness to start this business simply won’t be enough to guarantee success and good revenue.

Keep in mind that the fastest way to cripple a parking lot painting business is to underestimate the exact amount of time and money a job requires.

Based on the size of the job, applying to stripe a parking lot can be daunting and challenging. Howbeit, if you can categorize the job into smaller components and understand your local market as well as the cost of things, this business can be easy to manage.

Where to Get Parking Lot Striping Jobs

There are numerous ways you can get parking lot striping jobs in the United States. The most notable ways include;

1. Online Job Platforms

It is very possible to find parking lot stripping jobs on sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter. Note that these sites are known to feature job listings for parking lot striping and pavement marking positions. You can search using keywords such as “parking lot striper” or “striping contractor.”

2. Contracting Websites

There are numerous contractor-focused websites and directories in the United States to leverage when seeking parking lot striping jobs.

These sites include but are not limited to, The Blue Book, or Companies and contractors tend to post job listings as well as project opportunities.

3. Local Government Websites

In the United States, municipalities and government agencies are known to post requests for bids or proposals, even for parking lot striping and maintenance projects, on their official websites.

As such, you should consider checking your city, county, or state government websites to find contract or job opportunities.

4. Networking

In this line of business, if you want to attain success, then you need to cultivate a network within the construction and property management industries.

Ensure to physically be at industry events, link up with local business associations, as well as connect with professionals who may have leads or referrals for striping projects.

5. Local Construction Associations

Organizations such as the Associated General Contractors (AGC) or local construction associations often have job boards or make available resources to link contractors with opportunities.

6. Online Classifieds

You shouldn’t for any reason overlook sites like Craigslist since they can occasionally carry striping job listings; however, it is recommended that you verify the legitimacy of postings.

7. Parking Lot Maintenance Companies

There are numerous parking lot maintenance businesses in the United States, and under the right agreement, it is possible to work for them or even get subcontracted certain jobs. These companies are known to offer parking lot maintenance, striping, and pavement marking directly.

8. Bid and Procurement Websites

As a parking lot business, you need to always check out sites such as BidClerk, and BidSync, or seek RFP with the primary objective of linking contractors with public and private sector bidding opportunities, such as parking lot striping contracts.

9. Social Media

You should never undermine the importance or ability of social media in this modern age. It is possible to leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to follow vital industry groups and associations. Along the line, it is possible that these platforms can be used for networking and connecting with intending clients.

10. Trade Magazines and Publications

You should also peruse Industry-specific publications that are known to feature classified ads and listings for striping jobs and contracts. Always aim for those that are affiliated with construction, property management, or pavement maintenance.

11. Local Business Directories

Also pay attention to your local business directories or Yellow Pages to find listings of property management companies, commercial real estate firms, and building owners who might need parking lot striping services. 

Steps to Apply/Bid for Parking Lot Striping Jobs

The exact way to apply or bid for parking stripping jobs in the United States will vary depending on the medium or even the stipulated process outlined by the bid-asking entity. Nevertheless, here are general steps to guide you through the process;

1. Take your time to stroll around the parking lot with the boss and ensure you ask the right questions to note the finer points of the assignment.

2. Ensure to demarcate the work to be bid on into manageable chunks, like 4-inch strips, nose-to-nose strips at the intersection of parking spaces, parking lot bumpers, curbing strips, and other miscellaneous items like directional arrows.

3. Get a valid insight into how much money you will most likely make from your services. Parking lot striping businesses in the United States are known to be around $50 to $60 per hour coupled with the costs of materials, an additional 20 cents per linear foot for pavement as well as 60 cents per linear foot for curbing. However, note that this price will vary depending on the market.

4. Evaluate the exact amount it will cost to paint the four-inch strips. Note that a good part of the effort is put into the strips that are four inches long.

You just have to double the number of available parking spots by $4. This is one of the easiest ways to calculate 20 cents per linear inch. Vehicle parking spot counting is known to be precise and less costly.

Ensure that separate calculations are made for the shortest possible routes between the cars’ noses. To come up with the cost, sum up the parallel lines and then multiply by 20 cents. Take into account the price of the materials too.

5. Also, evaluate the amount of curbing you will need in terms of linear feet. To obtain the overall cost, multiply the linear footage by 60 cents and inculcate the cost of the supplies.

6. Analyze the costs that come with additional notations. For instance, a parking bumper will cost around $10, whereas an arrow or logo decal would cost around $15 and $25. The cost of materials should also be factored in. If the cost of painting a parking bumper is $2, then the total price is $12.

7. Make available to the appropriate party a bid estimate stipulating all the expected expenses. Note that every task and associated costs will have to be stipulated or clearly outlined in the estimate.

Take into account the following: $480 for 120 available slots, $80 for six arrows, and so on. Don’t forget to list the project’s expenses at the end of your budget.