Are you about starting a hedge fund business? If YES, here are 50 catchy creative hedge fund name ideas you can use for effective brand identity creation. If you are looking to start your own hedge fund business, and are at a cross road about the type of name to use for your hedge fund brand, then you may want to consider the following names.

Catchy Business Name ideas for Hedge Fund Firms

  • Delta Assets Management
  • Shining Stars Capital Management Group
  • Brownstone Investment Group
  • Merlyn and Associates
  • B. Moses and Associates
  • Johnson Barley and Co
  • Shavonne Partners
  • Top – Flight Investment Group
  • McCarthy O’Brian and Co
  • Brooklyn Capital Management Group

List of Popular Hedge Fund Names in the united states to Help you Get More ideas for your Own Name

  • Bridgewater Associates (United States, Westport, CT)
  • Man Group (united kingdom, London) – $64.5 Billion
  • P. Morgan Asset Management (United States, New York)
  • Brevan Howard Asset Management (United Kingdom, London)
  • Och-Ziff Capital Management Group (United States, New York)
  • Paulson & Co. (United States, New York)
  • BlackRock Advisors (United States, New York)
  • Winton Capital Management (United Kingdom, London)
  • Highbridge Capital Management (United States, New York)
  • BlueCrest Capital Management (United Kingdom, London)
  • Baupost Group (United States, Boston)
  • E. Shaw & Co. (United States, New York)
  • Angelo Gordon Co. (United States, New York)
  • AQR Capital Management (United States, Greenwich, CT)
  • Two Sigma Investments (United States, New York)
  • Farallon Capital Management (United States, San Francisco)
  • Goldman Sachs Assets Management (United States, New York)
  • Elliott Management (United States, New York)
  • King Street Capital Management (United States, New York)
  • Canyon Partners (United States, Los Angeles)
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