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5 Best Box Truck Lease Purchase Programs

A box truck lease purchase program is an agreement that offers drivers the opportunity to purchase a box truck without a down payment. This purchase program remains one of the most viable ways a company driver can improve their career and become an owner-operator.

It also allows drivers to make more money, own the box truck they drive, and be a little more flexible with their schedule, while also establishing their own business. When drivers signup with a lease-purchase program, they are reclassified as owner-operators.

This entails that they make owner-operator money from the very beginning. They now have to cater to necessary owner operator expenses, such as truck payments. However, some companies may require that you wait a few months before they can classify you as an owner-operator box truck driver.

It is important to state that a lease purchase program is not the same thing as a lease operator program. Lease operators don’t pay any money for their equipment and will also have to return it at the end of the contract; however, a lease-purchase program or lease-to-own program will have to make monthly payments on the box truck, and will also own the box truck at the end.

A good number of companies offer numerous lease options to enable drivers to pick the exact plan that best aligns with their needs. These companies require drivers to be at least 21 years of age and to obtain insurance through company-approved vendors.

How Do Box Truck Lease Purchase Programs Work

Just as it was thoroughly dissected above, these purchase programs help drivers leverage the quicker path toward becoming an owner-operator. To begin, the driver will first have to search for box truck companies that offer lease-purchase programs.

Within the stipulated period, the driver will have to work as a company driver for the business from which they are purchasing the box truck. Under this program, the driver will be tasked with delivering freight and taking on routes for the business, the same way they would if they were employees of the company.

However, unlike regular employee drivers, these drivers will be paid the higher owner-operator rate during the stipulated period to enable them to pay off the truck lease. The higher rate will ensure that they can cover the expenses that come with being an owner-operator.

The expenses owner-operators under this program will have to cater for include lease payments, fuel expenses, insurance, box truck repairs, and maintenance. They also have to manage their business accounting, file self-employment taxes, and also put together compliance paperwork.

When they complete their lease payments, they can now start sourcing their loads or continue driving for the company but be more selective about what the work they accept and also negotiate their rates.

Pros and Cons of Box Truck Lease Purchase Program

Although this purchase program remains one of the most viable ways a company driver can improve in their career and become an owner-operator, have it in mind that it also comes with its own benefits and disadvantages.


  • Administrative assistance. When working under a box truck lease purchase program, you will get help with some of the administrative tasks as you learn the ropes to becoming an owner-operator.
  • Better rates. Reports have it that purchase programs genuinely provide better rates for new box trucks than you would be able to get if you choose to buy the box truck out rightly somewhere else.
  • Low cost of entry. Lease purchase programs make it easy to become an owner-operator without having to spend so much purchasing the truck. You will still own the truck at the end and will have smaller down payments compared to buying the box truck outright.
  • Numerous perks. A good number of lease-purchase companies offer additional perks to owner-operators in their program. Some companies will keep a maintenance account for you. Some may fully or partially cover the cost of preventative maintenance, training, or performance reporting.
  • Hauling loads for a lease-purchase company is a wonderful way to build a reputation as a reliable carrier. Also, note that some companies allow drivers to contract for other companies while under the lease-purchase agreement.
  • Lease purchase programs tend to help provide necessary permits for drivers in their program. Note that this is a wonderful way to save yourself from going through the hurdles of seeking those permits yourself. In addition, getting your permits through a company will guarantee you get them faster.


  • Some carriers design programs that only benefit them. This is very true and can mean you don’t gain from signing up with the program. It is always advisable you take your time to read the lease-purchase agreement. Some carriers design programs to mainly benefit themselves and you could be asked to take on certain loads you don’t like or even asked to pay higher monthly rates.
  • Balancing expenses and income can be confusing. Note that the higher paycheck per load although attractive at first, might also mean higher business expenses for you. You might be left to wonder if it is really paying off for you.
  • Expect a learning curve. Regardless of how much experience you have in the trucking industry, you should expect a learning curve when looking to become an owner-operator under a lease-purchase program. Even with the best company program, you will have to deal with a good number of issues and also learn along the way.
  • Varying lease purchase program and requirements. If you decide to go down this route, you should be prepared to devote some time to navigating the lease-purchase program process. You will need to analyze the exact program that is more suitable based on the requirements.

Box Truck Lease Purchase Programs

There are available box truck lease purchase programs in the United States. With numerous companies competing for your business, it can be quite tasking to choose the one that best suits your need. Box truck purchase programs currently available in the United States include:

  1. Swift Transportation

This company offers one of the best box truck lease purchase programs especially since they offer you the opportunity to choose your schedule. You can also choose to run solo or in a team and are free to select the sort of load you want.

  • Modifiable freight options
  • Parking is available at all terminals
  • licensing and permits
  • Productivity bonuses
  • Affordable insurance premiums
  • Detention pay
  • Full-service terminals nationwide.
  1. PGT Trucking

This is another top lease purchase program to consider because of the zero-down payment they offer. Although drivers are expected to have experience dealing with CDL-A flatbed trucking, this company is well noted for its flexible scheduling options.

  • Discounts on truck parts and tires
  • $5,000 driver referral bonus
  • Income of up to six figures yearly
  • $0 down and flexible financing
  • Enviable percentage pay
  • Free trailer rental for the first four weeks
  1. Nova Lines

Nova Lines is well known for its box truck lease purchase plan that makes it possible for truckers who are willing to get started without obstacles. Note that they let drivers have more control over their program by letting them choose a plan that best aligns with their needs.

  • Reliable revenue stream
  • Pick your routes
  • Clean and well-maintained box trucks
  • Return every week or drive four weeks in a row
  • Lease terms range from 3 to 5 years
  • No balloon payment
  1. JB Hunt

Truth be told, the box truck lease purchase program offered by JB Hunt remains one of the best in the industry for many reasons. For one, they provide very flexible terms to help willing drivers get started in the lease-purchase program without upfront costs.

  • Discounts on fuel and insurance
  • Lease terms from 12 to 36 months
  • Modifiable weekly repayments
  • Numerous lease plans
  • Choose your freight and schedule
  • Discounts on service and tires
  • Mileage-based and percentage-based plans.
  1. KSM

KSM box truck lease purchase programs are open to qualifying drivers all year round. Note that aligning with KSM allows you to be your own boss, and also enjoy the benefits and leverage of working with industry experts.

  • Select your loads and schedule
  • Structured pay raises
  • Paid cargo and liability insurance
  • Company-paid trailer maintenance
  • Loaner trucks are available if yours develops faults
  • 3,000 miles weekly average
  • Longevity bonuses


Lease purchase programs are a genuine way to leap to becoming an owner-operator. The biggest benefit is that you will be able to make substantial money while also working to own your box truck.

Also, you can become a lease operator even if you don’t have a very good credit score. However, ensure you learn all you can about how a lease with a right to purchase program works, its pros and cons, and considerations for selecting the right program that aligns with your goal.