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How Much Do Amazon Box Truck Drivers Make Yearly?

As a solo driver, you can expect to earn around $15 to $25 an hour, $3,200 to $4,200/week, $12,800 to $16,800/monthly, and around $166,400 to $218,400 annually. How much an Amazon box truck driver makes monthly or annually will vary based on the carrier, location, loads, level of experience, and the type of position.

Have it in mind that team drivers are paid much higher rates, but the work can be more tasking especially since they average 3,500-5,500 weekly tour miles. Amazon is regarded as one of the largest retailers on the planet, and a leader in online shopping. This company is a business-to-customer company while most traditional carriers are business-to-business companies.

This simply entails that Amazon always delivers products directly to customers’ doorsteps, especially since one-day delivery has grown to become the new norm for online shoppers. It also means that Amazon can sell and deliver thousands and thousands of products per day.

Amazon’s delivery needs have created an opportunity for people with box trucks to start small, separate delivery businesses that are attached to Amazon itself, especially since the retail company cannot manage the delivery load alone.

For just a little fee, you can sign up your box truck with Amazon, create your own regional delivery business, hire employees, and deliver products on behalf of Amazon. This system is similar to the owner-operator system that many traditional carriers offer, and can be quite lucrative.

Amazon owing to its position as the largest retailer in the world has thousands of fulfillment centers. To deliver products and goods from business centers or manufacturers to warehouses, they need a massive number of truck drivers. And to attract truck drivers, Amazon tends to pay well.

By signing up your box truck with Amazon, you can create your own schedule, take on just as much work as you want, and run the business the way you want. In addition, when you sign up your box truck with Amazon, you benefit from the company’s years of logistics and management experience, and this will ensure you get all the help you need when necessary.

Factors That Will Influence How Much Amazon Box Truck Drivers Make

The amount an Amazon box truck driver can make monthly or annually will most definitely vary based on many trucking industry-related factors. Here are some of the factors that affect how much Amazon box truck drivers make:

  1. Cost of Fuel

Truth be told, the price of fuel will in one way or the other influence how much you take home. For instance, when fuel prices fall, trucks become cheaper to operate and the rate paid to haul goods also goes down.

Savings (or losses) are passed on to consumers – either indirectly or through a fuel cost component built into Amazon’s pricing model. Same way, if fuel prices increase, this increment will also reflect on how much you get paid to deliver goods too.

  1. Type of Position

There are numerous driving positions available for owners of box trucks at Amazon and the one you go for will dictate how much you earn. Ideally, drivers are paid hourly, but most listings will show you the average yearly salary.

Note that the work and process are more or less like any other company driver position. You will be provided a load and route. Competitive pay is a fair trade-off for a few extra rules and requirements. Nonetheless, when looking to work with Amazon, it’s recommended you narrow your search to only CDL positions.

Hourly delivery positions are often intermingled with the CDL positions. While the pay rates tend to be much lower, you will be in charge of delivering packages directly to customer doorsteps.

  1. Load Weight

This is another very valid component that will influence how much you can earn as a box truck driver with Amazon. Note that the more a load weighs, the lower the charge per hundred dollars, and the higher the total cost, of course.

However, as the load’s weight goes up and moves toward the minimum load weight of the next weight category, it may be rated in the next category as having a low weight for that category, and this will most definitely influence how much you get paid to haul that load.

  1. Location

According to reports, all standard Amazon drivers — including those who work for local delivery service partners (DSPs) instead of directly with Amazon — make a minimum of $15 per hour with opportunities for higher earnings based on experience.

Note that this exceeds minimum wage in the vast majority of United States cities, but if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, there’s a good chance you’ll earn more. For instance, Amazon delivery driver job listings in San Francisco are known to offer a starting wage of $20 per hour. In New York, wages start at $17 per hour.

  1. Amazon Path

When you sign up your box truck with Amazon, have in mind that your earnings will vary depending on which path you choose. Amazon offers two paths for box truck owners:

  • Delivery Service Partners (DSP): If you decide to work for Amazon delivery service partners, you can earn an average annual salary of $48,000 to $75,000 with your box truck.
  • Owner-Operator Trucker: Owner-operators’ salaries are known to be high regardless of where they work. In Amazon, owner-operators easily make a weekly salary of $3000 to $5500, depending on how many loads they haul.


Driving for Amazon is entirely different than driving for a traditional carrier. When you have your own box truck, you can take on Amazon truck driver jobs all over the country. Your box truck will serve as your home away from home and you can deck it out to suit your lifestyle.

Also, you won’t have to bother about damaging company property when you own your own box truck, however, it falls on you to keep it in prime shape when it transports you all over the country.