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How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Hotel Room?

Hotels across the globe require a minimum age of 18 to book in alone. Beyond the United States, this is nearly ubiquitous because the legal age of consent in most nations is 18. The minimum age to book a hotel in the United States varies by state and geographical region.

In several areas, it is 18, although, in so-called “party hotspots” like Las Vegas or Miami Beach, it is 21. This is not really a regulatory necessity, however, this shields the hotel from liability if customers go outside to drink or party. Reserving a hotel remains a very vital stage in designing a travel plan.

Since you can book online with no close interaction with a hotel, you may not have to deal with any limits at this point. All you require is a legitimate payment card in your name, and you won’t be questioned about your age. Several hotels, nevertheless, will state their required check-in age anywhere on their web page.

Owing to that, before making your hotel reservation, take your time to find out whether you are required to be 21 or 18 to check-in. Since checking in is the same as entering into a contract, hotels in the United States require guests to be at least 18 years old.

The hotel cannot enforce contractual agreements with minors, putting them in danger of not retrieving their funds if a kid departs before settling their bill. Furthermore, hotels might be found liable if a minor is injured while lodging with them. It is a fact that most hotels have minibars in most suites.

Enforcing an age limit of at least 18 reduces the likelihood of establishments being held liable for minor who consume liquor from the minibar. Given this, several hotels demand patrons to be at least 21 years old when booking in alone. You also have to carry a credit card as well as a government-issued identity card or passport before you can check-in.

How to Rent a Room While Under the Age Limit

There are a number of options if you are under the hotel’s age restriction.

  1. Think about Youth Hostels

For youthful visitors below the age of 18, hostels are the greatest option. Hostels often have no minimum age limits. They intentionally target younger visitors. Certain hostels even provide individual rooms, making the overall feel comparable to that of a hotel. Contact the hostel to see if there are any age restrictions for renting out individual rooms.

  1. Think about Airbnb

The minimum age to reserve a property on Airbnb is 18. This tends to make it an excellent choice for young vacationers who are having trouble locating a hotel that would allow visitors below the age of 21.

  1. Obtain a Permission Letter from Your Parents

Hotels will sometimes welcome visitors below the age of 18 provided they obtain a note from their parent or guardian. In this situation, the parent or guardian will reserve the accommodation and maybe pay a damage deposit. Hotels that welcome teenage visitors are uncommon, though not unheard of.

  1. Think about B&Bs and guest houses

Seek alternate accommodation because major hotel chains have tight age requirements. Locally owned B&Bs and guest residences may be more accommodating. Particularly if you pay in advance and give a damage deposit.

Steps a Hotel Can Take To Shield Itself From Minor Property Destruction

If a hotel wishes to rent out a room to minors (patrons under the age of 18), they would want a grownup to be held liable for the minor’s activities. The responsible person must admit that he or she does have the obligation of control on the child and accept responsibility for any destruction of property produced by negligence or intentional and malicious behavior.

In some cases, state law holds the parents accountable for any destruction to a hotel room for kids below the age of 18. According to Chapter 41 of the Texas Family Code, a parent or legal guardian who possesses the obligation of direct authority and rational discipline over a youngster is subject to liability for property destruction done by either irresponsible behavior of the child due primarily to the parent’s neglect, or intentional malicious behavior of a child who is at least 10 however under the age of 18.


In the United States, the most frequent legal age for booking a hotel room is 21. Hotels can impose whatever age limitations they choose, but they must be mindful of age discrimination regulations. There is no universal age limit for booking a hotel room.

You must confirm personally with just the hotel. An adult might reserve a room with a legitimate credit card, but hotels require guests to provide a valid government-issued ID upon verification.