Do you run a HVAC business and you want to increase your client base? If YES, here are 20 powerful marketing strategies to get leads for your HVAC company.

When it comes to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning business, one benefit you get for starting the business is that you can begin with a small investment in time and resources, and then grow your company at your own pace.

But of course, your company can never grow unless you take your time to market the business so as to get business leads, and you should equally be able to close those leads.  As the owner of a HVAC business, you should be always hungry for more leads, because the more leads you get, the more jobs you are likely to land.

While there may be no proven sure-fire way to get leads, but there are certain marketing strategies you can employ that can help you come across beneficial leads that can help you enhance your business. You should know that you can use more than one of these strategies at the same time.

In fact, you should attempt to employ as much of these strategies as you can handle at the same time so as to further boost your chances. Here are some marketing strategies that would help you get leads for your HVAC business.

20 Marketing Strategies to Get Leads for your HVAC Company

  1. Start by Developing Beneficial Network With Other Related Contractors

One great marketing strategy that is guaranteed to get you leads for your HVAC business is for you to forge beneficial partnerships with related businesses. To do this, you need to look around for other small businesses that might make a natural fit for a joint partnership with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning business.

Small contracting firms, for example, often need specialized HVAC assistance. With two businesses working together to refer customers back and forth, it’s likely that you’ll be able to open up some new avenues for leads that you hadn’t previously considered. You could partner interior decorators, home and commercial construction businesses, landscape architects, contracting firms, etc.

  1. Find ways to Use SEO to your advantage

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is one of the critical components involved in generating leads online on a continuous basis. This word can make the difference between you getting lost or found in the world of internet. A website that is optimized for search engines is more likely to appear within the first page of search results.

This is why you must make it paramount to use good SEO practices to boost your website so it can be seen by more people. Without proper SEO, your website will be a bit hard for others to find, even if they are searching for relevant phrases and keywords that are scattered throughout your site’s content and updates.

  1. Be Acquainted With The Latest HVAC Technology

Yet another helpful way you can market your HVAC business so that you can get leads is for you to have knowledge of the latest technology. As much as specialization can help a reputation, falling behind the curve can harm it. Technology changes rapidly, even in the HVAC field as new equipment and processes get invented everyday. It is essential that you work to stay ahead in the market.

While work experience and hands-on knowledge are important, they don’t necessarily supplant the necessity of ongoing education. Make sure that you keep your eyes open for any classes which may be offered in your area that can help keep you up to date. Carve out a week or so of every year to polish your knowledge, and your reputation will benefit.

  1. Get in Touch With Professional Organizations

Though the idea of heading off to a clubhouse or a members-only meeting seems like an old-fashioned notion, but such organizations are still a great place to network and get leads for your HVAC business. This is why you ought to find the nearest or most respected HVAC professional organisation around you and belong to them.

Even in areas where membership in those clubs may be dwindling, they often feel a great deal of appreciation for and loyalty to those people who help them maintain their numbers. That sense of belonging can become a real opportunity in many ways.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Business Branding

One good way for people to notice your business is for you to be consistent with your business branding. When you think about the ad campaigns that you remember from your youth, there are probably some that you can recite nearly from memory. This goes to tell you something.

Many of these campaigns didn’t make such an impression because they were particularly creative or drafted by particularly skilled writers. Instead, longevity and repetition combined to create a substantial impact on your mind and the minds of others as well, an this unconsciously drives people to that brand.

This marketing tactics carries longevity, meaning that any money you pour into your HVAC marketing budget is creating returns far down the line. Once your brand is well established, the cost of paying for media might decrease as your impression continues to linger. That’s an easy way to get leads year after year.

  1. Open for Business and Mean Business

For you to be successful in any endeavor you start, you have to mean business. Though having some quiet time off the clock is an essential part of maintaining your quality of life, but you need to be ready to leap at any lead generation opportunities when they present themselves.

If you are about to go to the store, to a bar, or to any social function, endeavor to carry your business cards along with you. If your field comes up in conversation, it’s essential that you’re ready to respond, and equally ready to offer help. Making sure people know that you can take on new projects is an integral part of getting leads for your new business.

If a potential new customer decides to employ your services, make double sure that you do not get them disappointed by your poor response or timing. Many HVAC repair situations become emergencies in a hurry, so you need to be well trained before you start up your business, and make sure that you are not lax about anything. When a home or workspace is uncomfortable, it’s vital to have it addressed as quickly as possible.

For you to mean business fully as a HVAC contractor, you may need to invest in a dedicated line that is solely used for emergency service calls. While you might regret not being able to unplug, you’ll likely regret that less than missing business opportunities.

  1. Take you Networking Attempts to Conferences

It may seem like an old-school method of lead generation, but networking works all the time if you are able to make the effort. So, if you’ve never attended an industry conference, look up some local conferences related to your field. Simply attending or hosting a booth can be powerful, but it’s even better for your company’s exposure if you apply to be a speaker.

Do you have any knowledge or skill you could share with the audience of a certain conference? Could the experiences you’ve had be beneficial for sharing? Speaking at an event can help you network with other service companies as well as potential clients. It would also help you get access to more people at the same time.

  1. Become An Online Resource

If you were a customer looking for an HVAC professional, which business would you trust — the one with a basic business listing or the one with a robust website filled with resources, helpful tips for homeowners, and news in the industry?

Become someone who shares regular, valuable content online, so as to set yourself up as an authority in your industry. One of the best ways to do this is through blogging through your website.

Instead to creating a redundant website, endeavor to put it to work. Write helpful, informative articles that can help to showcase your expertise. This is not only good for your customers, but it’s good for boosting your placement in search engine results.

Likewise, look for other sites that will let you guest-post; when your writing adds real value, most site owners will be happy to post your content with a link back to your business. Getting to this point means that other professionals in your area are seeing you as a helpful resource.

  1. Be Wiling to Share Information and Experience

In today’s market, businesses don’t get customers. They earn them. To earn customers, you have to be able to earn their trust first. Some people are always unwilling to share tips with their customers without money exchanging hands, but this could turn out to be a detrimental stance for you.

By providing helpful information to prospective customers before even one dollar exchanges hands, they’ll experience your company as helpful, knowledgeable, and giving. Who wouldn’t want to engage with a company like that?

One of the ways to take full advantage of this tip is to share preventive maintenance tips on your Facebook page. Set up email automation to remind your customers when they are due for service, and remember not to craft it like a sales pitch. Create a short eBook on how to choose your next air conditioning unit. Think like a customer, and answer their questions and concerns in a relatable way.

  1. Look Out For Alternative Advertising Options

We are in a new world were advertising has gone digital and online. People are more focused on how to become and stay relevant in the online world. While you need to be relevant in the online world, there are still other forms of advertising that still works no matter the time of century we are in.

For example, people still listen to the radio while driving. Many others subscribe to television services which are supported by local ads. If you haven’t considered the transformative power that can come from consistent offline advertising, then you should do so now. It is sure to get you majority of your HVAC leads.

Often, local media companies have reasonable introductory rates that can give you access to the airwaves without paying exorbitant fees. This may even include covering some production costs, guaranteeing that your advertisements will come with a professional finish.

  1. Run online ads

Another beneficial strategy that can help you generate leads for your HVAC business is to run online adverts. When you want to get users’ attention online fast, pay-per-click or Facebook ads are a great place to start. With either of these paid ad options, you can see immediate exposure and traffic. And these traffic are what you can trust to get leads for your new business.

  1. Take Full Advantage of An Attractive Website Design

The saying that pretty things catch the eye still ring true even till tomorrow. This is why you need to create an attractive and user friendly website if you want people to take more than a passing glance at your website. If your HVAC business website is engaging, then surely it will attract customers. A better website is directly proportional to increased business leads.

Nowadays, no matter whether it is a small or big business, or whether or not it operates entirely online, such businesses need to have a place online. So if you want to increase your HVAC business revenue or get higher results, website designing and development is the best marketing strategy for you. It helps to create a unique and engaging landing page or website for your business.

  1. Make a Great First Impression

While not a specific marketing method per se, it’s still incredibly important to create a lasting, memorable first impression when introducing your business to potential customers. Remember, people’s attention span only lasts for a few seconds, so you’ve got to really impress them if they call you on the phone or walk into your shop.

As far as online advertisements are concerned, create ads, blog posts, videos, infographics, and all other marketing materials with an attention grabbing opening sequence to make a great first impression. By approaching your advertisements this way, you’ll find customers interested in your business without leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

  1. Institute a Beneficial Referral Program

One way a business can expand itself is by making use of referrals from people who have been satisfied with its services. By thinking outside the box, you can develop a referral program for your HVAC business. This program will give a percentage or commission to anyone who brings new customers to your company.

A program like this can be very lucrative for you as the business owner, and it also gives outside salespeople an opportunity to promote your company and make a few bucks for their efforts.

Most business owners fail to see the value of a referral program. They’d rather attempt to perform all marketing activities on their own. While it’s certainly your prerogative to feel this way, you shouldn’t turn away this opportunity because it could very well help your business become a smashing success.

When you create a referral program, you may have to offer discounts or cash to anyone who refers your business to other people and thus brings in business for you. On the other side of the coin, you can also offer your new customers a special discount for trying out your services.

  1. Share Positive Testimonials

Every local business needs a website. Without one, your potential customers will have a hard time finding you since everybody looks up service providers online these days. You’re missing a very big and beneficial opportunity if you fail to create a website for your business.

While you’re at it, the easiest way to really impress potential customers is to share positive testimonials on your site. Have your customers’ write positive reviews about the services you have rendered to them, or if you can convince them, get them to create video messages praising your services.

You must having a website is an invaluable tool. Use it to market your business, share information about your services, and offer online discounts and coupons to convert readers into paying customers.

  1. Use The Power of Geofencing to Propel Your Business 

Geofencing is a marketing trend that is getting popular by the day, it is a location-based mobile service that allows business to send a notification to the smartphone user within the specified geographical area. It is generally used as a marketing tool to directly engage possible clients in the area by sending promotional and information straight to the customer’s phone. Because small scale businesses are less popular by consumers than big brand names, geofencing is a particularly useful tool to help grow your small scale business.

  1. Make good use of Seasonal Deals

Promoting seasonal services and specials can generate the more sales for the following season. For example, during the fall months, HVAC businesses have a big opportunity to build their brand and gain more furnace repair and installation clients. As winter approaches, the need for heating maintenance starts, and all you have to do is create the right marketing campaign to turn those needs into leads.

You can promote different deals on your website or social media pages to get your prospects’ attention. This can be a discount on a furnace tune-up before the winter cold settles in, or an AC precision tune-up before the summer heat comes.

  1. HVAC video marketing

HVAC Video marketing refers to the use of video format to market your HVAC business. Several video marketing statistics indicate that video is an effective medium to increase your reach. Compared to text content, a video is 50 times more likely to rank on Google.

Also, 50% of consumers who watch a video of a product say it helps them determine their buying decision. In HVAC internet marketing using video, YouTube is the biggest platform and can help you to drive your brand voice and build trust. Some of the best HVAC video marketing materials include videos on customer testimonials, company culture, and videos that highlight the key benefits of your HVAC services.

  1. Manage Your Data Properly

It is a fact that all online transactions generate a ton of data, and as such, it is easy to generate data. However, knowing how to use it for the purpose of lead generation is a little trickier. Data exists to demonstrate results. It won’t give you instructions about how to market, but it will show you how your marketing is hitting the target.

Gathering data from your competitors should be part of a good data management approach. Also, you should have data about the industry that you’re in and your customers.

Utilize data in order to create your USP, come up with advertising copy and write up calls to action. Utilize your experience and gut instinct in order to create a message which is benefits-focused. Your message should impact your leads emotionally and push them towards hiring your company, today or in the future.

Also, utilize analytics of data in order to discover how your leads are reacting to your content. The stuff that works is what you should do more of.

  1. Make Good use of Outbound Marketing

Whether you like it or not, inbound marketing can help your business if used properly. Outbound or direct marketing is the strategy of pushing your message onto your audience using techniques like telemarketing, cold calling, trade shows, direct mail, email blasts, print and broadcast media ads.

These methods have become less effective in today’s world, as technology allows us to block advertising messages and people are doing more of their own research and listening to recommendations on social media to figure out which products and services they want to buy. Inbound Marketing focuses on making you get found by prospects when they are searching for your services, and it can help you get the leads you need.