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Can You Have a Phone in a Group Home?

Yes, it is very much possible to have and keep your cell phone when you move into a group home. One thing you have to realize is that possessing a cell phone can be extremely beneficial when it comes to staying connected with friends and family, having access to valid resources and services, and providing a sense of security and independence.

Nevertheless, it’s pertinent to reiterate that the rules and policies that come with owning cell phones will definitely vary based on the precise group home you are moving into.

A good number of group homes have restrictions when it comes to using electronic devices, while others tend to allow cell phones but have specific guidelines for their use. If the group home permits residents to keep their cell phones, residents should make use of them responsibly and in line with the regulations and policies of the home.

This will more or less encompass adhering to quiet hours, avoiding disruptive or inappropriate content, and taking measures to guarantee the safety and security of your device.

Rules and Regulations for Living in a Group Home

Everyone who intends to leverage the services of a group home will have to be very conversant with the House rules and regulations. Nevertheless, below are valid rules that govern most group homes in the United States.

  1. Gambling and Borrowing of Money Should Be Avoided

Within these facilities, gambling is not permitted, and this has to encompass the purchase of lottery tickets or related activities. In addition, a resident of a group home is not in any way or at any time allowed to borrow or loan money to other residents.

  1. Residents Have to Comply with the House Curfew

In a good number of facilities in the United States, the curfew is at 10:00 p.m. every night. Once it gets to that time, the doors will be locked.

Unless permitted or prior permission was requested from the staff, any resident who comes back after 10 will have to make plans for other sleeping arrangements for the night. Failure to return by curfew will lead to discharge from the Home.

Owing to that, all residents are expected to make use of the sign-in/out sheet when leaving the property. This is done to guarantee that the staff knows where residents are at all times.

  1. Eligibility for Overnight or Weekend Pass

Every resident in a group home must live at the Home for thirty days before they can become qualified for an overnight or weekend pass. It is possible for this time period to be waived by the Director for emergencies and special circumstances.

In addition, 2 passes per month can still be approved on alternating weekends. If you have any emergency that prevents you from returning on a particular date or time, it is necessary for you to reach out to the staff immediately. Passes will have to be completed by Wednesday at noon of the week requested.

Every resident will have to live at the Home for three days prior to signing themselves out. Each resident will at the discretion of the management of the group home, be qualified for a 3-hour pass on their free days.

  1. All Visitors Are Subject to Approval by the Management of the Group Home

Anyone looking to visit a resident in a group home will first have to be permitted by the management of the group home. No visitor is allowed to be on the property while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Female visitors are permitted only with the approval of the Director of the group home. Also, note that no visitors will be allowed upstairs or allowed all through the group sessions or for scheduled meetings.

  1. Calls by Residents of the Group Home Are Regulated

In a good number of group homes, personal calls are not permitted until sometime in the evening on weekdays unless an emergency exists. Personal calls will have to be taken on the hallway phone. Cell phones are allowed only when permitted by the management of the group home.

Please note that residents can use cell phones between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday of each week. On weekends they can keep their cell phones at all times beginning Friday at 2:00 p.m. through Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

Residents are not to utilize their personal cell phones for anything other than normal calls. In most facilities, phones are not allowed:

  • When the resident is meant to be interacting with the community or other house members
  • Mealtimes
  • Chore times
  • While their child is awake and needing attention
  1. Residents of a Group Home Are Tasked with Cleaning the Facility

Residents are expected to help with the cleaning and maintenance of the group home as well as its surrounding grounds at all times. Most often, this will encompass daily assigned chores, special work assignments, and your own room.

As such, beds need to be made daily and chores finished by 9 am daily. Also remember that if residents go to work, they are still expected to do their chores. It is possible to ask another resident to help with them and repay him by either doing his chores or giving him money.

  1. No Alcohol, Smoking, or Drugs Allowed

This is a general rule in almost every group home in the United States. You have to understand that alcohol is restricted while you are a resident of a group home.

This applies at all times including when you are not within the premises of the Home. This rule also goes further to inculcate the use of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Smoking in a group home is not allowed and will result in immediate discharge.

Even though smoking is still permitted in a good number of homes, it will have to be done in the smoking designated area until 11 p.m. unless otherwise approved by the Director. Going against any of this will result in immediate discharge and maybe prosecution according to the Law.

  1. Prescription Medications Are Administered by Trained Staff

Every prescription medication in a group home is expected to be handed over to the staff for safekeeping and proper administration. Non-prescription medications will need to be approved by the staff and can only be kept by the resident with the permission of the Director or the group home.

Residents of group homes are subject to random drug and alcohol tests at any time. Failure of these tests or refusal of these tests will mean just one thing – immediate discharge from the group home.

  1. Residents of Group Homes Are Subjected to Random Room Search

Within these facilities, the director and staff have the right to carry out a room search at any time it is considered pertinent to guarantee the serenity and security of the Home. This encompasses personal items and vehicles if appropriate.

  1. Threats and Acts of Violence Are Frowned Upon

Threats or any acts of violence toward staff or other residents of a group home are never taken lightly and will mean immediate discharge and prosecution according to the Law. You are also not permitted to be in possession of Firearms, hunting knives, or other weapons.


Rules and policies when it comes to owning cell phones will definitely vary and will often depend on the precise group home you are moving into. A good number of group homes tend to put in place restrictions when it comes to using electronic devices, whereas others tend to allow cell phones but have specific guidelines for their use.

Owing to that, prior to moving into a new group home, it’s recommended you research their cell phone policies as well as other electronic devices.