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How Much is Monthly Insurance on Box Truck for Amazon?

Box truck insurance for Amazon will generally cost around $640 to $1,240 per power unit per month. Note that the monthly cost of box truck insurance for Amazon depends on numerous variables, and these variables can vary from one carrier to another.

Acquiring a box truck and hauling for Amazon relay with your own authority might be one of the most convenient ways to start a trucking business. Owing to their moderate size, box trucks have been in high demand especially since it guarantees that online and small businesses can easily cater to and deliver heavy merchandise that customers cannot lift without the right equipment.

Most notably, box trucks remain the most demanded commercial vehicle types in the freight transport market. It is often used by household goods moving companies, expeditors, couriers, hardware and appliance stores, and retail businesses for hauling freight.

Note that the coverage option you choose will often depend on certain factors. If, for instance, a business owns a single box truck and it has been in business with Amazon for more than two years without any reported accident, the business can expect to pay around $3000 and $5000 a year for liability insurance. However, new businesses will be expected to pay a little bit more than that.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Monthly Insurance for Box Truck for Amazon

Just as it was noted above, there are certain factors about your business that will influence your rates. They include;

  1. Your Drivers

Have it in mind that the age and experience of your drivers can influence your rates. You have to bother about their MVRs (Motor Vehicle Records.), especially since it gives a report of the driver’s tickets and accidents and shows their driving record.

Note that if your drivers boast of substantial truck driving experience or have an excellent driving record, your monthly insurance rates will surely show that.

2. Tickets/Accidents/Loss-runs

As a partner with Amazon, note that your insurance rates can be massively influenced by your loss run, which is more or less a history of all of your losses and claims.

Note that if your business has a record of claims, accidents, traffic tickets, or speeding tickets, your rates will surely be higher since you are considered to be more of a risk for the insurance company to insure. To these companies, these things make it look more likely that you will encounter a claim in the nearest future.

  1. Your Trucks

In this line of business, the year, make, and model of your box trucks will also have a say in your truck insurance rates. Note that the higher the value of the box truck, the more expensive your policy will be. Simply put, the GVWR of your truck will genuinely influence your rates since every claim you have will be quite costly, and the box truck will also be more expensive to repair or replace. 

  1. Business Location and Your Radius

You also need to note that your radius of operation plays a vital role in your premium, and so does your business location.

Note that businesses in rural areas could pay less for box truck insurance especially since there is less traffic (and less traffic entails less chance of an accident). Also note that state lines will factor in your rates, coupled with your business location.

  1. Number of Trucks

It is imperative to note that the more trucks you have in your fleet, the more insurance you will need to purchase to protect them all. Have it in mind that more trucks entail more chance of a loss, and this means higher insurance rates.

  1. What You are Hauling

Also note that the sort of loads you move and the cargo you transport can influence your rates, as well as the contracts you have. A good number of insurance companies will want to verify what you are moving and who you are hauling it for.

  1. How Long the Business Has Been Existing

When seeking insurance, being a well-known carrier who has been around for a few years ensures that your insurance company has enough information to look at and more data to analyze. Note that a well-managed business with little or no loss record will have lower rates than a newer company.


When looking to haul goods for Amazon, note that insurance will be one of your biggest fixed expenses, and also one of your biggest opportunities to save money. Note that the money you can save on your policies will have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

However, just as it was noted above, the overall cost is most often affected by the coverage you select, the driving records of your employees, your location, your area of operation, and the size and age of your business.