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10 Best Gun Business ideas You Can Start Today

Americans have long been acquainted with the freedom to acquire and bear arms according to the second amendment of the constitution.

Owing to this right, owning a gun has become very popular and part of the very onus of our society. Firearm regulations in the United States are still very mild when compared to other nations, and it’s a little wonder that starting a gun-related business is becoming more popular.

In this present age, at least 43 percent of all US households have at least one firearm. A good number of people are rushing into the gun industry as the market exhibits a massively growing demand. However, understanding how to run a gun-related business is a tricky endeavor.

Whether it’s owing to the current political climate, lockdowns, or other factors, guns are in higher demand than ever. But that doesn’t in any way entail that starting a gun-related business is simple.

The Federal Gun Control Act (GCA) mandates anyone in the business of dealing with firearms to be licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Without this license, you could face up to five years in prison or a $250,000 fine.

Note that some states have more rigid laws than others, therefore, make sure to check with your state agencies before going into the business.

With over half of households in the US owning a gun, gun ownership is not only popular but also contributes to over 60 Billion dollars in the economic market. With demand continuing to increase, now is the perfect time to start a gun-related business, and here are some of the most lucrative ideas to consider.

Best Gun Related Business ideas

  1. Gun Shop

In the United States, starting and managing a retail business that purchases, sells, and trades guns can still be very lucrative. Coupled with gun sales, you can also choose to sell ammunition and hunting-related products as well as offer other secondary services.

Ensure to market the business by creating alliances with gun clubs and shooting ranges as well as with firearm instructors, as these clubs and individuals can refer your business to others. Please also note that starting this sort of retail business will need a hefty investment and you will also have to go through a few legal hurdles before you can open.

  1. Gun Cleaning Business

Note that the gun cleaning business is very encouraging in the United States as more and more people who own firearms require expert cleaning from time to time. However, when looking to start this business, ensure you acquire the right cleaning tools, solutions, and lubrication, as well as a suitable business location.

  1. Firearms Training

As more people acquire guns, the demand for training has also heightened. Have it in mind that people require training to understand how to store, use and maintain the guns they own. Nonetheless, before you venture into this business, you are expected to be a certified instructor.

Immediately you become certified, you can expressly start and promote your business. Consider establishing alliances with shooting ranges or a gun club, as most of your clients will visit such places. Also, consider social clubs for women or men and hold free seminars on gun safety; this is also a good way to generate clients.

  1. Gun Safe Retailer

Gun owners are always looking to protect their valuables — and especially firearms. For most gun owners, a safe is a major purchase they will stay with for the rest of their life. In terms of gun safes, note that brick-and-mortar locations have the advantage. Weighty safes are more or less not ordered online and drop-shipped because they need trucks for delivery.

  1. Gun Range Business

An indoor or outdoor shooting range can be a very profitable venture if you are the type of person who can function under strict federal, state, and local regulations. Note that you choose to start from scratch or acquire an already operating establishment, depending on your situation and the start-up funds you have at your disposal.

However, to be a shooting range owner, you’ll have to research the gun control laws of your local municipality, county, or state. At the federal level, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is tasked with enforcing the legal use, possession, and safety of firearms.

For local enforcement agencies, it is imperative to do a quick internet search for your area, or contact your local law enforcement’s non-emergency number and inquire about the rules and regulations for opening a shooting range.

  1. Online Gun Stores

Firearms consumers enjoy the convenience of online shopping, the massive inventory of products available online, the ability to read reviews, and easy product comparisons.

Note that with the increased use of online shopping; due to COVID and social demand, convenience has become a top priority. Whether you plan to sell ammunition online or strictly firearms, you can increase sales by selling your products on the Internet.

Nonetheless, endeavor to add an SSL or TSL certificate to ensure that all the traffic you see when selling guns online is encrypted and secure for your shoppers. It only takes one security breach to hurt your business, so you are expected to take the necessary precautions.

  1. Gun Safe Manufacturing

Gun safes for centuries have been a necessity for gun owners, and this demand will grow into 2022. In times past, safes were only made in black or gray. However, in this age, safes are being made in a vast range of colors counting from white to silver or burgundy and blue and beyond.

Also, note that more acceptable colors can transform a heavy metal gun safe into a fashionable “furniture” item that sits in the open in a den or bedroom. Don’t forget that you will need to extensively market your gun safe manufacturing business.

A good number of customers might have questions about adjustable shelves, lighting, inside-the-door storage racks, dehumidifiers, and other accessories. Also note that the more of those products or upgrades you make, the more you can help customers discover a safe that fully aligns with their storage needs.

  1. Become a Gun Broker

In recent times, purchasing guns through the Internet is quite common; however, the seller cannot just send a gun to the customer.

Note that the transfer of a gun requires a federally licensed dealer to handle the transaction. A well-registered gun broker will have to accept the shipment of the gun, and legally transfer it to the customer. These businesses are known to charge astound $35 and $50 for this service.

Have it in mind that no special training or facilities are needed to become a gun broker; you just have to submit an application to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms for a federal firearms license (FFL). These applications are more or less processed within 60 days, and immediately you have your FFL, you can begin to broker gun deals.

  1. Gun Repair and Maintenance Business

Repairing guns can be a lucrative business, especially in this era where almost every family owns a gun. Gun owners will always need someone who can fix their firearms. Without doubts, new guns can be quite expensive, and getting a repair service can be much more affordable than that.

Coupled with restoring broken guns and gun parts, you can also include hand-fitted personalized scope mounts to your offerings. Note that basic woodworking skills are necessary to enable you to handle certain defects, depending on the type of gun.

  1. Gun Storage Facility

Truth be told, there are more guns in the United States than there are adults who can handle them, so storage is a very pertinent issue. For instance, when a gun owner goes off to college or on a trip where firearms are not allowed, they will surely need somewhere safe to store their gun.

Gun storage facilities are designed to store firearms for responsible gun owners outside their residences. They do not take ownership of the firearms, the owner retains ownership of the firearms, and can come and go as they please without state or federal paperwork during business hours or by special appointment.

The firearms are usually secured in an environmentally controlled facility that meets and exceeds state & federal standards on firearm security.