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What Sizes of Box Truck Can Be Used for Amazon Relay in 2023?

To sign up for Amazon Relay, you will need to own, lease, or rent a 24 or 26-foot box truck with a lift gate and pallet jack. This box truck will need to be sound, well-maintained, safe, and free from any obstructions and damage such as holes.

It is also expected to be watertight, clean, and free of strong odors, especially when moving food and healthcare products. Have it in mind that your truck will be subject to inspection at the fulfillment center and can be rejected once it fails to meet the vehicle requirements stipulated by Amazon.

Relay has helped thousands of small and mid-sized carriers expand their business by providing daily access to thousands of loads. Have it in mind that truckers can leverage Relay to assign work to drivers, manage rosters, review payments, and analyze performance.

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In addition, they can also post empty capacity with date, time, destination, and price preferences. A relay will automatically match a load as it becomes available, so they can invest time growing their business rather than filling out paperwork.

The relay web page tends to feature loads 24/7, but you will also find more instant loads that are more lucrative. These loads are called hot loads and they tend to be three times more lucrative than regular loads. If you’re considering working with Amazon as an owner-operator or a carrier, you must comply with all tier requirements. You will also be expected to use Amazon Relay products when hauling loads for the company.

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Benefits of Signing Up Your Box Truck to Amazon Relay

There are numerous reasons why you would want to sign up for your box truck with Amazon Relay. These reasons include:

  1. Unlimited Access to Loads

Amazon Relay offers carriers and owner-operators the opportunity to align with Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, your application will surely be approved.

The Relay load board is easily accessible 24/7, and loads can be secured at any time with the click of a button. Daily, you will enjoy unlimited access to thousands of full truck loads that are very convenient to find and accept using their load board. Listings are transparent, all-in pricing is listed, and you can book instantly.

  1. Short Term Contracts

With the Amazon Relay app, registered drivers can choose contracts from weeks to months in the future. Each contract includes an entire week of work over a week of the contract. Note that payment is guaranteed as long as there is no cancellation or rejection.

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These sorts of contracts give owner-operators and carriers access to thousands of loads each week. Transparency and guaranteed pricing also guarantee that carriers will have an additional, reliable stream of revenue. These contracts are available to a vast range of drivers on the Relay platform.

  1. Low Weight Loads

Have it in mind that over 90% of the loads on Relay are low weight and drop-n-hook, and they are very suitable for box trucks. Note that it also improves driver efficiency and reduces the waiting time for trailers.

Also note that about 70% of loads on the load board are round-trip, and this simply entails that drivers are paid to return home. It also guarantees that owner-operators can maximize their revenue and not have to hunt down backhaul freight.

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Relay’s app, load board, and carrier portal are free to use if you’re registered with Amazon. Drivers can pre-register their trucks and trailers for easy in and out when they arrive at the yard. They just have to show the guard at the gate their QR code for scanning, and they will be let through.

  1. Quick Payment

The logistics industry is renowned for turnaround times that can go beyond a month. However, when you sign up with Amazon, you receive your payments the following within a week of your delivery. This more or less limits the chances of needing to use a factoring company; a service that would take a percentage of the value of the contract.

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If you encounter any issues that have to do with payment, you only have to submit a dispute with Amazon through the online load board. You only have 30 days from receiving your weekly invoice to dispute any claims.

  1. Seamless Processes

Once you sign up for your box truck with Amazon Relay, you can immediately benefit from the numerous advantages it offers, including fast payments within five to nine days of completing a tour. You will also have the option of making available your capacities and the desired price for a tour via Amazon Relay.

If there is a suitable offer on the load board, it is promptly assigned to the driver. Have it in mind that the relay application also provides a fully automated warehouse location and gatekeeper authorization.

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It simply entails that the arriving truck shares its location with the staff on-site via GPS in the app for them to check if it is registered, and also receive direct instructions on how to drop off or pick up the load at the Amazon location.


Amazon Relay offers small and medium-sized carriers the opportunity to leverage unused capacities and to make transport more economical. This logistics app offers a collection of services that specifically provides small and medium-sized enterprises with the resources and technologies to be more competitive and successful in the freight forwarding industry.

However, you will need to own, lease, or rent a 24 or 26-foot box truck with a lift gate and pallet jack. This box truck will need to be sound, well-maintained, safe, and free from any obstructions and damage.