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Can You Use a 24ft Box Truck for Amazon Relay?

Amazon Relay Box Truck Business

Yes. With the Amazon Relay portal, carriers with different sizes of trucks can benefit from Amazon’s cumbersome freight network across 48 states with easy to comprehend pricing and book loads that work for them .

Amazon Relay is a load board, and unlike some other load boards that merely serve as the middleman between the person requiring goods shipped and a carrier, Amazon remains the company that requires the goods shipped via the app from point A to point B.

It is important to note that Amazon Relay has two modes: Standard and Book a Truck. Standard is more or less what you would expect: a list of all the loads needing to be shipped are made available, and you make use of filters to locate the load that suits your truck size and capacity.

Book a Truck is used primarily to do away with the idle time between loads. You have to upload details about your truck (trailer type, location, etc.) when your truck is not working, and Amazon will make available a list of loads so you or your driver can get back on the road immediately

Have it in mind that this works as a combination of the spot market and contract market. It offers carriers the opportunity to plan their loads in advance or use Book a Truck to get jobs faster.

Note that Amazon believes that putting together the flexibility of the spot market with the consistency of the contract market will ensure that fleet drivers stay fulfilled and also reduce company turnover. Amazon Relay serves as a platform that ensures that trucking companies, fleet owners, and their drivers get everything necessary to book and haul loads.

According to reports, it has helped thousands of small and mid-sized carriers grow their business by making available daily access to thousands of loads. Also note that Carriers can make use of Relay to assign work to drivers, manage rosters, review payments, and analyze performance. They can also post empty capacity with date, time, destination, and price preferences.

Benefits of Joining Amazon Relay

Truth be told, there are numerous advantages to joining Amazon Relay.

  1. Quick and Easy Access to Loads

As we all know, Amazon remains one of the biggest retailers in the world. Owing to that, there is no shortage of loads, and this also means there’s no shortage of work.

When you partner with Amazon, you enjoy high growth potential. Every day, you’ll have access to thousands of full truckloads that are easy to find using their load board. Listings are transparent, all-in pricing is listed, and you can book instantly.

  1. Short Term Contracts

Just as it was noted above, Amazon Relay offers a suite of technology tools that make it easy to operate more efficiently and with safety in mind. Carriers can also enjoy the benefit of being able to schedule the entire weeks’ worth of work for drivers.

Have in mind that locking in short-term contracts guarantees that you secure guaranteed revenue. Also, note that you can even book multi-week or single-week contracts in advance.

  1. Safety and Performance

Amazon will make sure that you comply with all necessary rules. They make use of third-party compliance monitoring, and they have their compliance teams. For performance, they track loads that were delivered on time and in good condition especially since they guarantee both to clients.

On the Relay website, drivers are allowed to view their performance through a scorecard on the dashboard. Amazon Relay lets you review your performance for every one of your loads to ensure you continuously improve and have the platform to grow your business with Amazon. In addition, the company places a high emphasis on safety.

  1. Quick Payment

In an industry where payment turnaround times can be beyond a month, payments are sent out the following Friday from fulfilling a delivery. Here are the numbers, not counting the day the load was delivered itself:

  • Sunday: 12 days.
  • Monday: 11 days.
  • Tuesday: 10 days.
  • Wednesday: 9 days.
  • Thursday: 8 days.
  • Friday: 7 days.
  • Saturday: 6 days.

Aside from being a plus for Amazon, note that this reduces the chances of needing to use a factoring company; a service that would take a percentage of the value of the contract in exchange for the service.

In addition, if you encounter any issues concerning payment, you are expected to submit a dispute with Amazon through the online load board. According to the company, you only have 30 days from receiving your weekly invoice to dispute any claims.


Just as it was noted above, to haul freight for Amazon through Relay, you need to register through the self-service onboarding portal. After receiving your application, Amazon will give you a decision within 2-4 business days. Delays are most often due to insurance validation issues.

But once approved, you can then start using the load board to find, book, and assign work. The load board makes it convenient to locate loads that suit your specifications and truck. Amazon offers more extensive information about performance expectations in their Carrier Terms of Service during the onboarding process.