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How to Get Snow Plowing Contracts Successfully

A snow plowing contract simply refers to a legally binding agreement between snow plowing contractors and the customer.

Aside from the fact that it shows the viability of the agreement, also note that it stipulates the terms of the relationship while also protecting your business from potential disputes or litigation.

The primary essence of these agreements is to stipulate or spell out the expectations for your customers.It goes further to outline your service offerings, the payment terms, as well as when the customers can expect the service to be completed.

 Types of Snow Plow Contracts

  1. Per Push

A per-push snow plowing contract is one of the most popular and it is perfect for businesses that want to be paid each time they work.

This simply entails that the client is expected to make payment each time you plow their property. While this can prove to be beneficial or advantageous, note that it comes with its own cons.

  1. Per Event

Same as with per push, a per-event snow plowing contract comes with its own freedom because it makes it possible for clients to pay whenever the snow is plowed.

Howbeit, one notable difference is the fact that they pay you per storm, in a 24-hour window. Just like with per push, if the storm necessitates multiple visits, the billing will surely increase as it will require more work than expected.

  1. Time-Based Contract

This sort of agreement means that clients can make payments predetermined or agreed upon for a specific timeframe. This works to guarantee that their premises are always plowed or cleared of snow all through the winter season.

Time-based contracts have proven to be ideal because they provide convenience and reliability for businesses, especially since they are sure that they have an arrangement to plow snow on a regular basis.

  1. Full-Service

This is a comprehensive agreement that will most often feature every other type of snow plowing service. Note that this contract makes it very possible to offer your clients the complete package, which encompasses plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and ice control.

This is one of the prevalent types of contract because it gives clients peace of mind since they know that their premises will be appropriately and thoroughly plowed of snow.

Aside from that, it also saves the client the stress of having to make arrangements for multiple snow-plowing services separately.

  1. Seasonal

In this type of snow plowing contract, clients get to pay once and relish the benefits for a stipulated time frame. One of the primary reasons why this type of contract is popular is because it does away with all the tensions that come with a snow plowing contract.

Most often, these contracts can last for 3-4 years, and clients don’t get to bother about a light snowfall this year, as next year will compensate for it.

When stipulating the pricing for a seasonal contract, it is important you take into account all the factors from the past 10-15 years of snowfall, to come up with a reasonable price.

Steps to Get Snow Plowing Contracts Successfully

  1. Develop your network to increase clients

If you want to land a lucrative snow plowing contract, you will first have to carry out extensive research to know more about the location you intend to service.

Take your time to put together a list of all the houses in the area and find a way to communicate with the house’s decision-maker. Some of the best ways to carry out successful research Include;

  • Look for Locally owned businesses and persons.
  • Keep in contact with the Building Owners and Managers Association.
  • Attend meetings of CEO Forums and Chamber of Commerce Meetings.
  • Cold calling is also a wonderful alternative and will need to be done in early November to early December.
  1. Coordinate your business

One of the most common mistakes you will find amongst snow plowing companies is their inability to coordinate the look of their employees.

Ensure that you are wearing a company uniform with a logo on it. You should also create a website for your business and build it to be compatible and attractive.

Aside from that, you will also want to make sure that your equipment is in premium condition every time or even replace it when necessary. To obtain and retain the trust of your clients, make sure to have and maintain a professional look.

  1. Make Bids for any snow plowing services

While it is possible to get residential snow plowing contracts, you also need to focus on commercial building snow plowing. It is your duty to prove to them that your services will save – or even make them money.

As long as you can build that trust, you can easily get the contract. Don’t forget to always seek ways to fulfill the conditions.

It is also your line of duty to instill confidence in your clients and let them see that you genuinely care so that they tell you the exact requirements.