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8 Best Lighting ideas for Coffee Shop in 2023

Coffee Shop Lighting Ambience

Unlike normal food serving establishments where people make their orders and possibly sit to eat, in coffee shops, people usually don’t spend that much time. Owing to that, the success of coffee shops tends to depend more on the number of customers you are able to attract on a daily basis.

While the quality of your products and services and the smells coming from the kitchen are valid selling points, have it in mind that once a customer first enters and looks around, your ambiance—or lighting and décor—can decide if they stay or go, or come back repeatedly to patronize your business. To create a comfortable and memorable atmosphere in moments, here are valid lighting tips to consider.

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Best Lighting ideas for Coffee Shop

  1. Use natural light as much as you can

In recent years, coffee shops are beginning to outgrow those locations where people only order products and leave. They are now a space for work-from-home types and students to relax and carry on with their work. Other folks use these locations as a meeting point to catch up on their favorite novel or with an old pal.

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Have it in mind that all these things go very well with natural lighting, which is the term used by professionals to describe sunlight coming through your windows. Owing to that, consider leaning on the sun as the primary light source in your café.

  1. Provide ample task lighting for baristas and other team members

Don’t forget that adequate lighting can be that distinction between your baristas fully cleaning a machine or leaving behind buildup.

According to experts, the ideal lighting for your baristas will be fluorescent lights or overhead lamps. These soothing temperatures are perfect for focus and can be illuminating enough for your baristas to never miss a thing. You should also consider installing this lighting above your espresso machine, barista bar, and cooking station.

  1. Mix and match lighting types and colors

Most modern coffee shops tend to have a bit of an artsy vibe. If you fall into this category, then have it in mind that mixing and matching lighting types and colors could in many ways bolster your surroundings from top to bottom. Aside from that, it can create a layered look that breaks the room apart as well as makes it easier on the eyes.

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For instance, using daylight and overhead fixtures together has proven to be a very valid lighting foundation, but doesn’t offer the full spectrum. Consider inculcating accent lighting such as wall sconces and lamps to get the full layered effect.

  1. Keep lighting consistent throughout your coffeehouse

It is important you always strive to keep the lighting in your coffee shop the same. While you can always choose to switch your lighting over the course of the day, don’t forget the importance of keeping the same color temperature across the room.

This is primarily because you wouldn’t want to strain the eyes of your customers and clients. Note that dimmable incandescent bulbs and smart light bulbs can provide you with extra flexibility on this front.

  1. Install accent lighting for your wall art and other decorations

In recent times, modern coffee shops are beginning to use wall art and other decorations to create a distinctive ambiance. Have it in mind that these decorations tend to help businesses stand out more, especially once you inculcate accent lighting to ensure they become the focal points in the room.

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Owing to that, to breathe life into each painting, consider installing accent lighting. At any point you have something to highlight, consider using accent lighting.

  1. Highlight important areas and features

Note that coffee shops all have varying important areas that require highlighting. Most often, these places are the barista bar, the convenience, or even the entrances and exits. Note that some of these areas may warrant different lighting.

For instance, it might become necessary to highlight your barista bar with special lights and your convenience with sconces or pendant lights that emit soft white light.

  1. Tables are telltale signs

You should never underestimate the importance of your tables to the ambiance of your coffee shop. Unless you’re running a small café, note that a square table on a single pole with four simple chairs around it will never entice people to spend much time at your coffee shop unless this is the concept you want to center your business on.

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However, if you intend to build your business around clients spending ample time in your shop, then consider relatively inexpensive seating options that will look exceptional. Booths, nevertheless, are valid options, inviting guests to chill at their leisure.

  1. Use under-cabinet lighting

Also, consider including under-cabinet lighting on your shelves to ensure that you can highlight your baked products and merchandise. Note that this type of light will put the items you’re selling in a clear and exciting way that can draw the attention of customers.

There are many types of under-cabinet lighting that can highlight your offerings in a whole new light. Consider purchasing multicolor LED lights that will steadily produce bright white light or can create a rainbow effect.

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Drawing clients to your business will most definitely require a delicate balance of factors that appease and engage them. Truth be told, the right atmospherics can play a very vital role in boosting your foot traffic. Owing to that, extensively consider these tips noted above to ensure that your business will always bring in the right crowd.