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How Do Ice Cream Trucks Make Money? (4 Smart Ways They Profit)

Are ice cream trucks profitable? Here is everything you need to know. Players in the ice cream truck industry predominantly produce ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbet et al, and sell these products to downstream markets such as retailers and food service – related businesses. Having said that, here are some of the ways those involved in the ice cream truck business make money;

4 Ways Ice Cream Truck Businesses Make Money

  1. Retailing to The General Public

The fact that ice cream truck sells different flavors of ice creams means that they can sell to different categories of people based on their preference. An ice cream truck moves from one location to another with the aim of selling their ice cream to their target market and the more, they sell, the more money they make.

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They usually make more sales from parks, public events and parties, schools and campuses stadiums and rallies amongst others.

  1. Partnering with Event/Party Planners

Another means of making money as an ice cream truck operator is to partner with event or party planners. When you partner with a party planner, whenever they have any event, you will be contracted to supply or serve ice cream at the event.

There is hardly any children’s party or birthday party that is organized around summer period that ice cream will not be served. So, when you partner with party planner, you will always have a spot at the venue of the event to serve/sell your ice cream.

  1. Selling Franchise

If you run a standard and successful ice cream truck business, one whose brand has gained recognition from far and wide, then one of the ways you can make money is to sell your franchise. Aside from statistics on business success, prospective business owners are partial to franchise models due to their brand recognition, consistent service, developed and proven operating system, and security.

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Interestingly, franchising it is not a business, but rather, a way of doing business. It is also an industry that generates in direct and indirect economic impact, over $2.3 trillion in annual sales.

  1. Rent

Another means ice cream businesses make money is from renting their trucks and equipment. This idea is suitable if the business owner owns more than one ice cream truck and ice cream production equipment. They will always find people who are starting out who will be more than willing to rent the spare ice cream truck and ice cream production equipment.