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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Idaho

Do you reside in Idaho, USA and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in Idaho, USA. The US state of Idaho is located around the northwestern part of the United States of America and it is the 14th largest state. Idaho’s capital city is Boise and it is the largest city in the state. Idaho is a least densely populated state with over 90% whites, but in terms of landmass it is the 14th largest state in the US.

The state of Idaho is indeed a mountainous state and it is notable for having loads of solid minerals especially Gemstone buried in the land. As a matter of fact, Idaho is only one of the two places in the world that you could find star garnets in larger quantity. The largest employer of labor and income generator for the state of Idaho is the science and technology sector. Crop production is yet another important sector in the state of Idaho.

It is important to note that Idaho produces close to one-third of all the potatoes produced in the whole of the united states hence the nick name “Potato State’ and also the city called Gooding also boasts of the largest factory for barrel cheese.

Other notable industries that are thriving in Idaho are the chemical production, paper production, machinery production, food processing, lumber and wood production. Recent statistics released in 2014 shows that Idaho is the second most business friendly state – the chances of small business growing in the state is very high.

So if you intend starting a business in Idaho, then you could do yourself a lot of good if you build a business around the thriving industries in the state. Let us run through some of the business opportunities that are available in the US state of Idaho:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Idaho, USA

1. Paper Production Company

Paper production is a thriving business in the state of Idaho. If you start this type of business in Idaho, you would have succeeded in reducing some of the running cost because your factory would be close to your raw materials. The fact is that people appreciate papers that are produced in Idaho because it is always of high quality.

2. Food Processing Company

Idaho being the ‘Potato State’ produces large tons of potatoes annually, you can leverage on this to start your own potato processing company. It is a fact that you could get potatoes which is the main raw material at a very cheaper price compared to what you could possibly get elsewhere in the United States. Although processing potatoes is common in Idaho, but there are other types of food you can process at a relatively low production cost compare to other places.

3. Potatoes Farming

If you start your own potato farm in Idaho, you are certain of bountiful harvest because the land and climatic condition is suitable for the farming of any species of potatoes. The demand for Potatoes produced in Idaho will always be on the increase, because of the quality of potatoes that comes out of there.

4. Lumber and Wood Products Business

Starting your own Lumber and Wood Products business requires that you obtain license for operation. This type of business is another money spinner in the mountainous state of Idaho. The capital required to start your own Lumber and Wood Production business in Idaho is relatively low compare to when you want to start it in other states.

5. Chemical Production

Chemical production is yet another blossoming business in the state of Idaho. Although this is a capital intensive business and it might require that you obtain the required license from the state Department, but the truth is that there are available markets for chemicals produced in Idaho. You can as well start on a small scale and then grow it to any size of your choice.

6. Rug Cleaning Business

Rug Cleaning Business is another business that requires low startup fund and it is certainly a thriving business in Idaho. All you need to do to start this business is to get your vacuum cleaner, Brush and all the required chemicals needed. The best approach to get clients if you are new in this kind of business is to print handbills and distribute it to all the houses in your area.

7. Electronics and Computers Retailing

Idaho is one of the major hubs of Electronics and Computer manufacturing in the US. As a matter of fact, both Micron Technology (major manufacturer of dynamic random access memory – DRAM) and Hewlett-Packard’s largest plants are located in Boise, Idaho.

You could get electronics, computers, printer, et al at a very cheaper price in Idaho. You might want to leverage on this and start your own retail stores. You could even become an exporter of the products you can get at a cheaper rate in Idaho.

8. Plumbing Business

It appears that plumbers are in short supply in Idaho owing to the long waiting list resident face for the services of plumbers. If you are a trained plumber, establishing your plumbing business in Idaho would indeed be a very profitable venture for you.

It is a fact that you would require a very low startup capital to establish your own plumbing business. Even if you are not a trained plumber but have good business skills, then you could establish a plumbing business and hire plumbers to work for you.

9. Retail Pet Food Shop

Retail pet food shop is yet another successful business in Idaho. You can be rest assured to make huge returns on your investment if you start your own retail pet food shop in Idaho. This is so because the average Idahoans are known to keep pets in their houses.

10. Liquor Bar and Assorted Wine Store

Starting a Liquor bar and assorted wine store is another highly profitable venture in Idaho. All you need do is to make your bar safe and conducive for your customers and you sure would continue to have repeated customers.

These are just but few of the many business opportunities available in the US state of Idaho. Whichever business you intend starting, just ensure you check to know the requirements for starting such a business and the support you could get from the state of Idaho.