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8 Best Hotel Management Software for Large Companies

Large hotels are most often categorized as hotels with over 100 rooms. A medium-sized hotel tends to have around 50 and 99, whereas smaller hotels are about 49 rooms or below. You will also find hotels that are massive when it comes to the number of room options they offer.

However, regardless of the size of the hotel, there is a need to leverage management software to enhance efficiency and this is particularly true for large hotels.

As a large hotel, there is a need to properly manage all facets of your business, and using the proper software can ensure you do this. It will also help your hospitality business save on costs that are always often missed in smaller venues. In terms of business management, hotel software can keep an insightful hold on multiple areas of the business.

Note that from having a good grasp of housekeeping, including PMS tools to managing room status, modern large hotels are leveraging technology to bolster the everyday operations of their hotel. To ensure that you obtain those with these features and many more, here are the best hotel management software for large companies.

Best Hotel Management Software for Large Companies

1. Hotefy

This is one of the best options in the market because it guarantees that you can provide your guests with a comprehensive mobile experience. This software, over the years, has helped hotels with close to 200 rooms manage and limit operational expenses.

This software makes it possible to seamlessly integrate with PIS/PMS while enhancing F&B and room revenue. Hotefy is known for the unlimited room it offers, pool, as well as anywhere ordering. Your guests will be placing orders using QR codes in their room, pool, or beachside.

It also comes with room upgrade facilities, increases revenue, and ensures that guests can book wellness experiences and tours in advance.

2. HotelTime

This is a cloud-based solution that is perfectly matched for properties with at least 400 rooms. This software is overly popular among large hotels as it enhances the ability to manage multi-property enterprises, especially for current users with 15 venues.

It is renowned as that software at the forefront of hotel tech offering an open platform system that seamlessly integrates with other third-party software.

3. Opera

Opera has grown to be a widely accepted hotel system that is being used today by many large hotel chains such as The Hyatt and Marriott hotels. It comes with features that can be easily configured to align with the requirements of larger-scale operations while taking care of all daily activities.

It also comes with top-class interface capabilities which can help boost sales, increase profits, and guest satisfaction. Also know that this software can manage reservations, and take care of accounting and billing.

4. Protel

Over the years, Protel has proven that they merit to be known as one of the most experienced and successful providers of hospitality technology.

Reports have it that close to 14,000 hotels utilize the Protel property management system. This software makes it possible for larger hotels to effectively blast sales, offer guests the platform to book more than one room, as well as also give options for customizable offers for group clients.

Also, note that this one-in-a-kind hospitality solution can integrate efficiently with many types of technologies by using one standard framework.

5. Quore

This software is known as the only preferred vendor for InterContinental Hotels Group and it also caters to the varying needs of over 3,800 hotels based in the Americas. Rated as one of the ideal hotel management software for hotel groups and for large companies, it will ensure that your company can quickly obtain guests’ requests, as well as automatically link them with your staff.

This cloud-based platform streamlines larger hotels’ workflow and guest satisfaction by centralizing primary operations, turning on simple tracking, and giving room for automatic cascading and escalation.

6. eZee Front Desk

This is one of the most versatile, flexible, and comprehensive systems for large hotels. Note that this software comes with modules that ensure that you can enjoy group bookings, front and back-office management, guest relationships, banquets, minibar, and restaurant management, as well as housekeeping.

According to reviews, it is much more comprehensive than most hotel management systems, and it is also a good and cheaper alternative to Opera.

7. Mews

Mews is renowned for featuring one of the most powerful APIs that integrate easily with over 400 types of hotel digital split rooms.

Large hotels will indeed relish their in-house management system, along with a wealth of other tools that come with mobile back-office, advanced reporting, integrated payments, as well as vast language supports. Mews in addition offers integration with global distribution systems and Chanel managers including;

  • Cubilis
  • Vertical booking
  • SiteMinder
  • HotelREZ
  • TravelClick
  • WebHotelier

8. Cloud Beds

This software is precisely designed for larger hotels, and you will find the added bonus of it interacting seamlessly with some of the top travel sites such as Expedia and TripAdvisor very useful and exciting. Well renowned as one of the best around, note that this management suite is meant to simplify many hotel operations including;

  • Accounting
  • Housekeeping
  • Room assignment
  • Reservation management

Just as was noted above, regardless of the size of the hotel, there is a need to leverage management software to enhance efficiency, particularly for large hotels. To ensure that you can bolster effectively the everyday operations of your hotel, consider the above software that are properly designed to cater to the needs of large hotels.