Do you reside in Hawaii and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Hawaii, USA. Hawaii happens to be the youngest of the 50 states in the United States of America with Honolulu as its capital city and it has the highest population density of all the states in the US. It is made up entirely of islands and it is the only state that is located in Oceania (North Pacific Ocean), plus; the only state with an Asian plurality.

The typical weather in Hawaii is that of a warm tropical climate and it is important to note that Hawaii has two recognized official languages – English language and Hawaiian. No doubt, because of Hawaii’s numerous beaches and the natural and serene environment, it has become the number one tourist destination for people going to the US on vacation, Biological research work and even honeymoon. As a matter of fact, Hawaii in many quarters has been nicked named “The Gathering Place” because of the high inflow of visitors, researchers and tourists.

It is on record that Hawaii remains the most populous island. Hawaii’s economy is driven basically by the tourism and agriculture sector. Although exporting stuff from Hawaii to other parts of the world seems expensive, but people still prefer their apparels and even their unique honey. So much so that merchants do all they can to deal in these products.

If you live in the highlands of Hawaii or you intend migrating to Hawaii to start your own business, then the following thriving business opportunities might appeal to you;

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Hawaii, USA

1. Tourist Guide

Since tourism remains the highest source of internally generated income of the state of Hawaii, it simply means that tourists would need the service of tourist guide. If you are a local resident in any of the islands in Hawaii, you could start this line of business.

The good thing about this type of service based business is that you could start it with zero capital. All you need to do to get started is to attach yourself with one big tourism and travels organization and then after a while you are able to branch out to become independent.

2. Speed Boat and Canoe Transportation

Hawaii is made up of many islands and one of the major medium of transportation is through water. If you start your own speed boat and canoe transportation, you would not only serve local residents that might want to move from one island to another, but also you would be providing means for tourists to travel through the islands in other for them to see the natural beauty of Hawaii. All you need to start this kind of business might just be one canoe.

3. Making and Sales of Hawaii’s Unique Apparel (Aloha Shirt)

If you have ever had a friend or relative visit Hawaii, then you might have noticed one unique souvenir visitors always go home with. Aside from the unique honey, there is the much talked about Aloha shirt. This apparel is synonymous to Hawaii.

If you want to identify with Hawaii, then you must start with their apparel. Aloha remains one of the highest exports from Hawaii and locals are making huge money from this business. You might want to start this business by just acquiring sewing skills, and then buying your own sewing machine and all the required materials needed.

4. Vacation Rental Services Business

Vacation Rental Services is another thriving business in the state of Hawaii. Tourists come into town and rent all they need to make their stay comfortable. They rent vacation flats, canoe / speed boat, bicycle, et al. if you start this type of business, you are sure of making money all thorough the year because tourists visit the Hawaii highland 12 months of the year because of the conducive weather.

5. Real Estate Advertising Business

If you have noticed the recent trends in the world of real estate, you would also realize that the demand for properties in Hawaii is on the increase. Rich people acquire retirement properties in Hawaii because they feel that Hawaii is one of the best places to retire, because it is free from all the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities. You could plug in on this and start your own Real estate advertising business.

All you need to do is to open a website, go around to get available properties up for sale, and then post it on your website. The good thing about this kind of business is that with one deal, you can be sure to make huge money because it is based on commission and you don’t have to invest any capital excepting the cost of designing and host your website and your transportation and phone calls.

6. Tree Care and Landscaping Business

The beauty of Hawaii is locked in the beauty of trees and flowers. You could acquire training on Landscaping and how to take care of trees. If you start this line of business, you can be rest assured of have loads of resort centers and other clients to work for. You might want to start out by first conducting a exhaustive research to get your facts right.

7. Furniture Store

Cane chair and locally made furniture is a thriving business in Hawaii, you might go into this kind of business by making the furniture yourself if you are skilled and then place then in your display shop for sale. Even if you don’t know how to make this type of furniture, you might want to buy it at a cheaper rate from locals who make it and then sell them at a reasonable price that will guarantee you good profits.

8. Mom and Pop Grocery Store

Mom and Pop Grocery Stores is another thriving business in Hawaii. All you need to do to get started is to rent a small space or kiosk and then stock up with commodities that people buy daily. What type of capital is needed to pull this off? You only need minimal capital to start this kind of business in Hawaii.

9. Restaurants and Bars

Despite the fact that restaurants and bars are scattered all over Hawaii; it still remains another very prosperous business. You can make yours attractive if you serve local delicacies and drinks. Get a very good location, serve the best meals, hire very competent people and would be on your way to making good money.

10. Photography Business

If you know how to take good pictures even as a rookie, you could just brush up your photography skills a little bit and then you can be sure of making good money taking pictures. The fact that tourists carry their cameras around doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t need the services of photographers. If you are well positioned, you can have more customers than you can handle per time.

The good thing about the entire business opportunities list above is that you might not necessarily need to start yours from the scratch. As matter of fact, if you search online you would see businesses that are listed for sale in Hawaii and at an affordable price too. It is left to you to decide and determine which of them all might be fruitful in the long run.