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50 Best Gift ideas for a Dog Park

If you own a dog park and you are looking to give out gifts to your customers or even your employees, and you don’t know what type of gifts they will appreciate, then you may want to continue reading this article.

People give out gifts for different reasons, it could be as a means of promoting the business or appreciating the workers or loyal customers, whatever the reason you have that wants to make you give out gifts as a dog park owner, there are several gifts you can choose from. Interestingly, most of the gifts listed in this article will benefit not just the dogs, but also their owners.

If you are just starting out in this business and you don’t have enough cash to buy expensive gifts for your clients, then you can start with less expensive gifts as small as pens. The truth is that most customers will not care about the gifts, but the feeling that you have them in mind.

Best Gifts for a Dog Park

  1. Customized Dog Collars

Everyone who uses your dog park will appreciate having a customized dog collar. All you need to do is work with your CRM software to get some of the basic information you can include in the customized dog collars.

Apart from having your company’s logo on the customized dog collars, you can get the name of the dog, or the name of the owner of the dog crested on the collar.

  1. Portable Water and Food Bowls

Portable water and food bowls are needed by pet owners who may want to feed their dogs or other pets in an emergency.

Portable water and food bowls can easily fit into a backpack. Please note that portable water and food bowls are affordable, and you must ensure you have your company’s logo imprinted on them.

  1. Interactive Dog Toys

The reason why people pay to access dog parks is to have enough outdoor playtime with their dogs. Part of what will make their time in the dog park more enjoyable is to have the dogs play with interactive dog toys.

Interactive dog toys are great boredom breakers and help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and can also be used as slow feeders for weight management.

  1. Dog Agility Training Set

A dog agility training set makes an excellent gift for a dog park because they provide mental and physical stimulation for dogs.

Dog agility training sets typically include various obstacles like jumps, tunnels, and weave poles. Used to enhance agility, coordination, and obedience, they offer a fun and interactive way for dogs to exercise.

Over and above, the dog agility training set promotes bonding between owners and their pets while fostering a healthy and engaging environment within the dog park.

  1. Dog-friendly frisbees

Trust me, most dog owners will appreciate receiving dog-friendly frisbees as a gift. This is so because playing frisbee with a dog may help curb some of the dog’s destructive behavior by giving the pup an outlet for all of his pent-up energy.

Apart from that, playing frisbee will also provide both the dog and the owner of the dog with a bit of exercise. This is a great way to help the dog keep in tip-top condition.

You may also want to consider giving out lightweight plastic Frisbees since they can be thrown farther, more accurately, and float better than a Frisbee made from any other material.

  1. Poop bag dispensers with stylish designs

Poop bag dispensers with stylish designs are convenient accessories for dog owners. They offer a fashionable and functional way to carry waste bags.

These dispensers ensure easy access to bags for responsible pet waste cleanup. Interestingly, poop bag dispensers with stylish designs are less expensive gifts, and they serve a very important purpose.

  1. Elevated dog beds for relaxation

Please note that elevated dog beds for relaxation are expensive gifts, hence it might not be a gift you want to give to all and sundry.

If you plan to give selected loyal and high-spending customers gifts, then you should consider giving them elevated dog beds for relaxation. Trust me, any dog owner who receives this gift will truly appreciate it.

  1. Dog-safe sunscreen

Dog-safe sunscreen protects pets from harmful UV rays. Dog-safe sunscreen are formulated to suit a dog’s skin, it prevents sunburn and potential skin issues.

Dog-safe sunscreen can be applied to exposed areas, such as noses and ears, it’s especially beneficial for breeds prone to sun sensitivity.

Good enough, this gift promotes responsible pet care in outdoor settings, ensuring that dogs enjoy the park safely while minimizing the risk of sun-related health concerns.

  1. Dog-themed clothing for owners

When giving out gifts in a dog park, you should also consider the gifts the owner of the dog will gladly use, and that is where dog-themed clothing for owners comes in handy.

All you need to do is to get different types of T-shirts and customize them to fit into your dog park theme. Interestingly, you can also get some lovely and eye-catching dog themes from the internet.

  1. Paw print keepsake kit

A paw print keepsake kit is a sentimental gift that allows pet owners to create a lasting memento of their furry friend’s paw impression.

Typically, paw print keepsake kits include non-toxic molding materials and frames, these kits capture the unique shape of a pet’s paw, serving as a cherished keepsake.

Paw print keepsake kits are used for commemorating a beloved pet or celebrating their presence, these kits provide a heartfelt and tangible reminder of the bond between pet and owner.

  1. Subscription to a dog treat or toy box

A subscription to a dog treat or toy box involves signing up for a service that delivers a curated selection of treats or toys to a subscriber’s doorstep regularly.

Pet owners choose a plan based on their preferences, and each month, a box containing high-quality treats, toys, or a combination of both is shipped.

This provides a convenient way for pet owners to discover new and exciting products while ensuring their dogs receive a variety of enjoyable and healthy items.

  1. Durable chew toys

You know that dog owners can never get tired of receiving toy gifts for their pets especially when it comes to chew toys. A durable chew toy is an object intended for an animal, especially a dog, to bite and play with.

The truth is that giving a dog a good chew toy will help keep him busy, and that is why most dog owners will appreciate this gift.

  1. Doggy first aid kit

Every dog or pet owner will appreciate this gift for obvious reasons. Doggy first aid kits are essentials and must-haves for pet owners.

The kit aids in providing immediate first aid to dogs in case of injuries or emergencies, promoting their well-being and safety. What you need to do is to make sure you include the basic items in your doggy first aid kit.

Note that a Doggy First Aid Kit should include essentials like sterile gauze, adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and scissors. These items are used to address minor injuries, cuts, or scrapes on dogs.

You may also want to include a muzzle, emergency contact information, and any necessary medications that will ensure comprehensive care for the dog.

  1. Canine cooling mat

Canine cooling mats are designed to provide dogs relief from heat by dissipating their body heat. These mats are used to keep dogs cool, making them especially beneficial during hot weather or after physical activities.

All you need to do is to make sure you customize or brand the canine cooling mat and then you can rest assured that those who received the gift will cherish it.

  1. Outdoor dog bed with canopy

If you have high-worth individuals as customers in your dog park, and you are looking for an expensive gift to give them that they will appreciate, then you should consider gifting them an outdoor dog bed with a canopy. An outdoor dog bed with a canopy is a raised, weather-resistant bed designed for dogs.

The attached canopy offers shade and protection from the sun or light rain. Used primarily for outdoor lounging, these beds provide a comfortable and shaded space for dogs to relax.

They are ideal for use in gardens, patios, or any outdoor area, ensuring dogs have a cozy and sheltered spot to rest while enjoying the outdoors.

  1. Pet-friendly picnic set

It is common to find pet owners taking their pets along when they go for a picnic, and taking your pets for a picnic without taking along a pet-friendly picnic set might not be ideal.

This is why most pet owners will appreciate receiving pet-friendly picnic sets as gifts. A pet-friendly picnic set is a portable dining solution tailored for pets, often including collapsible bowls, food containers, and a mat.

Designed for outdoor activities, a pet-friendly picnic set provides a convenient way for pet owners to share a meal or snack with their pets during picnics.

  1. Doggy backpack for carrying essentials

You don’t have to gift an expensive doggy backpack before people can appreciate the gift. You can buy mass-produced backpacks, and customize them to fit into the purpose you want to use them for. Just make sure the Doggy backpacks are durable, and good-looking if indeed you want the dog owners to use them regularly.

  1. GPS pet tracker

A GPS pet tracker is an excellent gift for a dog park because they offer pet owners peace of mind by enabling real-time tracking of their dogs.

These devices use GPS technology to monitor a pet’s location, helping prevent loss or escape. GPS pet trackers are ideal for off-leash areas such as dog parks since they enhance safety and provide swift location retrieval. This excellent gift ensures that dogs can roam freely within the park while allowing owners to track and locate them easily.

  1. Waterproof dog boots

Waterproof dog boots are protective footwear designed for dogs to shield their paws from wet and adverse conditions. Constructed from water-resistant materials, these boots prevent paw injuries, irritation, and exposure to harsh elements.

Used primarily during rainy or snowy weather, on hot pavements, or rough terrains, these boots provide comfort and ensure a dog’s paws remain dry and protected, promoting overall paw health and a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

  1. Pooch-friendly insect repellent

Pooch-friendly insect repellent is a specially formulated product designed to protect dogs from pesky insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

Pooch-friendly insect repellent is created with non-toxic ingredients safe for pets, this repellent helps ward off potential insect-borne diseases and discomfort.

You can easily apply pooch-friendly insect repellent to a dog’s fur or collar, it provides a layer of defense during outdoor activities, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for both the pet and owner while safeguarding against insect-related health issues.

  1. Custom pet portrait

It might cost you time and money to get a customized pet portrait for your customers, this is why you should gift this type of gift to a limited number of people.

You may want to find a way to screen pet owners, and one of the ways to do this is to promise custom pet portraits to the first 20 or 25 people that enter your dog park in a given day or you may want to consider giving this gift based on lucky dip.

  1. Dog grooming kit

A dog grooming kit is a must-have for dog owners who truly cherish their dogs, and receiving this item might just be what they are looking for.

A dog grooming kit typically includes essential items like brushes, combs, nail clippers, and scissors. These tools are used to maintain a dog’s hygiene and appearance. Brushes remove loose hair, preventing matting, while combs detangle fur.

Nail clippers trim nails safely, avoiding injury. Scissors help shape fur and trim around sensitive areas. This kit facilitates regular grooming, promoting a clean and healthy coat, skin, and overall well-being for the dog.

  1. Dog puzzle feeder

A Dog Puzzle Feeder is an interactive feeding device designed to mentally stimulate dogs while providing a meal. It typically involves a puzzle-like structure with compartments or mechanisms that challenge dogs to extract their food.

Used for enrichment, these feeders encourage problem-solving skills and prevent rapid eating, promoting slower, healthier meal consumption.

Puzzle feeders are ideal for keeping dogs mentally engaged, reducing boredom, and preventing behavioral issues associated with inactivity.

  1. Automatic ball launcher

An automatic ball launcher provides both entertainment for dogs and convenience for the owners. As the name implies, an automatic ball launcher automatically throws balls, allowing dogs to enjoy fetching without human intervention.

Users can set the launch distance and let the machine handle repetitive throws. This not only keeps dogs active and engaged but also offers owners a break from constant ball throwing, making it an appreciated and practical gift for both parties.

  1. Reflective dog gear for night walks

The fact that it is common to find dog owners taking their dogs for walks at night or when the weather is not clear enough means that every dog owner will appreciate this gift.

Reflective dog gear for night walks consists of specially designed accessories with reflective elements to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

These items, such as collars, leashes, and vests, feature reflective strips that reflect light, making dogs more noticeable during nighttime walks.

  1. Dog-friendly camping gear

Dogs are good companions when it comes to camping hence dog owners will appreciate this gift. Dog-friendly camping gear includes a portable dog bed, collapsible bowls, a leash, and a harness. These items are used to ensure a comfortable and safe camping experience for dogs.

The portable bed provides a designated sleeping area, collapsible bowls allow for easy feeding and drinking, while the leash and harness help control the dog during outdoor activities, ensuring they can enjoy the camping trip safely alongside their owners.

  1. Dog-friendly bubble machine

A dog-friendly bubble machine is a playful device designed to create bubbles for dogs to chase and pop. It produces pet-safe bubbles, typically made from non-toxic ingredients.

Dog-friendly bubble machines are used for entertainment and exercise, and they are used to engage dogs in an interactive and enjoyable activity, encouraging them to play and stay active.

Trust me, this whimsical accessory is an ideal way for pet owners to provide their dogs with entertainment and mental stimulation during playtime.

  1. Dog-themed garden flags

Dog-themed garden flags are decorative flags featuring canine-inspired designs that can be displayed in gardens or yards.

Dog-themed garden flags are generally made of durable materials, that showcase various dog breeds or playful dog-related artwork.

Dog-themed garden flags are used for outdoor decoration, and trust me, dog-themed garden flags add a touch of whimsy and personality to the garden space, allowing dog owners to express their love for their pets while enhancing the overall aesthetics of their outdoor living areas.

  1. Pet-friendly car seat cover

All dog owners who own cars will love this gift. Just make sure you crest your logo on the pet-friendly car seat cover so that the gift will not only serve the dog owner but also help promote your dog park business.

  1. Pet-safe ice cream treats

Pet-safe ice cream treats can be a healthy option for dogs when made with dog-friendly ingredients. Pet-safe ice cream treats are generally made from ingredients like lactose-free dairy or non-dairy alternatives, ensuring they are safe for canine consumption.

Avoiding harmful substances like chocolate and xylitol, pet-safe ice cream treats offer a cool and tasty way to indulge dogs in moderation, providing a refreshing and enjoyable snack during warmer weather without compromising their health.

  1. Personalized dog bandana

Personalized dog bandanas are custom-designed accessories featuring a dog’s name, artwork, or unique details. Personalized dog bandanas are made of soft, comfortable fabric and they come in various styles.

Personalized dog bandanas are no doubt an excellent gift for pet owners because the customized aspect adds sentimental value, making it a thoughtful and cherished item.

  1. Dog massage roller

A dog massage roller is a handheld device designed to provide gentle and soothing massages for dogs. With textured surfaces, dog massage rollers help in simulating the sensation of human touch, promoting relaxation and muscle relief.

Dog massage roller is used for canine wellness since they aid in reducing tension, improving circulation, and fostering a sense of comfort.

Generally, dog massage rollers are helpful for dogs experiencing stress, or discomfort, or those simply in need of a calming and enjoyable massage experience.

  1. Customized Dog travel water bottle

Giving out customized dog travel water bottles to your customers is another good gift idea that a dog park business owner can adopt.

It is a gift idea that serves a dual purpose; it can be used as a gift and also as promotional material. If you have the financial capacity as a dog park owner, you can choose this gift idea.

All you need to do is purchase a dog travel water bottle in large quantities and contract printers to print your company’s logo on the bottles.

  1. Dog car seat

Dog owners who love traveling with their dogs will cherish this gift because a dog car seat is a specialized safety accessory designed to secure dogs during car travel.

Note that dog car seats come in various styles, including booster seats and harnesses, providing a designated space for dogs within a vehicle.

Dog car seats are used to enhance safety, prevent distraction, and ensure proper restraint, thereby reducing the risk of injury during sudden stops or accidents.

  1. Dog park membership or pass

The truth is that people who pay to pick up membership in dog parks will not mind receiving dog park membership or passes as gifts for their regular patronage of the dog park.

Interestingly, this gift idea will not cost you money, rather it will give room for more people to become members of your dog park, and you can take advantage of that to upsell to them.

  1. Doggy life jacket for water activities

If your dog park is located around a lake or river, then people who patronize your dog park might also enjoy taking their dogs to play in the lake or get them involved in water activities. For that reason, gifting them a doggy life jacket might just be a way into their heart.

A doggy life jacket is important for water activities as it provides buoyancy, ensuring a dog’s safety by preventing fatigue and helping them stay afloat. Doggy life jackets for water activities are especially important for dogs not accustomed to swimming.

  1. Dog-friendly hiking gear

Dog-friendly hiking gear includes a harness, leash, collapsible water bowls, dog boots, and a backpack. These items are used to ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience for dogs.

The harness and leash provide control, boots protect paws, and collapsible bowls offer hydration. A backpack allows dogs to carry essentials.

This gear ensures dogs are comfortable, protected, and well-equipped during hikes, promoting their safety and allowing them to fully enjoy outdoor adventures.

  1. Doggy raincoat

Some dog owners take their dogs on a walk, hiking or camping during the rainy season hence they will appreciate a doggy raincoat. A doggy raincoat is a raincoat that helps to protect dogs from rain.

  1. Outdoor dog playpen

An outdoor dog playpen is a portable and enclosed space designed for dogs to play and exercise safely outdoors. Typically made of durable materials, it provides a secure environment where dogs can roam freely without constant supervision.

Used for various outdoor activities, these playpens offer a controlled space where dogs can enjoy fresh air, engage in play, and experience outdoor freedom while ensuring their safety and containment within a designated area. Of course, this type of gift is suitable for high-paying customers.

  1. Customized dog leash holder

A customized dog leash holder is a personalized accessory designed to organize and store dog leashes conveniently. Customized dog leash holders can be made from materials like wood or metal.

Of course, you can go ahead to feature the dog’s name or unique designs on your customized dog leash holder. Trust me, there is hardly any dog owner that you will gift a customized dog leash holder that will not appreciate it.

  1. Branded Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas are another common gift that businesses and companies give out to their customers, and you may consider gifting them if you own a dog park.

It is a gift that is suitable for all customers and it can be given out to your staff members and your customers alike. It is important to state that branded umbrellas serve dual purposes; it is not just gift items, it is also promotional material.

  1. Rainboots

Just like branded umbrellas, branded rainboots can also be given to your customers. It is a gift that is suitable for all customers and staff members.

Branded rainboots also serve dual purposes as gift items and promotional material. If you have plans to give out branded rainboots to your customers, ensure that it is a gift that they are going to use, or else it won’t serve its purpose.

  1. Raincoats

If you are looking for suitable gift items to give your customers and your dog park business is located in a region with heavy rainfall and snowfall, then you can give out branded raincoats.

You can also give out rainboots and raincoats to your customers if you can afford them; it is a complete pair. To maximize this gift item, you must ensure you brand it in your company’s logo so that it can also serve as promotional material for your business.

  1. Customized Throw-Pillows

If you have seen customized and branded throw pillows, you will truly appreciate it. Trust me, if the throw pillows are nice looking, your customers will make use of them.

So, if you are looking for a gift item to give to your customer and you don’t have the financial capacity to give out expensive gifts, then you should consider giving out branded throw pillows. Just ensure that the throw pillows are of good quality.

  1. Dog-friendly Duvet

Another good gift idea you should consider when shopping for gifts to give your customers if you own a dog park is a dog-friendly duvet.

This gift will be suitable for use in regions where the weather can be so cold and discomforting for pets. This is so because dog-friendly duvets can help keep dogs warm during cold weather.

  1. Free Vouchers

The free voucher can be used to purchase products or services from your dog park, or it could be used to purchase products or services from other organizations.

So, if you are looking for a simple gift idea for your customers, you can give out free vouchers. You don’t have to give it to all your customers but select a few based on raffle draws or as a reward for their loyalty to your brand.

  1. Face Caps/Baseball Caps

If you are looking for a good business idea to adopt as a dog park business owner, you can start by giving out your company’s branded face caps. It is a good gift idea that also serves dual purposes; it can be used as a gift and also as promotional material.

  1. Free Tickets

Either through promo or as a way of rewarding long-standing customers, you can give out free tickets to your customers.

The tickets can be for a football game, a basketball game, a movie, et al. It is a good gift idea that a dog park business whether big or small can successfully adopt.

  1. Whistle

Trust me, as small as a whistle is, it is a good gift that dog owners will appreciate. This is so because whistles serve as an effective tool for dog training and communication.

Designed to produce sharp and distinct sounds, a whistle helps signal commands, attract a dog’s attention, and reinforce positive behavior.

Whistles are particularly useful for off-leash activities, enabling dog owners to maintain control and establish boundaries in a crowded or open space.

  1. Free Dog Training Class

Lastly, another best gift idea you should consider gifting your customers if you own a dog park, and you also offer training classes, is to offer free dog training classes.

This gift item can be used as bait to attract clients if you are just starting your dog training class. Once you can gift a few people a free slot, others may be convinced to pay and sign up for the available slots.