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Can You Get Replacement Wristbands for Fitbit Surge?

No, you cannot get replacement wristbands for fitbit surge in the United States. Fitbit Surge band wasn’t designed to be replaceable as there are certain components built into it. So you won’t find any replacements available from fitbit.

Right before the company released other modern versions like the Ionic and then the Versa, the Surge was the topmost and ultimate Fitbit wearable for fitness enthusiasts. This fitness wristband could display notifications, had an integrated GPS and boasts of week-long battery life.

However, if you own a Fitbit Surge and have worn it for any length of time, you should know its key weakness: the band. The fitbit surge band can be quite big and fragile, but even at that, people still buy it.

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Note that if the band of your fitbit surge gets damaged, it is not replaceable. Fitbit notes that the fitbit surge is an “all in one” device. And when worn for a length of time in strenuous activities as it meant to be worn, the band can be damaged in multiple ways.

The band of your fitbit surge can tear, and seems particularly prone to stretching and coming loose where it connects to the Surge. However, as a quick fix for a Surge that is no longer under warranty, a touch or two of super glue may help to gum back the end. However there is a better solution.

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In recent years, third party companies have worked out how to replace the band and you can get these kits on sites like Amazon and eBay. Note that they do require some DIY skills but there are videos to help with that on YouTube.

These kits come in various sizes and colours, including some offering different colour shades than Fitbit itself. Also note that these kits include tools required for the job, although they may not include instructions on how to actually conduct the repair.

How to Change the Wristbands of a Fitbit Surge Yourself

If your Fitbit Surge is out of warranty and looking and feeling unusable due to the band is falling off, you don’t have to worry too much as long as you can get a third party kit online. Here’s how you can replace the wristband of your fitbit surge, using the TreasureMax kit as a perfect example.

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1. Remove the Surge Band Screws and Save the Bluetooth Antenna

The very first step is to remove the four screws attaching the band to the Surge. The Surge design tends to include a few measures that make the band something that can’t simply be taken out at will. Coupled with these four screws, there is also some adhesive in the mix, along with locking plastic parts that hold the plastic collar of the band in place.

After you must have removed the screws, it can be a bit daunting to get the band off, even one that is falling apart. Have it in mind that sometimes cutting of the band itself may be required. However, be very careful because on the half of the band where the buckle is mounted, a thin Bluetooth antenna is stuck to the inside of the strap with adhesive.

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Make sure you first note the position — that’s very important — and use a thin, sharp instrument to carefully remove the antenna. Note that if the Bluetooth antenna gets damaged, the Surge will not be able to wirelessly connect to your Smartphone. Set the antenna aside.

2. Remove Extra Adhesive

After the antenna and the band have been set aside, all you have is the Surge itself. On one side, you’ll see the GPS antenna, mounted to the plastic. While the other side is a thin strip of gold — that’s the contact for the Bluetooth antenna mounted inside the band.

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This is the point where you have to work to remove any extra adhesive, but remember to be careful not to damage the GPS antenna. Also, if you previously glued the band in place, this process entails more work and extra dedication.

You will need to chisel away all of the glue, plus any remnants of the plastic band sleeve that remain glued to the Surge itself. If you don’t get it all, the new band simply won’t fit. This particular stage will more or less be the longest part of the repair, an approximately good 30 minutes of good and dedicated work.

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3. Install the Replacement Band

After you must have removed the entire adhesive, carefully position the Bluetooth antenna inside the buckle half of the replacement band. It is advisable you get it in exactly the same position and orientation as before. Then push each half onto the Surge.

Note that the antenna should slip over the edges of the watch, and click into place as those plastic locks engage. Then replace the four screws. Also confirm that your watch is still working appropriately, paying close attention to GPS and especially Bluetooth connectivity.

However, if the Surge can’t connect to your Smartphone, you may be required to carefully remove that half of the band and adjust the Bluetooth antenna position. Based on how careful you were with adhesive removal, your Fitbit Surge should more or less be close to have a new attractive looking.

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This might also be an ideal time to give the whole thing a good cleaning, including the heart rate sensor on the back. Note that the duration this new band lasts is going to depend exponentially on how well made the replacement is, and how much the abuse the Surge is subjected to.


So far as tech repair jobs go, replacing the wristband of your fitbit surge isn’t that difficult. Although if you have previously applied glue as a fix, it does get a little more challenging. You can get replacement bands that are not too difficult to install, and work quite well. Also consider getting a case cover, which helps the bands last even longer.