Every year, graduate interns flood the labor market in search of placements, as they look to fill different categories ranging from marketing to engineering. And even professional interns seek placements, too.

Interns benefit your company or business, and it is your duty to ensure they are fully trained in return, as this will add to their educational value. They need the experience and confidence that your company has to offer, since this will increase their overall worth in the corporate world. Interns agree can be paid or not, depending on your company’s policies.

Hiring an intern should be an issue, as there are various ways to hire interns even in the highly competitive. And here are some of the best ways to hire an intern for your company.

6 Best Ways to Hire an Intern for FREE for your Small Business

1. Recruit by advertising the same way you advertise to hire full-time staff

Advertising vacant internship positions in your company through various media is an effective way to hire interns. Your advert should be direct and as detailed as possible, telling the reader what you want and what you will offer. This can be done the same way you hire your full staff, by conducting proper interview and screening. Professional interns are to come for the interview with details of all qualification and certifications.

2. Hire online

Another effective way to reach out to interns and get several links in today’s modern world is through the internet. An innovative approach is to create a forum related to your specialization, so that potential interns can find it, register, and contribute. Then you can call an intern up for interview after accessing his or her forum contributions. Don’t forget other online avenues, such as social media, display adverts, job search websites, and search engines.

3. Hire by referrals from old interns

Old interns have gained a lot from your company and probably enjoyed their stay. They could serve as a good source of new interns to your company, probably because they are still not too far from the college system. Of course, students interact a lot with their fellow students and understand their capabilities. This explains why old interns can help you get new interns that will meet your company’s requirements.

Another reason why old interns can help your company get new interns is that they have some experience working with your company. So, once an old intern speaks well of your company and what he or she benefitted from it, this will attract other interns and motivate them to apply for internship positions at your company.

4. Request for interns from a school you admire or your alma mata

Another way is to hire interns is to partner with your alma mata or a relevant department in a school you admire for the quality of their products. Making such an arrangements gives you have the advantage of being sent talented students who need internship placement as well as those who are interested in what you do at your company.

After you have been sent some potential interns, you can take them through your company’s traditional recruitment process to select the most suitable ones for the vacant internship candidate’s positions.

5. Recruit by referrals from professors

Keeping in touch with school professors can also help you when looking to hire interns. They could refer students to you. And their recommendations will usually be the most talented students who have passed through them and have been taught and trained under them.

6. Hire from human resource contractors

Human resource contractors usually have a pool of students that they have already screened and gotten ready to place for internship in available industries. You only need to go into contract or negotiation with a human resource company, letting them know from time to time the departments you are looking for interns to fill and the skills you require from each potential candidate.

This option usually saves you the stress of having to conduct interviews and complete other aspects of a lengthy screening process. The fees for their services are usually affordable, and they usually stand as guarantors for the interns, taking full responsibility of the intern’s activities in case anything happens.

Half-baked or incompetent interns could cost your company a lot. They could slow down the pace of progress or even cause irreparable damage in any aspect of a company. So, you need to carefully select interns who are highly skilled, intelligent, and are of good character. The various options explained in this article will help you hire interns that your company will be proud of.