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Do you want to start a hedge fund business but you lack skill and experience? If YES, here is every detail you need to start and run a hedge fund business from home.

If you are a big time investor looking for ways to expand your investment portfolio, then you should consider starting a hedge fund firm. You just may want to ask; ‘what is a hedge fund?’

Well, Hedge fund can be simply defined as is a regulated investment fund, (a much wider range of investment and trading activities) that is typically open to a limited range of investors who pay a performance fee to the fund’s investment manager who invest the funds and bring returns.

A chief investment officer is an executive responsible for managing an organization’s investment portfolio. The chief investment officer (CIO) usually oversees a team of professionals who have responsibilities such as managing and monitoring investment activity, managing pension funds, working with external analysts, and maintaining good investor relations. They also develop short-term and long-term investment policies. …

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