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How Much Does an Ice Cream Shop Worker Make Per Hour?

According to industry reports, the average hourly pay for an Ice Cream Shop worker is $15.46 an hour. The exact amount an ice cream worker makes per hour in the United States will indeed vary depending on a whole lot of factors.

You will find that some workers make as much as $21.15, and some as low as $8.89; however, note that a good majority of workers in these establishments make around $12.74 to $17.31 per hour. 

Truth be told, working a busy shift in an ice cream shop (e.g., a Saturday night shift in the Summer) can prove to be very daunting.

It can also be very challenging to manage online orders. On top of all these, you still need to ensure that the toppings and ice cream cabinet are topped up. Nevertheless, even with all of these challenges, working in an ice cream shop can prove to be very exciting and rewarding.

For one thing, you get the platform to interact with lots of people. Aside from that, you also get to learn how to multitask, interact with groups of people, and increase your confidence.

Howbeit, just as it was noted above, the exact amount an ice cream worker makes per hour in the United States will depend on a whole lot of factors.

Factors That Determine the Income Ice Cream Shop Workers Make Per Hour

1. Location

Location has always been a factor that determines how much employers in a particular location pay workers. Most often, they will have to take into account the cost of living and prevailing wages within the area to find a balance on the ideal hourly rates to pay workers.

As such, workers in ice cream shops in urban cities or high-cost-of-living areas will earn more compared with those in smaller towns or rural areas.

2. Experience

An ice cream shop worker’s level of experience will have a valid say in how much they earn hourly. Starter or entry-level employees will earn lower wages, unlike more experienced workers whose skills and responsibilities mean more wages.

3. Position and Responsibilities

There are numerous roles, positions, and responsibilities within an ice cream shop, and all of them function collectively to guarantee that patrons are satisfied with both the product and the service.

However, note that the exact role a worker occupies will determine how much he or she gets paid. Positions such as scoopers, cashiers, and basic customer service roles tend to get standard wages, while supervisors or managers will belong to the upper part of the spectrum.

4. Employer

Even in this line of business, no two ice cream shops are the same, especially when you take into consideration their branding, appeal to patrons, as well as their pay structures. Big brand shops or chains might pay more and offer many other benefits.

5. Tips

Although it is optional for customers to tip staff at ice cream shops, a good number of modern ice cream shops tend to have tip jars on the counter when customers come to pick up their orders. It is important to note that these tips will without doubt increase a worker’s overall income, particularly in facilities with a substantial volume of customer traffic.

6. State and Local Minimum Wage Laws

Another thing to keep in mind is that Federal, state, and local minimum wages tend to vary in the United States. Each state reserves the right to stipulate its own minimum wage and they are most often determined by many factors, as long as the wage equals or is above the federal level. Owing to that, note that ice cream shop workers will have to be paid at least the applicable minimum wage.

7. Benefits

As an ice cream shop worker, you might receive free ice cream during slack periods or at the end of your shift. Also note that a good number of ice cream shops offer benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, or employee discounts. Keep in mind that these additional perks will indeed impact the overall compensation package.