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7 Best Types of Gloves for Tow Truck Drivers

Do you want to start a tow truck business and you are considering what type of gloves to buy? If YES, here are 7 best gloves for tow truck drivers. Being a truck driver requires a lot and without a being equipped, you will find the job stressful.

As a matter of fact, you can’t effectively work as a truck driver without having a complete set of work gear amongst which is hand gloves. Truck drivers face a variety of weather conditions and work conditions in the execution of their jobs.This is why they must have access to a good set of work gloves that can provide abrasion resistance and protect their hands.

There are different types of gloves used for different purposes. Fabric or cotton gloves (sometimes referred to as liners) provide a thin, breathable layer between the worker’s skin and the tools or materials they are using. Coated fabric gloves offer a higher level of puncture and cut resistance, increased protection from the alkalinity of concrete items such as bricks, and improved chemical resistance when compared to standard fabric gloves.

Truck drivers are usually comfortable using Leather Gloves, Aluminized Gloves, Kevlar Gloves, Puncture Resistant Gloves, Impact – Resistant and Vibration – Resistant Gloves, Chemical and Liquid Resistant Gloves et al. Considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best gloves as a truck driver can be challenging. In no particular order, here are some of the Best hand gloves that you can get today.

What are the Best Gloves for Tow Truck Drivers?

  1. Magid ProGrade Plus High – Quality Visibility Glove

Magid is one of the top manufacturers of working gloves and personal protective equipment. This prograde plus high visibility glove is specially designed for road crew workers and tow truck drivers. The gear comes in lime-yellow, depicting a four-way stretch spandex glove. With this detail, you’re sure that it can offer a snug fit every time. Although it is not windproof, its drawback is offset by all its excellent features.

Magid ProGrade Plus High – Quality Visibility Glove has reflective fingers and trims to offer you excellent safety while working. This heavy – duty gear comes with a synthetic leather palm and neoprene knuckle that are abrasion – resistant. The PVC pads on the construction enable you to have a good and durable grip on the wet days of the year.

You will not find it hard to wear and take off the glove because of its slip-on design and extended cuff. Magid is undoubtedly a trustworthy brand that also provides you with shirred elastic wrists for added comfort, just perfect for long time usage.

Finally, these are machine washable work gloves. For sure, cleaning it won’t take much of a hassle. For sure, it will eat up a lot of your time and effort. Anyway, driving gloves must be washed often because they are expected to get dirty easily.

  1. Mechanix Wear Medium Hi – Viz Yellow FastFit Full Fi, Fluorescent

As a truck driver, if you are looking for a reliable glove that has complied with the standards of ANSI – 107, Mechanix Wear has a great model for you. This safety fast – fit glove is made with high visibility reflective strip, thereby improving the recognition of movements. From this feature alone, you would know that it is created especially for drivers.

Additionally, it is incorporated with hi – viz print, allowing a clearer vision and eye – catching luminance. Since it is equipped with fluorescent materials, you can get more conspicuous in a hazardous environment. So also, the Mechanix Wear glove comes with a TrekDry material that helps keep your hands fresh and comfortable whenever you squeeze your fingers inside the gloves.

Yes, it may not give you the maximum protection, especially during an extreme cold weather condition, but it is perfect for tow truck drivers. Since it is anatomically designed, there is no way it will bunch, thereby giving you maximum control over the gear. This is also thanks to the two – piece palm. With this, you won’t ever think twice about buying this product.

Mechanix Wear Medium Hi – Viz Yellow FastFit Full Fi, Fluorescent is incorporated with an elastic cuff to provide you high security against probable harms that may take place. Also, this detail lets you slip on and off the protective hand gear easily. It is very durable and does not tear apart easily, even when you’re working on a tough job frequently.

This fantastic gear comes with a guide so you can select the perfect pair for you. But before that, you first need to know your hand measurement. Finally, this is an affordable option for the best gloves for tow truck drivers. You can machine wash and machine dry its fabric. But, you have to note that bleach and other solvents cannot be used to it.

  1. Handlandy Hi – vis Reflective Work Gloves

Handlandy Hi – vis Reflective Work Gloves constructed by orange and yellow knuckles and fingertips is another reliable hand gloves for truck drivers. The visibility of the glove is enhanced when illuminated. It has a spandex back that comes with a mesh design intended for improved dexterity in movements.

Besides, the Handlandy hi-vis reflective work gloves are made to be breathable and have an ergonomic pattern to give you a high level of comfort and ease in motion. The durable synthetic spandex leather palm has a padded patch; it helps reduce the shock and vibrations and still great to use when driving.

That detail is reinforced in the critical areas of the hand to offer you the maximum durability. It is also a touchscreen compatible to enable you use your phone or tablet without the hassle of taking the glove off. This feature is useful, especially if an emergency came up and you are at work.

Unlike the other options mentioned above, this pair comes with a glove grabber clip that makes it handy wherever you desire to go. It is more secure because you can have the advantage of clipping it to your body and taking it anywhere.

The available sizes are medium, large, and extra-large. Perhaps, the major disadvantage of this product is that it doesn’t have size for small hand dimensions, but it is still an excellent glove for everyone.

  1. Youngstown Glove Safety Lime Waterproof Winter Glove

As a truck driver, if you want to have the bestselling waterproof glove today, then the Youngstown winter glove is the one you should get. It is an imported and all – purpose gear designed to keep your hands warm, dry, and protected in the wintery conditions. This gear depicts a durable and form – fitting outer shell for better efficiency.

It features a 40 grams 3M Thinsulate and a soft micro – fleece liner that is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. But then, most users attested that this product is not suitable for heavy rains. The reflective tape found at the wrist and the back of the hand gives a better vision if you are on low – light areas and will increase your hand awareness. This glove is ideal for winter work where the visibility is a need like airports, arborists, DOT, and tow trucks.

Furthermore, it has a unique non – slip grip reinforcement sewn throughout the palm, fingers, and thumb for you to have a better grip on wet conditions. So, even when driving, your grip on the steering wheel is not affected, making it the best winter gloves for tow truck drivers.

As an addition, this premium winter glove is incorporated with an adjustable Velcro strap that serves as a supportive cuff. The closure will surely lock you out of the cold and provide you with high – level security in every task you do. These waterproof tow truck driver gloves are available in lime and orange color. For the sizes, it is available from small up to double XL. It is a durable and reliable hand gear that you can lean on for the winter.

  1. MCR Safety Ninja Ice Hi – Visibility 15 Gauge Nylon Insulated Cold Winter Gloves

MCR Safety Ninja Ice Hi – Visibility 15 Gauge Nylon Insulated Cold Winter Gloves is yet another suitable hand gloves suitable for truck drivers. These ninja ice nylon double layer gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride foam sponge palm and pure nylon back.

It includes a 7 – gauge acrylic terry liner found on the inside of the glove and 15 – gauge nylon liner as an external coating. This gear provides you a dry and robust grip even on the wet conditions. It features a high visibility yellow HPT that repels any kind of liquids to enter the gear. Moreover, the coating of this protective hand gear remains soft even in temperatures as low as  – 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to the nylon insulation, it keeps your hands warm and nice. These details truly make this gear great insulated gloves for tow truck drivers. However, this gear does not offer high performance during the extreme cold. Besides, it is an excellent glove that offers you great flexibility in motion and maximum hand protection. There is a coating on the knuckle which makes these gloves very durable and provides you a high level of protection.

This gear from MCR Safety is treated in actifresh that kills the bacteria and gives you a one of a kind freshness. MCR Safety’s insulated glove is a trustworthy model that is water – resistant. It is engineered to provide you the highest level of innovation and performance.

You can have the advantage to machine wash this glove, unlike other competitors. It is available in lemon yellow color and large size. The comfort and reliability that it provides equalize the value of money that you spared to purchase this item.

This high – visibility gear is the best budget winter gloves and is a very worthy purchase, especially on first – time buyers. The gloves can be used for cold storage, construction, utilities, and commercial fishing, which genuinely a high all – purpose gear for everyone.

  1. G & F50155

G & F50155 is yet another reliable hand glover for truck drivers. Cowhide leather gloves comes with rubberized safety cuff for wrist protection, these are the epitome of a working glove. The stitching remains intact and adds to the overall form of the glove.

These rugged and versatile gloves can be used for a host of outdoor gardening, construction, and loading tasks for truckers. Use them on the road, or at home when off – road these gloves make a significant protective factor for any job. These can be bought in a three – pack and in various pack sizes up to a 60 pair pack.

  1. Wells Lamont

Last of our list is Wells Lamont which is also a delight to truck drivers. High abrasion and puncture – resistant 100 percent grain cowhide gloves feature an adjustable wrist for best fit. These gloves are demolition, farming, maintenance, and even construction rated and recommended. If they are good enough for demolition and construction use, then they are great for truck driving.

The flexible ball and tap wrist allow the user to determine how tight or loose to keep the glove, along with deterring dirt and debris from entering. The thumb is stitched into the palm separately to provide the most ergonomic flexibility of that digit to get the job done.

In Conclusion;

As a truck driver, any of the above listed hand glove can be highly useful to you, but in order to get the most suitable gloves that will serve you as a truck driver, you just have to review all the listed gloves and more from the manufacturers’ sites.