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How to Start a Business on Fiverr and Make Money Fast

The business landscape is daily changing and the traditional myths that people have held over the years are being demystified. Many more people in all strata of human Endeavour are considering and going into business for themselves. They would stop at nothing in using different approaches to achieve their aims and realize their goals.

You might agree that to eke out a living in this part of the world can sometime be a herculean task, and the government can’t be blamed for anyone’s inability to make money to get their life going. The Global economy is rapidly expanding and business opportunities are opening up daily.

The internet is a world of myriad platforms that you can use to do this. The world-wide web is a complete because it has various portals that can be used to launch your business and ideas. In the same vein, more and more sites are coming up to offer service providers opportunities to meet those who might need their service.

One of such websites where you can pull this off is Fiverr – Freelancing is gaining prominence all over the world, because it has been proven to be a cheaper way of hiring employees to deliver some services needed, and major corporations are towing this path. One of such corporations is the Fiverr freelance platform.

Fiverr’s unique model of freelancing gives her an edge over others; as you can to join the league of people making money online without affecting your regular job. Michael Kaufman one of the co-founders of Fiverr once said that Fiverr is a marketplace for services and that it is the only mobile marketplace online today that has been able to offer services as products. He added that it isn’t about hiring the freelancers; it’s also about hiring the service they provide.

So if you have been looking to make money on fiverr, let’s walk through some surefire ways on how you too can make cool bucks on Fiverr:

How to Make Money on Fiverr

However, one very unique thing about Fiverr is that you get services at very ridiculously lower rates than you would ordinarily get them. So just what type of ideas could you possibly sell on Fiverr? Here are 10 gig ideas you could sell on Fiverr.

a. Sign Up On Fiverr

To start making money on fiverr, you might have to do the needful first. First thing you need to do is to sign-up. This process is a free and easy one. However before signing, you might want to take out time to read the terms and conditions. This is so that you are very conversant with what you are about to go into. Give the detailed information you are asked to provide and get started.

13 Hot-in-Demand Gig Ideas to Sell on Fiverr and Make Money

1. Writing Gigs

Yes writing! Articles, blog posts, copywriting services, book writing, E-books, business writing, creative writing, and other forms of writing are amongst such services you could possibly offer on fiverr. If you know your onions so well, the Fiverr site is where you should be and offering your service for sale. Clients are there waiting for you. People are looking for those who can render services to them at reasonable prices and in a professional manner.

2. Proofreading/Editing

Just like writing, some folks are also interested in folks who can help them do a professional work on their written materials. Some people know how to write, but do not know the technicalities or rules that guide writing. Hence, they are unable to differentiate between spoken words. You would be amazed at the number of prospective clients waiting to do business with you.

3. Ghost-Writing

This may sound a little strange to you, but it does happen. It refers to those who accept to help others turn their thoughts and scrapings of jottings into finished materials for publications. You may ask, “How is this different from article writing?”

With article writing, you own the ideas you write, but with ghost writing, the ideas are not originally yours. You might have to take your clients ideas, transform them, as well as get creative to arrive at a finished work. You get paid for the writing for them, it could be a best seller book or thesis and the owner of the idea gets the credit.

4. Translations

Another line of business that relates to the use of words is Translations. Do you speak more than one language and can translate for people? There are those who have materials that need to be translated into English or from English to other languages. This is a viable and respectable business and one that commands high patronage.

5. Graphics Designing

A graphic artiste’s work isn’t just about opening the Coreldraw or other designing tools. There are people who are gifted in this regard and can be described to have the graphic Midas touch. If you are one of these special class of people, Fiverr is where you should be to sell your craft. All over the world, there are people who might need your services for book covers and other forms of designs, logo creation, and business card design and so on.

6. Voice Talent

There are people and businesses looking to record commercials for their organizations and other campaigns. These folks are in dire need of voices that can resonate and reverberate; voices that are amiable and admirable.

If you have such a voice and you are in such profession, then you should get on Fiverr. Why? The reason is because clients are there waiting to do business with you. Voice-over artists are in high demand there; rightly positioning yourself will ensure you are smiling to the bank regularly.

7. Website Development

It is no longer a cliché that everyone and especially every business should have a presence on the net via a domain. Even though there are various software today that make website creation easier than before, there are still people who don’t have the time or technical know-how to sit down and create one. So if you are a web developer, you need to get your gigs on and be on Fiverr.

8. Animations/Video

Animation can be used for different purposes. If this is one area of competence that you possess, then Fiverr provides you with an opportunity to meet clients that are in need of your service. And in the same vein, if you have video editing knowledge too, you can also sell it on Fiverr.

9. 3D Design

With a gig as this, coreldraw and other designing tools are available for achieving such needs. But 3D design is in a class of its own and is an area of service needed amongst clients who want panache and want to create a more professional impression. So if you are good in this area, go for it.

10. Consultancy

You might want to ask yourself questions like; what body of knowledge have i developed myself in over the years? Also, do you think you can offer professional advice on the subject? If you do have such skills, why not sell your consultancy service on Fiverr? This can be in any area

11. Data Entry

Just like other freelance sites, Fiverr from time to time has employers who are looking for people to perform simple data entry tasks. Therefore if you are good at the data entry business then you might want to seek to be hired on Fiverr. Data entry is a simple task that can be done by just about anyone. You do not need any extraordinary skill.

12. Email Marketing

If ordinarily you send mails to your friends or loved ones, then you should definitely know how to do the email marketing thing. Employers would be willing to hire you when they know that you would be able to send bulk marketing emails to their prospective clients. On Fiverr you would find employers who might require you to do this because they do not have the time to.

13. Sell eBooks

If you are good with writing short stories or generally a gifted writer, you will be able to sell your eBooks on Fiverr. Just make sure you keep it simple and small since it can only be sold for 5 Dollars. However, the good thing about eBooks is that you can write one and you can continue to make money from it without adding any additional effort. Just be ready to keep marketing it.

These gig ideas are such that if you try had and stay consistent with it; you would end up smiling to the bank. Everyday there are thousands of people waiting at the other end of the fiverr site hoping they could do business with you. It is therefore time for you to get started at these gigs and watch how fast you would go

One other great advantage of getting gig on the Fiverr site is for the fact that you can do business in a new, cheaper and even better way with less hassles and more convenience.

In conclusion, The easiest way to make good money on fiverr is to render services that won’t take much of your time. Before taking on any gig, it is advisable that you do an estimation of the time it would take you to deliver it. If it would take much of your time, you can always ignore it and choose other gigs that will require less time to complete. Since all gigs costs 5 US Dollars; why spend a longer time on some when you can choose ones that could take less of your time.

Take note that on Fiverr if you can get many tasks done within a short period, you would be able to do more; the more the volume the higher your earnings.